Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update available

A new update for Minigore rolls out - go claim yours from the AppStore! Do that especially if you like to play with the screen flipped and/or suffered from the update freeze bug. The new things in this update include:

-Update freeze/flip screen bug fixed
-Improved Furry Sense, shows you ammo and clovers
-Extended battle music, 33% percent more goodness
-OpenFeint 2.2
-Minor fixes



  1. YAY! hey when will the beta testers receive an email saying that they have been approved?

  2. Awsome

    Can you please add multiplayer to episode 3 :)

  3. Thanks for the update, I love this game so much!! played it everyday!!!don't understand why peoples said this game is not good, mini game is good for time burning !!! support you !!!

  4. love the new update. so how long will the next episode take to be submitted? or is it still in development?
    there's no rush i was just wondering :o)

  5. Anon : still under development see the previous posts below, about the wormwolf to learn more about the work in progress around there.

    Nice update, guys ! I wish you great luck for what's next !

  6. Great! Um. My game crashed when the shotgun box exploded though. May be just me! Still love the game! Thanks for reading

  7. this came out fast! i hope the trend continues!

  8. @Timo

    I had a revelation while playing Minigore, lol.

    Co-op will be coming in episode 4, and currently, I'll assume that it will be one mode (standard co-op) since no other details have been released, but I a few ideas for multiplayer hit me.

    The first one and the best one, I think, is one for a multiplayer mode called "The Furrynator" or "The Furry-nator", makes no difference, i guess.

    Basically, the idea is, you play a competative match against another player, which is timed (you simply respawn after losing the three lives and dying), or can be survival (after you die, your run is over), where the goal is to gain a higher score than your opponent by earning points from killing furries.

    The set-up would be like this:
    At the start, you and your opponent start facing each other in the middle of the map. It counts off, 3-2-1, and you both go running in different directions, or however, looking for furries. You can't kill each other, but you kill and kill furries, fire-furries, etc, etc. Let's say you lost your three lives and you died, well you respawn in the middle of the map with 3 seconds of immunity to damage (since your opponent would still have been playing and you could respawn near a bunch of furries).
    Clovers? yes, they'd drop but your opponent could beat you to 'em, making it more of a competition. This continues until time runs out and the screen shows both scores and who the winner is.

    Just one of my ideas, I'll continue posting some more at other times, but Timo, I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

    BTW, sorry for the long post, lol.


  9. @ Austin

    it's a nice idea but I'm gonna add to it. A timer can be set for however long the multiplayer is played depending on how long or how good at minigore the co-op players are, and everytime you die rather than having imunity for three seconds you just have to wait for three seconds to re-spawn in the center allowing the other players to increase there score while you have to wait and see the gap between scores grow larger. To make this idea more interesting I think each player should only have 1 life allowing more deaths resulting in the constant change of leader and a more challenging winning system (who can stay alive on one life the longest therefor racking up most points)

    nice base idea Austin


  10. wow i REALLY like austins idea and Ricks add-on to it!
    that would be a great second mode (the other being co-op)

  11. As an extra add-on to Rick's add-on to austin's idea, how about extra drops such as reduce opponent movement down to furry speed for 5 seconds, or repel furries for 3 seconds (furry wont chase), and weaken machine gun by 50% (2 bullets per minifurry) for 5 seconds? Somehow i feel this will get flamed for being imbalanced, but its just a thought for drops, which may take a new shape, like a blue clover or something which gives random powerup

  12. and it just keeps getting better!
    micer's add-on is great because it add's something new to the challenege and it emphasis the point of the mode, which is compete!

  13. Playn
    yea i just thought of that, i mean, if it were just playing single player against an opponent, it wouldnt be much of a challenge since you are just sharing and attempting to steal as many kills as possible, maybe someone will contribute an even better idea

  14. List of competitive pickups ideas that affect opponent
    - Nullify weapon damage by 50%, takes twice as many hits to kill (5 seconds)
    - Reduce movement speed down to furry level, vulnerable to firefurries (5 seconds)
    - Movement reversal, movement stick will inverse direction up = down (5 seconds)
    - Pointless, receive no points or half points temporarily
    (5 seconds)

    Personal Powerups (hard to think about):
    - Point Booster, x1.5 points (minifurry=3, furry=15, giant=150)
    (5 seconds)
    - Raises speed up to firefurry, outrun everything
    (5 seconds)
    - Machine gun increases firing speed
    (10 seconds)
    - Furry Repellant, will not be chased by minifurries and furries (3 seconds)

    Note that these are just ideas that might be taken into consideration through Austin's Idea and Rick's Add-ons, which MS MIGHT implement into Minigore only after co-op/maps/bosses/weapons are completed since it is an extra feature. Do not get over-excited and start bashing for being too enthusiastic about Minigore.

  15. @All of you, who added on to my idea, lol.

    To Rick:
    I think immunity for 3 seconds would be better simply because what if you're opponent is crossing the middle of the field with a horde of furries behind him? You respawn in the middle of the horde and... you're dead again, lol.

    It seems like that could easily be a common happening, and people would complain that they die as soon as they respawn, this way you have a chance to run from the middle or a tight spot that you respawned in.

    Another solution is to respawn opposite where the largest number of furries is, so you would waste time finding them as well, this would also deal with the respawn time, creating a gap.

    I think three lives is best because it sticks to where Minigore is at now, plus one life wouldn't really make a bigger gap because each player would be dying at a similar rate.

    Everything else you said really deal with settings.
    Setings: you would be able to just the difficulty, the time limit, and possibly the amount if lives before death.
    As more maps become available, you could choose between them.
    Something that would be a plus would be to adjust the amount of players, 2-4.
    This goes best with the fact that when co-op releases, we will have 4 characters to choose from: John, Lizzy, Evan, and Enviro-Bear.

    (This could be an adjustable setting or not, depends on M.S.) You could make it to where no same character can be choosen or where they can be choosen but the oufit would be a different color, i.e. Johns cap would be blue, then the headband would be blue, and on the last life his jacket would be blue, or whatever color, but that would distinguish players, as well as having the player's name above the character.

    This mode would open up the world of wi-fi (not local), lol.
    This way, you would have a host, hosting the game, and joining players.
    If M.S. likes this and they decide to add this mode and others we could eventually have a lobby similar to the one on Kil.A.Ton.

    I'll touch upon power-ups later, and an idea for a new type of furry for the snow map, so be on the look out, lol, and keep giving some opinions and ideas.

  16. @ Micer

    Like the pick ups. however a few suggestions are that i think the furry repellant would make it harder to score points as they would be running away from you and the machine gun increase wouldn't make much of a difference. so why not replace those ideas with the already in development grenade and the power dash idea.


  17. @ Austin

    i like your idea about re-spawning furthest from the most furries. and your idea about having a setting menu is a good one.


  18. @Micer, mostly, but also to everyone

    Here are my ideas for some possible power-ups.

    - Furry Repellant (from Micer, great idea)
    I see this dropped as an aersol canister with a tiny picture of a furry with the classic red banned circle over it. The basic function of this would be like a shield, but I think 5 seconds is too short, 10 might seem a tiny bit long, so 8 might be ideal (although I like 10 secs better).
    The presentation?
    Basically, once you pick it up a light blue bubble that's (not completely) transparent forms around John, it would be kind of mist-like, to represent the "repellant" idea. Furries are coming at you, once they reach a certain distance close to you they turn around and begin to run, this way you will still be able to kill plenty and not be damaged, of course. Once the time for the repellant is running out, it will begin to dissolve/dissapear until it's gone.

    I forgot to mention this before when I talked about multiplayer.

    Furry sense would also be able to locate the power-ups and the other players, so you know in what general direction they're at.

  19. i dont know minigore and multiplayer? sounds like a chocolate peanut butter situation

  20. @Zach McCowin

    Reesse's comes to mind. Great combination.

  21. see see what i did there? i made a joke

  22. ...a very bad joke.

  23. Theres certain parts in the soundtrack when it sounds quite heroic or quite frantic and such, and im just throwing a crazy idea out there.

    But you can make a new mode where at the more polyphonic/'crowded' parts of the song, at the top of the screen it says in bold FRANTIC, or something, and more furries come into play.

    The heroic bits, more shotgun pickups and clover pick ups become available. It states HEROIC, at the top, and either more pickups come into play, furries get slower or they run away from you all together.

    Theres other bits of the soundtrack but i cant remember what they reminded me of.

    Kimmo if you like my idea at all i could tell you the time that the heroic, frantic or other bits come in?

    Does anyone know what i mean by this idea or like it?


  24. I get what you mean, like spawning to the beat of the tune, especially during the end of the first section (before update) and the middle of the new section ( after update) where its the same tune, but one is played in violin + minor trumpets and then main theme played in violin. There wouldn't need to be heroic and frantic words appearing, player can just listen to get the hint, besides, words would block off top screen, unless transparent.

  25. Edit ^
    If in HEROIC more pickups come into play, shouldnt the furries get more aggressive and chase you even more? Since you have a higher rate of shotgun drop, i think it would be wise to make use of that time to frag as much as possible. Quite a good idea actually, kinda changes the tempo of killing, rather than the standard increase at a certain rate, not sure if difficulty caps though, played through 6000+ and hit the 10000+ and didnt really notice difficulty increase. This gives a good change. But i suspect some shotgun haters will flame due to increased amount of shotgun and how the shotgun seemingly causes them to die.

  26. Good idea i hadnt tohught of that yeah, a good way of upping your score easily, add a sudden change of pace to the game and add soemthing to it. Which should there be more of though, clover pick ups or shot gun? I say shotgun.
    Maybe the words just flash up for 2 seconds then gradully disappear, like appear from the centre expand and disappear gradually.

    When the words have disappeared the transition has happened and the furries behavious has changed,maybe for heroic mode they add a new weapon to add to the heroism, (maybe an option of an in app purchase to select the weapon to want to appear in the heroic mode) what would you suggest?

    For frantic how about they just come from all sides and keep on coming no matter what (obviously not enough to lag the game) but the only way to keep the number down is to keep on killing, i think it should just be normal furries in frantic mode, in my personal opinion.

    Also please can you explain why people say the shotgun makes them die? Its perfectly fine!

    Ill listen to the game music now to see if theres any other sections.


  27. Back in the days when ep 2 just released and before, some people were complaining that the shotgun totally sucks due to its slow firing rate in which speed is important against firefurries, then people will rant about how they only use the machine gun as shotgun will cause them to die in that sense, however i was thinking that they were just using it at the wrong time, as i use the shotgun for long ranged encounters due to its wide spread and penetration. Though in the higher levels (points) more firefurries appear, i did disagree with some of those anti-shotgun people as the shotgun allowed me the pumping power to mow down firefurries from mid range, yes i do agree it kinda sucks having a firefurry next to you while your madly killing all of them, where machinegun's speed comes into use.

    I agree with your Frantic portion, in the sense that there is no max to furry number on screen, this was the cap i was talking about, regardless of the score being 8000 or 18000, the max seems to be the same, just that all are on fire

  28. at 6000+ the difficulty doesn't increase. >:O It kinda should, because that's the reason people get CRAZY high scores.

  29. And by the way, has ANYONE seen one of those HUGE furries flame? One of mine did. o_O

  30. I do, i even took a screenshot at the expense of getting hit once. Saw it at about 7500+ twice

  31. @Bubblemasta Difficulty does increase past 6000 and it increases a lot. 6000 is a joke once you at 15k +

    Also the flaming giants normally show up around 8k

  32. Here it is!

  33. Ok theres also a bit after the heroic section, where theres a little pause, if my idea goes through, there furries shouold stop for 2 seconds, then when crazy strings come in its all fire furries, maybe with max furry cap, maybe without one.

    I also thought of some ideas for the bits before the update but ill reveal thsoe when kimmo has commented.

    I reiterate, this should be a whole new game mode not just something added on to the original, people will be like 'if its not broke dont fix it,' how about an option to turn it on in the options, or even at the main menu a new button that starts 'something something' mode?


  34. Maybe you could use a timer and time a loop, then tell us to total time, and how many seconds into the track is the heroic and frantic sections, for you know, just to make sure we are on the same footing, so everyone will know which part of the track you are talking about. Just for referencing

  35. 1:40-Frantic
    2:39-Crazy Strings

    The parts start at about those times. Do you agree?


  36. Hmm was thinking slightly differently, but yea we are thinking the same thing.

  37. What were you thinking?


  38. I mean, i was also thinking about those sections, so i guess we were thinking about the same parts of the music when you suggested varied gameplay. Because before the timing was posted, i was kinda wondering if what i thought was heroic and frantic was what you thought heroic and frantic

  39. Is there a way to get my idea to kimmo/timo?


  40. Wait for them to see the blog comments when they drop by

  41. What do you think should be done about the crazy strings bit (while we wait for them?)


  42. NEW IDEA:

    I've had this idea rolling around in my head for a long while now, lol, but I just found the time to comment on it.

    Since it's been mentioned by M.S. that a snow map is coming, I thought: with the introduction of a new map, we need the introduction of a new type of furry.

    We can't just have fire-furries and giant fire-furries running around in an arctic map, right? That just doesn't make sense, lol.

    A snow furry. They would have the same movements and speed like the normal ones (minifurries, furries, and giant furries), being that the snow is more of just a look and doesn't affect John. There could be snow covering the furries' heads and the visible sides.

    The icy furry (the equivalent of the mini fire-furries, fire-furries, and giant fire-furries of the current map): This furry would have increased speed like the fire ones, and would be icy blue in coloring over the initial black, and of course, there would be normal sized ones and giant ones, in addition to the mini ones. It would have less snow, than the other snow furries, on it's head and sides.
    The trail it leaves behind would be iced over, meaning that they would have slippery movements when turning and such, it would also mean that eventually there would be patches of iced over map, that would make it harder to turn and control John providing a more challenging game.

  43. Yes your idea is nice, i was thinking about this sometime ago, where other ice furries will experience a speed up over ice patches or ice paths that last temporarily when a ice furry dies, in addition to the slippery thing, makes for good strategy where you can get furries to tail you, then let them slide by as you strafe and take them down from the sides

  44. @Austin you are a flippin genius! But I haven't heard anything about a snow map where is it discussed?

    also in multiplayer how would the targeting system work?furries can't just attack the nearest enemy as usual cuz you could just gather up a ton and pawn them off on the other person...

  45. Haha forgot to put my name I said that^^