Monday, October 12, 2009

Minigore v1.11 submitted

Immediately following the release of the new update, we decided to take Episode 2, add in the fix for the flip screen bug, include a few extra goodies and submit a new update. A new version of Minigore (dubbed v1.11) was submitted on Saturday.

-flip screen bug fixed
-added clovers and ammo to Furry Sense
-extended battle music
-OpenFeint 2.2
-music stops when OpenFeint is opened to work around the occasional music playback issues with OpenFeint

In the meanwhile, remember, if the game is unresponsive after update or if you accidentally select "flip screen" from the options, delete and reinstall Minigore to solve the issue.


  1. UAT got pass or not?

  2. So stoked! You guys are jammin now! Thanks for all you guys are doing to keep us gamers addicted and girlfriendless.


  3. These are good news indeed... thanks! :-)

  4. "These things just keep coming!" Thrilled to hear it!

  5. You guys actually included the clovers in furry sense? COOL! =D
    Love the way you interact with your "customers"
    Keep the updates coming!

  6. For 59p and each episode not being a new game, you guys really do rock. You don't deserve all the shit posted here, because at the end of the day it's a bloody fantastic game, and it's a one off purchase! Seriously, keep it up.

  7. Yea this is a great game, hope there's some way to help it go back to the top 50. Or 25 or 10.

  8. add multiplayer to episode 3

  9. there is also a bug that crashes my ipod and restarts it......

  10. The "flip" fix will come in handy!


  11. Great, nice to see workaholic devs like you =) !

    Episode 2 is great, I can't stop playing it ! Any details concerning Episode 3 for now ?

  12. I've reached 2000 points already several times and now playing Expert Mode, but game didn't submit this achivement to the OpenFeint :(

  13. Hey, Kimmo.

    I've got an idea for an improvement to the Furry Sense that you guys could add to the next update.

    Here it is: Basically, change the color of the ring around the picture of the furry to let us know which type is coming.

    For example. it is currently red.

    Well, you could make it a green ring to let us know that a reg. minifurry/mini-firefurry is coming.

    Blue to let us know a reg. furry/fire furry is coming.

    Red to let us know a reg. giant/giant firefurry is coming.

    Just a suggestion, for a tiny improvement.

    Let me know what you think, Kimmo.

  14. Agree with Austin Santos, except on the colors :P

  15. Agree with Luis.
    Great idea Austin, just different colors.

  16. Totally disagree, you shouldn't be able to know exactly what's coming at you that totally wouldn't make it a surprise :/ anyway kimmo, what's the "improved furry sense"

    Oh and there's a bug in the game that when you start it and then you Leave, you can't move the volume slider bar, for your volume( the volume still changes but it looks like it doesn't), I have no idea how this happens since I was under the impression that apps couldn't affect the OS but I think you exploited a bug in it

    Oh I don't know how you guys are doing financially, but the way I see it is you'd probably be doing alot better if there wasn't an infinity loop between you and Apple, But I think as a way to help you out (if yu need it) would be a 3 level pack for 99c, I've done some programming myself and it really wouldn't be that hard since John Gore doesn't really interact with anything, the only hard part would be creating it which I believe Timmo does? Considering how awesoeme this would be, everybody would buy this within a week maximum And Im sure we'd all love to support are favorite devs Mountain Sheep!
    Let me know what you think:)

    ------- The Chosen One

  17. Oh I changed my mind just if you change the furry sense like that, let us change it back,

    Oh and the volume bug is fixed if you restart....

    Sorry about the double post

    ------- The Chosen One

  18. idk if this has been said already or not but when i go on openfient with another game my minigore achievements dont show up not really that there is alot of them, or is really that important but i figured it should show up there

  19. YES more updates!!!!!! cant wait ill check everyday!!!!! i got another one of my friend to buy minigore 2day i love it!!!! cant wait for co-op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FTW

    unfortunately i suck and cant get insane =/

  20. keep up the good work. took me a few days to unlock insane mode and it was worth it.

    although the people at the top of the score list on feint keep me fiending to get up there with them.

    hopefully episode 3 is right around the corner.

  21. lets play the how long will it take for this update to be approved game

  22. To submit to openfeint, you must login BEFORE playing minigore. Start a new game and then press pause. Click 'OPENFEINT' from the menu and wait while it connects....

    The openfeint screen will load which you can close and resume playing. When the game ends, your score will be uploaded (you receive a message at the bottom of the screen to announce the fact)

  23. Hello there. I like Minigore, really do, but sometimes I think you guys(Mountain Sheep) should leave Minigore in Ep.1 and focus your minds on Hardgore. I loved ep. 1 more than 2. It was simplier and more challanging for me. Nevertheless it's still great game and I enjoy playing it. Continue doing good work folks!

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's out. Hardgore is out. It's so much fun. Like minigore x10000000000000.

  25. like anyone would believe that. they just said their focusing on minigore before starting on hardgore. idiot!

  26. you are a fucking moron.

    (the dude who says hardgore is out)

    who the hell would believe that it is out?
    don't you think that they would announce it here, since they ARE related somewhat?

    Thank you ^^


    Thank you^^

  28. Anon (Person above me), GET A LIFE! Cant wait for the wormwolf!

  29. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lemongrass Love is a fat cow who should get a life. It's not a he or a she it's a it. It is so dumb and fat.

  30. The past few anons portray quite a loser-like attitude towards everyone who uses anonymity. Seriously, if all you are going to post is about other people as fat cows (which i disagree), then you should get off this site. You dont even dare use your own name.

  31. i cant move to the left edge of the screen, seems like there's a barrier that i cant cross. please fix this!

  32. Yes at the extreme left of the map theres about 0.5cm space or less of the map you cant access, not much of a problem, unless a clover or crate drops there, happened to me a few times.

  33. When we can expect Master of Puppets and other characters from loading screen, to show up in Minigore?

  34. @ Ozzy
    Really good question. Might raise some good answers
    But i suppose it might come out after all the other characters, since the big boss in games usually doesnt show up till the end. I wonder if it spawns puppets (other bosses) to attack us

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.


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