Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A mighty surprise

Mountain Sheep is currently in London and we have some good news as more people are joining our iPhone team to work on Minigore. I'll tell more on that in a later post, but here is something completely different I bet most of you didn't see coming!

The battle between John Gore and Guerrilla Bob is on. For real.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Episode 3.6 hits the App Store

Man, Apple is getting so quick with approving these updates that we can barely keep up with the blog posts! Some of you may have already noticed that Episode 3.6 is out which introduces Hook Champ as a new playable character:

...and adds special traits for three characters. Here is one of them, Sensei Evan, blasting away with dual grenade launchers:

Sensei gets these right from the start. The other specialities include Gangster Gore's dual-wielded machine guns and Ninja Man's speed boost when receiving damage.

Other changes include improved environment and character animation - all the characters breathe and bushes and trees sway in the wind.

Finally, the bug with in-app purchase characters having been unlocked by default when you updated from Episode 3 to Episode 3.5 is now addressed. After you update, all premium characters will appear locked and as the info screen advices you, YOU ONLY EVER NEED TO PAY ONCE for the characters. If you purchased them before, just tap the "buy now" button and log in with the iTunes account you used the make the purchase with originally and it will unlock the character for free. If you didn't purchase the character before, then you have to pay for it.

In short, in app purchases in Minigore work just like the App Store - after purchase, you can download the characters for free over and over again. Episode 3.5 can be considered a "free preview" of Kid Gore and Gangster Gore for anyone who experienced the bug. :)

Also, Episode 4, the multiplayer episode, is constantly in the works and we are likely to submit one or two more smaller updates like 3.6 before it hits the store.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top three characters

These are the three characters that came out on top in the voting! Gangster Gore, Ninja Man and Sensei Evan will be getting special traits for the next update. Our dear friend, Enviro-Bear, already received his trait in Episode 3. He starts out with the shotgun, but is unable to carry a torch at night and cannot dual-wield.

Gangster Gore will be dual-wielding machine guns by default. Can you guess what Sensei Evan and Ninja Man do?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, new voting

There have been a lot of ideas floating around in this blog and on the Playhaven forums, as well as emailed to us. These range from dual-wielded machine guns for Gangster Gore to an absolute clover-fest for Santa (who is, consequently, very very fond of the clovers). We figured it's time to see which character's trait you want included in the next update.

We will keep John Gore the way he is which is the reason he is not included in the voting.