Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Minigore 2: Zombies - UPDATE 3 GAMEPLAY

EDIT: "Processing for App Store" stage is taking longer than usual. Keeping our fingers crossed it works out ok.

Update should be available in about 1 hour, hope you like it! :)

Furries are back! Are you brave enough to take on the Minifurries and the Giant Furry! 

✔ New level with leaderboards: Desert Arena! 

✔ More Game Center achievements! 
✔ New playable character: Furry! 
✔ New weapon: Super Shotgun! 
✔ New enemy: Greedy Zombie Merchant!

Added easy cannon fodder opponents to the early levels. 
Added more info to the challenge screen. 
Added more variation to all patterns. 
Gameplay tweaks. 
Various performance improvements.