Monday, October 31, 2011

Minigore Episode 6 is available for iPhone and iPad!

Kaamos Sound sent us this scary Minigore SFX making of video:

Latest News: EP6 could be one of the final updates we're doing for Minigore. It fixes some serious performance issues on iPad 2 & iPhone 4S and adds Bike Baron as a playable character. Content wise it's not a big update because our resources have been focused on getting Bike Baron & Minigore Zombies done. 

Minigore Zombies is a completely new game which takes a few steps out of the dual-stick shooter genre by introducing melee combat. Technically it's much more advanced than Minigore and allows us to do thing which aren't possible on 1st gen devices. It's our most ambitious project to date with many moving parts.

It's our most ambitious project to date with many moving parts and it's also gonna be our next big release now that Bike Baron is out. Hopefully we can reach a similar reception with it!

PS. My last estimate was way off for the MZ release and that's exactly why I don't want to do any release estimates until the game is AT LEAST submitted ;) 

Please no "when it's coming out?" questions :)