Monday, June 27, 2011

Zombie Boss Gameplay Video


Tim has been working on a shadow system for the tiles & editor. The shadows are looking very cool indeed! There's a few small glitches here and there so I won't post any pics yet.

Kimmo and Tuomas have been doing lots of work on zombie bosses and other crucial gameplay features such as the coins. It's much more rewarding to kill the bad guys when you get some decent loot! The coin thing was mainly inspired by Blizzard's classic PC game Diablo.

There's two games for iPhone which also have some of that Diablo feel, both of them are games by Raptisoft: Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard. I highly recommend them!

This fellow here has his wide grin on the app icon,
his name is Dead Jester.

To make a long post shorter I'll let this video do the talking and show some of the new features in action:

I'll post more footage later!