Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minigore Easter Celebration!

We're having an Easter sale to celebrate the latest Episode!

Episode 3.7 was submitted on Monday and here's the feature list:

Two completely new characters:
-Zombie Gore (this fellow can’t seem to shoot straight)
-Easter Bunny (one like you’ve never seen before, courtesy of Dr. Metusalem)

New enemy:
-Predator Furry (lurks in the bushes!)

A whole host of improvements:
-Bullet shells
-Improved controls (use up the whole screen)
-Larger play area
-Prettier shadows
-Hardland map (level selection)
-Dozens of bug fixes

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting Minigore levels

The next episode is in beta testing! It features this zombie fellow below:

This is a bit different blog post...

I though it would interesting to show a timelapse footage of how I paint the level textures.

The only maps you've been able to play so far are the forest and it's snow version. This is one of the levels that I've been working on behind the scenes while waiting for the coding side to catch up:

Snow level making of

I've also changed the forest level quite a bit since Episode 1, adding small details and refining certain areas. It's gonna get yet another layer of polish:

Snow level making of

Snow forest gets similar treatment:

Snow level making of

As I said above, Episode 3.7 is in final beta testing now! It includes new gameplay that will make the gaming experience fresh again :)