Sunday, October 18, 2009

Introducing Wormwolf

Next week we will be learning all about the headline of Episode 3, Wormwolf. Today it's time for an introduction.

Wormwolf is one of those creatures that confuses you with its radical hairstyle and harmless appearance. Normally a vegetarian, if Wormwolf finds its sleep disturbed by loud noises, which there seems to be plenty wherever John Gore goes, it forgets all about its normal eating habits, finds the culprit and barely even leaves the bones behind.

We will be looking into all things John has to go through when dealing with Wormwolf next week. It's not a one trick pony... worm... wolf.


  1. does this mean minigores campain is on the way? also do we still get the gernade? it used to say we were no it does not please tell me if we are! but this looks AWESOME!!!
    ps first comment yes!

  2. I bet 10€ that the worm gets shorter when i shoot at it.

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  4. woot... looks great! cant wait ...

  5. Wow! This is wonderful!
    But for the big boss I hope you will do the map bigger... o maybe in new episode a new map! This would be very nice! =)

  6. cooooool! nice nice nice!

  7. guys i have a suggestion, try to take a look at meteor blitz. The map "world" is a big ball so it doesn't ends like in minigore! It would be cool to improve this thing because many times i get stuck in the edges or on left and right parts. Please ;)

  8. Absolutely awesome! Looks great and very interesting! For me "Minigore" is one of the must have-apps if you are an iphone-owner! Can't remembet when there was such a highly addictive on a mobile device since my first days in 1992 with the old classic "brick" Game Boy...

    I hope Apple kicks up the speed , especially when they are reviewing the newest Minigore-updates! ;-) Come on Apple: I know you can do much much better... ;-))

    @ Mountain Sheep: Keep this awesome work and good luck on continuing to develop "Minigore"!

  9. Brilliant! So looking forward to this! Nicely done, Kimmo and team!

  10. I agree I get stuck at the edge of the screen as well. I sure hope new maps,worlds, creatures start to make it's way in.

  11. Awesome guys! Looks like Dragon Ball's dragon :3

  12. I think all the boss and gernade Idea's are Awesome! I was wondering if maybe when john says his lines maybe have his mouth move with them so it makes it more realistic.

  13. Okay, what's with people and "gernade"? It kinda bugs me. Okay, so I actually don't think that the map should be MUCH bigger, just a little would be nice. I don't get stuck in the corner of the screen ofter cuz I just circle the furries. Every now and then I go too far or something, but overall, the map size is pretty good. Maybe there should be a zoom out option? Or maybe that would make the game too cheap.

  14. I don't agree with the endless map idea. I do think the map could be just a little bit larger

  15. I think this maps fine but I want more maps to mix it up..... Mountain Sheep/ Kimmo/ Timmo I think we all still want the grenade In Episode 3 so I don't care if we have to wait longer, but I think you should honor your commitment and put it in episode 3 even if you put wormwolf in there too.... And were all still looking forward to Co-op in Episode 4!..... I think that when your fighting wormwolf All the furies should get scared and run off because if one of these bad boys come out at 15k with all the furies your done :/ I think maybe with episode 5 we should get like a 3/2 map pack for 99c or more if you think that would be fair
    (and it wouldn't be that hard, I've done some programming and your just setting
    the map, the hardest thing would be designing it, but it wouldn't be too
    bad)because it would add so much more replay value instead of just one map
    and you guys would get a $ boost which you probably lost because of the
    infinity loop between you and apple... Anyway let me know what you think and
    always sorry for gramatical errors (iPod) Mountain Sheep You guys are
    awesome, let me know what you guys think :D

    ------- TheChosenOne

  16. A desert and snow map are being made for later episodes and the grenade will most likely appear in episode 4 if not 3.

  17. I dont think furries should all go missing during wormwolf appearance, i remember somewhere that wormwolf collisions with furries allows it to grow longer? maybe by 1 segment for minifurry, by 6 for furry (contains 6 minifurries i think) and well, alot for a giant furry. Might be slightly imbalanced for recovery though, but anyway, players would then need to juggle furry slaughter with worm shooting, giving priorities to what gets killed.

  18. Could i assume that the wormwolf body acts as a collision wall, with the head turning at a certain speed, and that the body does not do damage, but it does help to trap players by limiting movement?

  19. @micer
    thats a good idea, tho from what ive seen (im a beta tester) that wouldnt work too well and would make it kind of (to an extent) impossible to beat it
    you'll know what i mean once the updates out ;)

  20. I'm sure almost everyone agrees with what I'm about to say.

    I'd much much much rather you guys put off the wormwolf until episode 4
    and bring co-op to episode 3.

    The main reason why?:
    That's a feature I and everyone desperately wants, and I get the strong feeling that the updates for 3 and 4 will take just as long to be approved as 2 did.

    Therefore, I'd rather wait 3 months for a boss, than wait 3 months for co-op.

  21. I for one haven't got multiplayer as my top priority and I'm sure I'm not the only one but co op will be out when it's ready, I don't think wormwolf is hogging their development time.

  22. their working on co-op (ep4) and ep3 at the same time

    co-op isnt ready yet, so i'd rather wormwolf come out ASAP instead, along with the grenade

  23. Wormwolf isn't coming out ASAP.
    3 is still in development, and by the looks of the description (otherwise there would be more details) I expect 3 to be submitted in the finals of oct./beginning of nov.

    Plus, there's still the very great possibilty of episode 3 taking a month to be approved like 2 was.

  24. You should have wormwolf in a tree actually on the tree, and after you kill it disappears, but after abit it slithers straight back to the tree from teh side of the screen and sleeps, when you get to close to the trees or something while shooting, it comes down. Theres my idea anyway.


  25. Wormwolf Should come down from the trees at the top of the map :D Honestly though development times for the maps would be way shorter and I'd rather play differant maps for a month than play a boss for a month..... Grenade should still be in 3 because 4's going to take forever.... I guess you guys are allready have maps planned... So maybe we could have those soon?........ Well then wormwolf should eat everything he sees.... Including the furries... And then some of the furries will attack him and he'll just eat them and get longer.... So the higher score you have the harder he'll be to kill.... And yea when you shoot him he'll definately shrink..... Anyway waiting for your side of the story Kimmo


  26. Oh yeah what's going on with the zombies?


  27. Hello Everyone, It`s everyones favorite Apple Worker Ronald Donavon here,I completely agree with Austin Santos here , from his previous posts it appears as if he has a lot of experience in the computer field as I do.But one of the things I agree with him is that you should do co-op first,in my expert advice as an Apple Worker and an experienced Video Game tester in association with IGN,he is right,more people would like to see co-op rather than a boss, for one it will provide more replay value , everyone likes co-op games no? And not only that it would be great to co-op this boss and upcoming bosses if it will be possible. I myself am not only a very experienced gamer but I know what the people like and they like to play with other friends/people via wifi,because it provides more thrills when they reach higher points/levels. For example- Halo 3 ODST-Firefight

    Gears of War 2 - Horde
    Left 4 Dead - All of it
    BorderLands - Multiple weapons and many more other features.

    People love co-op more!
    Thats why Mario games have gone down hill


  29. First Of all thats not funny, you dont work at Apple, so take your lying sack of shit off the blog... Most people probably dont have other people to play with, unless their a teenager that have friends brothers etc. unless theirs like an online co-op... so arguably more people would like the boss/ more maps (I personally would rather have co-op, but it would take alot longer and most people probably wouldn't)... On a side note Mario Games are just as popular as ever (I'm not a nintendo loyalist, I dont even have a wii, Im a 360 owner) and their is co-op on Mario Galaxys er.. whatever its called....

    Whats the secret mushroom!?


  30. Ok well here are some suggestions for you guys.

    I really like your game but if you wanna really shine I suggest these:

    1st of all you guys aren't updating fast enough. I realize you guys got into a bunch of crap with Apple and that's not your fault I know that.

    But Minigore is a game with tons of potential so I'm sure we can make the updates a bit more frequent.

    Now another thing. You guys need to add stuff like flamethrowers, some sort of placeable cannon type of weapon that has spread damage, heavy machine gun and much more. I am not one of those rambo freaks that say, "oh yea man flamethrowers are teh awesome zomg!!" but flamethrowers would definitely fit into this game.

    We can add tons of different weapons.

    We also need powerups of sorts.

    We need some sort of barricade type things that we can set up. Sandbags would be cool.

    You definitely gotta increase the size of the playing field. If you increase the size of the field, I guarantee you, you will INSTANTLY see the potential this game has.

    Best of luck for future episodes.

    If you guys are interested in my ideas, feel free to contact me at

    I would love to help improve your game

  31. to timmo or kimmo, will the wormwolf update be submitted next week if 2.1 goes through?

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  33. That vid is real. I now think that wormwolf is weird.

  34. Anonymous you're a moron. Don't leak the video when You're not allowed to.

  35. omg.. anonymous your an idiot!
    i hope they track your IP and delete you from the beta testers group!!!

  36. I think the new wormwolf body looks like uh, not like the one given to us months ago, somehow while the old wormwolf body (head looks good now) looks 3d, this one looks like green circles pasted over one another, is it possible to give the wormwolf its 3d-like body back? (with the lighting to give it its 3d-ness rather than circles overlapping)

  37. @micer
    dont worry too much, its still a big WIP so im sure they'll fix it up

  38. @TheChosenOne

    So your arguement against co-op is that most people don't have any friends?

    Wow. You're an idiot.

    The fact is, most people who play this game are in the 11-17 age group.
    Over 90% of people have at least one friend.
    Most people who own an iPod Touch know someone else that does also.

    Also, Ronald is right. People play Halo for the multiplayer and many other popular games are popular simply because of multiplayer/co-op features.

    BTW, don't bash him, saying he's a liar because you don't have any proof, so it makes you look like a short temered dumbass

  39. O wow, so the video leaked? too bad i didnt see it :(
    I think the problem is not whether the boss or the co-op comes first, but as to the speed of the updates, I'd peronally love to see ONLINE co-op, as I'd love to co-op but don't have friends with Idevices (not gamers anyways).
    Also I'd love to see the new update, but as we all know, apple hasn't even approved the fix of the episode 2(submitted 10 days ago), so that WILL take a while...

  40. I was experimenting with Minigore's *.ipa package, so I noticed that in there exists "WeaponGrenade.pod" (*.pod's are 3D models). To be sure, I replaced Player.pod with "grenade" and voila, you can play as a grenade, but the point is:
    You guys actually left the 3D model of grenade inside of game's package but it can't be used in game (if you don't do what I did), so I thought it's funny and I wanted to share it.
    screenshot url=""

  41. Personally i dont have any friends that have minigore. Id much prefer the boss, or even the maps.

    I heard the maps wouldnt take so long (relating back to a previous post from a different section of this blog.) Someone said it wouldnt take so long to add new maps as it is about the artwork basically, as john doesnt really intereact with the environment. (Could you please confirm if that is right kimmo.)

    Is my wanted list for updates, personally, thats not speaking for anyone else.
    But for obvious reasons i would be bias towards having co op last. Kimmo could you do like a vote? And produce a graph or something, would that be possible?

    @Ronald donavo, are you the same guy that said you could help with the approval process a few topics back? You were either a sound tester or a tester or some sort. Am i correct? "in my expert advice as an Apple Worker and an experienced Video Game tester in association with IGN" In my opinion, why the hell do you need to put expert and experienced so much? Like you are promoting yourself or something? Dont speak for everyone when you say youd like co op better, speak for YOURSELF, how would you know what they want on the ipod/iphone. Not the xbox, the IPOD/IPHONE. What the hell! Mario going downhill! Prove it!

    Btw, what is happening about the zombies!?!


  42. Excellent ! Just, about the design : me not love the wormwolf graphics. The head is fine, but the 2D style balls behind don't look awesome. And the colors aren't great upon the background (I mean green on green is tricky).

  43. micer: Once we decided the worm can split into multiple pieces the 3d body option had to be dropped. It just wouldn't work because it's too many polygons, it barely works with those 2d planes so there really isn't any other choice.

    Ozzy: oh noes you found the grenade hehe! Funny screenshot btw, never though I would 'Nade Gore :P We haven't forgot about the grenade and it actually works in our development builds, it still needs a better explosion effect and more testing.

    TheChosenOne & Elliohow: We are expanding on the zombies idea based on player feedback, one cool idea was blind zombies by playn over at touch arcade forums:

    Here's the zombie models I've completed so far:

    After wormwolf and co-op are out we'll talk more about zombies.

    We'll have water and slippery ice on the snow map , on the desert level there's gonna be a flowing river, all that requires code in order to get proper interaction with the new elements and coding takes time. In the end I believe you will have much more fun playing them than you would if they were simple reskinned maps.

  44. @ Elliohow

    System/console has nothing, NOTHING to do with gamer wants.
    Fact is, gamers, overall, generally want the same features in this game or that game.

    Multiplayer (co-op in this case) has become pretty much a standard feature for games, I KNOW many people who have stopped playing Minigore all together because of the lack of that feature.

    Yea, devout Minigore fans would continue to play without multiplayer, but the thing is, I'm sure Mountain Sheep wants to gain new fans. One of their top priorities should be to expand and gain more and more fans. Yes, they'll please their current fans, I'm sure multiplayer would still please current fans AND it would attract many gamers that play multiplayer more often than single player.

    An Xbox consumer isn't foreign to an iPod Touch/iPhone consumer.

    You're basically saying that they want two distinctly different things, but they don't.

    Gamers play Minigore, gamers play Halo.

    Co-op, should be the main priority, and is the best choice for current and future fans.

    (Elliohow, think before you open your mouth.)

  45. @ Austin Santos, I will defend and will back up everything I've said.... So lets re-cap... Maps and the Wormwolf definately would take less time than co-op because wormwolf is just an object... and it would be easier than setting up co-op (wont get into the nitty gritty but Ask Mountain Sheep/ Kimmo what would be harder to program for)... and I havnt personally looked at minigores code, but I'm pretty sure John doesn't interact with the map except with the perimeters and the trees up top (you cant go through those)So assuming the maps are the same size... the perimeters would be the same, there might need to be some minor tweaking for the map then, but that would be very minimal... So the only thing left for the maps would be implementing it and building it into the interface... pretty simple stuff...... So I said, "Most people probably dont have other people to play with, unless their a teenager that have friends brothers etc" I said, key word my opinion... Then you start throwing facts at me, "The fact is, most people who play this game are in the 11-17 age group.
    Over 90% of people have at least one friend.
    Most people who own an iPod Touch know someone else that does also."...... I would like to know where you got your information... hmmm?... And I never said people dont have friends, I said they dont have friends that play the game with them... I have alot of friends that have ipod touches/ iphones, but the only other person I know that has this game is my brother... Even though I showed it to them, they'd rather play it on mine then buy it :(..... And actually a larger % of the population that has Iphones and Ipod Touches... Fact... Who has a steady income, nice paying jobs, etc... So you can assume that... " The fact is, most people who play this game are in the 11-17 age group." Again how do you know this?.... did someone think before they typed?... Especially in this economy how many 11 year olds do you know that have ipod touches?
    ...... Considering that the maps, and wormwolf wouldn't take nowhere near as long I think a large majority of the minigore population doesnt want co-op in episode 3 when they have features they could use which would arguably be more fun for them....... And considering the leaked video... I'd say the wormwolf is closer to getting finished than co-op :D.......

    And yeah alot of people play Halo for multiplayer, but alot of people that dont have xbox live just play it for the engaging story line.... Whats going to happen to the Master Cheif? Cortana? Humanity? Halo? The Covenant? The Flood?......

    And whats the best selling console of this generation? The Wii of course! Even though the wii is terrible at onling and multiplayer(in most cases except for nintendo developed games like SuperSmashBros, Mario etc. , but alot of people just dont care about online / multiplayer..........

    Ronald, why does he need to continue to call himself an Apple representative... If he really was, he could prove it through his info, but he can't because he's only said his opinion.... as Apples.... We havn't heard credentials or anything and he posted a comment awhile back blaming Mountain Sheep for faulty development, while there were some bugs..... He only took the info he heard from thr blog and said he got it from Apple, he has no proof, so lets wait for his next comment and see how much he screws up then shall we? (looking forward to it).........

    Alot of people on this blog have said they'd rather have maps / wormwolf/ grenade before co-op because they wouldn't take as long and they might even not use the co-op feature.... I'm not saying nobody wants co-op (because I sure as hell do) but looking at the cost, benefit relationship alot of people would rather have grenade, wormwolf, maps in episode 3 instead of co-op in episode 4

    Not Even mentioning whats going on with The Mushroom / Zombies....

    So until next time Austin

    -------- Owned by TheChosenOne

  46. Kimmo I'd didn't think John was going to interact with the environment.... Otherwise It wouldn't have taken very long at all......

    Austin He didn't say he didn't want co-op he was talking about other things he'd (key word) Want MORE.... And by looking at the Itunes reviews Most of them have said MORE MAPS MORE guns etc. I've seen hardly any about co-op.......

    And Austin You dont need to troll everyones comments, grow up, really... The only thing I said was Ronald is LYING and well Guess what HE IS........


  47. I meant Timmo...... oops :(

  48. @ The Chosen One
    First of all who calls themselves "The Chosen One"? gimp!
    secondly who cares if ronald donavon works for apple or not.

    @ Ronald Donavon
    i agree that people like playing multiplayer (as i do on halo), but they arn't as enthusiastic with local wifi as you have to sit with your friend to play which doesn't have the same effect and therefor isnt always accessible. thats the reason i believe wifi can wait.


  49. @Rick
    It was my dead friends nick name for me

    And it matters because he's lying


  50. At least I got to see what WormWolf is like :| Cuz of that dumb leaker. Oh well, it was okay. It's not too much fun to watch it, but I WANNA PLAY IT@ NOAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  51. @Chosen
    Hey, i have been wondering over a long time now, why dont you just type TheChosenOne into Select Profile --> Name/URL?

  52. guys, i would pay with the in app purchase for new maps and weapons! But not more than 0,99$! 0,99$ every map, and 0,99$ some new weapons!

  53. @TheChosenOne

    It's obvious maps would take less time.
    Do you pay attention to the map? You CAN walk through the trees at the top of the map.

    Don't talk to me about code, because I am a programmer, as I've stated before.
    Yea, co-op would take longer but you talk like they've just started writing code for it, but they've been working on it since they started on episode two, I believe, so it's safe to assume that a substantial amount of code has been written. There is where my opinion comes in about the waiting time. I'll let you calculate the obvious.

    Where did I get my info?
    Look at the game. The animation tells you what age group it would appeal to.
    I was lenient in saying 11-17 because I know many little kids that have an iPod touch.
    The rest of my statistics are pretty much common sense.

    Also, I already talked about fan wants so actually read my post and respond to what I actually said.

    About Ronald, who cares?
    You should only say something to him, if you have proof he's lying because otherwise it wont make any difference. It wont affect what he says, and there arent many people on the blog that care about whether he's lying or not.

    You didn't own me.

  54. Austin, i think that, yes he did own you. You know exactly that 90% of people have atleast one friend (NOTE:TO PLAY MINIGORE WITH)? Give me proof, dont bash the chosen one for bashing donovan, wheres your proof that they do want wifi more. He was stating not that people dont have friends, obviously looking at society people do. He is probably stating that they dont have friends WITH MINIGORE. I was merely speaking my own opinion. NO ONE ELSES.
    I quote this from you austin, "Co-op, should be the main priority, and is the best choice for current and future fans."

    You seem to be forcing your will upon people, and calling people dumbass because he said something you interpreted wrong. Think before you speak.

    "Fact is, gamers, overall, generally want the same features in this game or that game." Yes, we people at the wii buy the games for the graphics dont we? And the awesome gun fights you can have with perfect online multiplayer? NO! Why is the wii topping the charts? Either its because ps3 is so expensive, or because the ps3 and the xbox is for hardcore gamers.

    Different systems for different people. I dont think casual gamers want the same as hardcore gamers? Before you bash me. Am i correct?

    Get your argument together before you bash.

    -----Owned By Elliohow

  55. just like to let people know the average age of gamers is now 35 and i dont know anyone under 16 who owns an iphone/itouch. however i do know alot of over 20 yr olds (as they tend to be the only ones who can afford an iphone) who own them. thats why i think the 11-17 theory is rubbish

  56. I'm 15 yrs old and I own an iPod Touch, so the theory isn't rubbish.

  57. @ Eliohow & TheChosenOne
    Do you have any proof I don`t work for Apple?
    It isn`t exactly impossible to get a job there you know and neither is knowing about codes,bugs,etc...
    And the Wii topping sales?
    They may have sold more as of now but with the
    360+Ps3 dropping sales and both of them coming out with Natal and the other thing Sony has will dominate the Wii,Why is the Wii topping sales?
    Cheap,Family Fun,Motion Sensor, fun for a little then you want to break it.
    And Austin Santos never said it was a fact he was estimating,people do that, even the government when they estimate Obese/Fat people per state they say 27% of the state is Obese etc... So learn to read and tell what people say,and as for saying you "bashed me" yea right you both are losers who know nothing about the economy/gaming.
    Paying a dollar in the economy won`t exactly make your life a living hell,so either your friends are poor,your lying,the economy is as bad as the Great Depressions,you have Down Syndrome,or your friends are cheap,no matter which it proves your an idiot.
    Anybody can work for Apple as I said,but where do you get your facts at?

    Be like Rick that guy has common sense

    ----Owned By Ronald Donovan

  58. @ The Chosen 1
    lol ur friends dead did he buy minigore and not have nything to eat

  59. Oh yea and to back my job up look this his how I started and got promoted...

    not very hard to find a job

  60. @ Ozzy
    im not saying there arnt any 11-17 yr olds that own an itouch/iphone, i just dont think the main age group is 11-17. im 21 and have numerous friends who own minigore and they are mid 20s

  61. Ok I admit defeat to all of you i accept im gay and have no talent or smarts


  62. I also admit what he said cuz im dumb


  63. First thing I'll say, is that this will be my last argument post because this is becoming pointless and endless.


    First, I said over 90%. I didn't say to play Minigore with, and I talk very literal based.
    Find 10 random people and ask them if they have at least one friend. How many do you think will say they do?

    With the price drop on older iPod Touches and three generations thus far, plus the many that already did, many more people have begun to own them, and I assume they tell their friends of some of the great apps they play. Just because they don't post here, does not mean they don't exist.

    As to proving they want wi-fi more, I already responded to this, go back and read correctly.

    Yes, I admit I meant to say "A main priority" not "THE main priority", so that is a mistake on my part. I'm not forcing any will upon anyone.

    It's fairly obvious to come up with the conclusion that co-op/wi-fi/multiplayer is the best choice. Why? Because I'm sure it would still satisfy current fans, and bring in the growing large number of gamers that rely mostly or completely on multiplayer, at the same time.

    Why ONLY satisfy your current fans, when you can satisfy them AND gain new fans at the same time? The answer is obvious.

    About gamer wants, you're getting into details, broad ones, but details nonetheless.

    General features include things such as a campaign/mission mode, standard multiplayer, minigames/side missions, etc...

    Tell me the vast majority of gamers don't want these? It has nothing to do with console because most games for the three consoles have these.

    Also, the only reason Wii WAS topping the sales charts was because of it's price, otherwise the Wii would have been the least selling console of the three. One current point to prove this: PS3 dominated the sales of Sept. because of it's price cut.

    Casual and hardcore gamers do want different things, you're right, but when it comes to the general features, then you're wrong.

    BTW, you didn't own me because I gave you very good responses, you and TheChosenOne would have owned me if I didn't respond at all or responded weakly, but as you can see, I responded very strongly.

  64. I'm not saying that 90% of people dont have ne friend, im saying that Thechosenone wasnt saying that not hardly anyone has a friend, but he was saying not anyone has a friend with minigore. You cant try and use something i didnt say against me. It doesnt work that way.

    Anyway about the multiplayer, lets make a deal to actually agree on, if they add multiplayer, it should be over wi fi not just bluetooth, agreed? Ive solely been talking about bluetooth, im totally all for wi fi multi, if i hadnt read all the posts properly im sorry for that.

    I think standard multiplayer wants depends on the console. Am i right? Ps3 multi is standard, i think, but am not sure, on the wii, it is less so. On the iphone we need proof or something. Agreed?


  65. Apple hates the developers of Minigore, that is why the app took so long to be updated. I'm sorry I didn't inform you all sooner.