Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode 2 is out!

The wait is finally over - get the update while it's hot! Thanks everyone for your patience. Now go enjoy the game!


  1. Finally!! I've been waiting!

  2. As the marine in the Starcraft 2 Trailer would say... Hell, its about time...

  3. Finally ;'D
    I love you Kimmo ^__^
    Sorry about my rather angry comments on other sections of the blog,
    I was the Anonymous you replied to : /
    Yeah, urmm, sorry :(
    Anyways, nice to see this update :)
    And hopefully Episode 3 should be right round the corner, right? : ]

  4. Woohoo! Thanks guys! Now i'm gettin really good highscores ñ_ñ. Good luck with the game guys.


  6. Episoode 3 will get out much faster I hope and with no bugs! Us beta testers are on it ;)

  7. hmm minigore somehow has the menu freezing up, buttons dont work

  8. My update doesn't work either...the buttons on the main menu are non-responsive.

    Minigore is my favourite iPhone game, seems like there are still a few bugs in this update tho.......

  9. Huh?
    The screen turned white and rebooted my iPod...
    That's the only bug so far though,
    Shame about the fact there are still some bugs

  10. I have found that if you have selected "Flip screen" in episode 1 and then upgraded you wont be able to tap any of the menu buttons. You need to remove and re-install Minigore Ep2.

    Also, when you're using Episode2 selection "Flip screen" will make the menu items un-tapable. You need to remove and re-install Minigore Ep2.

  11. Fixed freezing main menu problem by deleting app from phone and iTunes and re-downloading. Seems to be launching ok now ;)

    My update doesn't work either...the buttons on the main menu are non-responsive.

  12. Good call on the flip screen. Maybe it should just be around that way in the first place? Otherwise when I hold my iPhone my fingers generally cover the speaker and/or my headphones get in the way. If there's another update to fix this I'd like to see the screen defaulted around the other way

  13. I have the same problem as all of you with covering the speaker, and then flipping it and it breaking. Damn. Sort it please.

  14. ok, when i press previous in options, it activates ipod music, and vice versa, maybe the button was linked to wrong option? im sure you guys will get it fixed

  15. Don't Flip the screen!!! major bug we betas didn't get to fix

  16. I love the new update, and its everything I hoped it could be :D (The things below arent critisizm, just comments,)

    -The Bigger Flaming Furries arent any faster than the small ones + the fire style is different,
    -I start off at 2000 points?
    -Music isnt different.....
    -Head Band looks SICK :)
    -the Furrie Finder isnt actually that helpful, In all honesty...
    -I Love it :)

    And Yeaa...
    I havent had to deal with the flip screen problems because I keep mine on Reg. :)

  17. Hi guys.
    I've played it now for a while and, personally, I don't like the new way the furries die. Love the radar though =D
    I think it would also be cool if the clovers appeared on the radar.
    Keep up with the updates =)

  18. YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!! finally god its been so long!

  19. in agreement with luis artur, when the new furries die, its like the just bounce backwards, prefer the old death animation where they seemlingly blow up.

  20. flip screen crashes the app on mine too...
    radar looks good but only helps on the upper corners on the screen, lower ones are covered by your fingers so you can't really see them...
    new death animations are way cooler, music, voice ++++
    but seriously guys, after all this time and the re-submissions and still such a major bug?
    i am thoroughly disappointed... i mean, i play it at least 5 times a day, it's my favourite game, but now i'm sort of forced to wait for the fix to the bugs... :(

  21. 1) I honestly see no improvements in the Shotgun, it's still better to just blow the crate up.

    2) The new furry death animation and blood splatter is actually slightly worse than the old blood splatter and the furry simply vanishing, IMO.

    3) The radar, whilst good, is blocked by your thumbs on the virtual analogue sticks (in other words, you can basically only really see about 2/3 of the radar and so furries from below you can still sneak up on you). Not really sure how that could really be improved without further cluttering the screen, however.

    Other than those three points, I really like the update - the large firefurries are awesome :D

    Keep it up ^.^

  22. Congrats for the submission!!! i love minigore but i have 2 suggestions:

    1. the new animations for dying furries makes it harder to see if they are really dead because there are always flying dead furries around. so its harder to see if there are one or two left living
    in a group of furries. i think the first deathanimation was better

    2. go on like this! i like how u interact with your fans and players! good luck for the next updates!

  23. I also noticed that the game started with 2000 kills, perhaps because I already had episode 1 on expert mode? It also means that alhough Expert mode was instantly unlocked, it didn;t register the achievement on OpenFeint. Am reinstalling now to see if that makes a difference... Thanks, though, am really enjoying it.

  24. i like the new shotgun... it's really helpful now to get rid of large groups of furries!

  25. Oh yeah, what they said above. Do not click 'Flip Screen', am on my second reinstall...

  26. YES! Finally this game is now complete!

  27. I have the perfect update idea please consider it leave comments and add to it
    ghost furries you cab see an outline of them but any bullets go through them untill they are half way close too you then they appear and u can shoot them and once you go beast mode you can see any ghos furries and for a reason beast has special sight powers I thought of it when I was playing pocket god please comment on this one

  28. How about next time you don't release a broken app (screen flipping issues). Apple should have declined this update.

  29. YEEEEEESSSSSSSS! Finally! I have been waiting so long for this. The features are soooooo cool. The new blood is cool. I also think the old blood is cool too so in episode 3 add an option for new, old, or no blood. Anyways hope to see a fix for the flip screen. Is bluetooth and wifi coming out in episode 3 or 4 because you pretty much put everything from the old episode 3 into episode 2.

  30. Great suggestion, sunny!

    Thanks for the update, guys!

  31. For one Furry Sense is great to rack up points, so you know where most of them are imo not for safety ,who wants to flip screen anyways,You start out with 2000 points because its expert not normal, and if the big burning furries were faster than the smaller ones it would be way to hard , and plus they spawn more small fire ones so shudup and enjoy the update losers

  32. Hi. Congrats on getting espiode 2 live. There are somthings that I notice after I updated

    i thought I was supposed to reach 2k points before I can unlock expert mode but I was able start the game in expert straight away immediately after I updated. But I already achieve the requirement in episode 1. But with the high score table resetted, I was under the assumption that I have to reach 2k again. Don't know if it's a bug. Perhaps kimmo can check it out.

    Another point I would liketo highlight is the new death animation. I felt that it makes the battle field very messy especially late in the game when u have tons of curries out there. I'm having difficulties distingushing those alive and those in the process of dying.

    Despite that, the new expert mode is damn challenging, I forsee myself spending hours playing this game for the next few weeks. Cheers =)

  33. Its out and its awesume. I like everything, even the bleeding furry acrobats. If you wanna add me on Openfeint its well VROOM99. I am still waiting to see if i can get one of the remaining slots for the beta. Kimmo and Timo, is it possible u guys can get me one of the remaining slots in some way? You would make this year great if u could.

  34. The update is SICK!!!! Worth the wait? Yes.
    Happy about the wait NO!

    stupid apple

  35. Ok:
    Furry spawn rate is dependent on your score. The point of Expert and Insane mode was to put you right in the middle of the action, skipping the relatively slow beginning (which consequently places your score right in the middle of the action).

  36. Any other beta tester still waiting to be invited to the TouchArcade social group?

  37. For the developers.. There is a bug on the flip screen option. When selected flip screen, the whole game interface had gone out... it unable to select anything at all. Please look on it. Thanks..

  38. Great with the update finnaly getting throug Apple aproval, but serious, if an update that totalt screws up the game (menu dont work, when you finnaly get the game started you cant move, etc.), can get aproved, I can only suspecd that your first update try, was only a black screen??

    I would never have updated if I had knowen that the update makes the game unplayable.

    Well, guess we have to wait what? 6 month or so, for a fix to actually make you able to play??

    Nice try, but please, try to get it right next time.. This is just below all standarts..

  39. @Sikra: try un-installing re-installing again. After that dont select "Flip screen" from the options

  40. Why is there a flip screen option at all?
    Why not do like the game Peggle.. using the built-in accelerometer to detect with way to flip the screen.. even while playing.

  41. Add multiplayer to episode 3

  42. I guess third times the charm eh? Cheers boys the update works great. Except now the furry's look like jelly donuts when I shoot em.

  43. My game is bricked.... cheers for a fucking awful update >_<

  44. I might have been a bit fast to judge. Did what "Bulkan-Savun Evcimen" said, and uninstalled the game.

    After the reinstall, the game was turing the "right" way and now I can play.. All old high-scores are gone though. And since I can't use flip-screen, my hand is blocking the speaking on my iPhone (why I was using flip-screen, in the first place).

    Still a great game though. And I'll be looking forward to some bug-fixing. As the "Anonymous" said: "Why don't you inplant the the ability to let the accelerometer detect the orientation?". Saves space in the options menu also :)

  45. The accelerometer would drain the battery alot.

  46. instead of reinstalling you could try restarting the ipod/iphone instead, as reinstalling will wipe your device highscore, unless you saved online.

    I was thinking, maybe for the furry radar, let the top be the same, but allow it to go around the buttons instead, so the warnings show up at top, top 60% of the sides, the middle area bottom, and when its lower left and lower right, allow it to go around the sticks, forming a T-shaped perimeter, may block abit of the screen, but at least we can see the warnings. Wow what a long post.

  47. @Ghostalker this is a bug which occurs if you were already playing in expert mode in episode 1. A remove and reinstall fixes it.

    I'm happy with the new features, disappointed in some of the bugs, but am confident that the beta testers will make episode 3 as close as possible to perfect.

    I don't understand why some of the commenters here need to be so rude.

    Is it a macho thing? Did you buy 59 pence worth of entitlement to rudeness like I did...? (is that enough buttering up to get me a place on the beta testers program...?)

  48. Hi all!

    I love Minigore and the new update is awesome! Though a bit full of bugs...
    But I think you should keep it simple and stick to the original plan: Minigore is supposed to be a simple game, you have to watch out for furries hiding behind dark shaddows. A radar to see everything makes it less fun, less surprising...

    So I think you should give up the gadgets, just stick to the original story, I want to see where John goes! Tell us a story with the original gameplay that made it so easy to understand, and so addictive. I don't care about the shotgun killing more furries, if there is no difficulty, then where is the fun??? And yeah, thumbs are hiding furries coming from lower corners, but THAT IS THRILLING! You have to be even more careful with that, and that's funny!

    I think you guys have a great concept, so stick to it, add a few weapons, new ennemies (the giant fire furry is terrific!), new episodes to your story, and that's all we need.

    Hope next update will come out faster... Thank you!

  49. Cybertox:Well the new update is cool but John Gore is slower than in the episode 1 and i dont like this the idea that you start with scores i also dont like and in the next episode i would like that you guys make a big update that have:
    2)Improved Furry sense
    3)Bug fix
    4)New map
    5)The episode must have no bugs absolutely no bugs!

  50. screw minigore and bloody work on hardgore

  51. This update is a great addtion to Minigore. However, I went in to flip the screen and the app died. I had to reinstall it, meaning I lost all my episode 1 high scores, and all of my achievements.

    I LOVE that you can start at 6000 points as it means I am not bored with all the easier levels.

    Keep the great updates coming. By the way: WiFi co-op with people all over the world is needed. Not just playing with people locally.

    What is everyone's highscores on episode 2? I just got over 9000 :).

  52. What does everyone think of the new blood?

    I dont like it, I liked the old way better

  53. All these people complaining are infuriating me... If you don't want to to start from 2000 you don't need to but stop complaining because most people are bores of starting at zero. The new death animation looks alot better and looks like more effort went into it rather then everything just exploding so people stop complaining. I'm rather sure hardgore is being developed by another team so don't come here to complain that it isn't out yet.

  54. Tom Edwards: New blood somehow gives the game a lesser 'art' feeling as compared to before, somehow, i feel that graphics of the surroundings have dropped due to the blood animations, because the blood and environment are no longer in sync IMHO.

  55. I prefer Old blood, also i'm not a fan of the little markers on the edge of the screen telling u when they are coming, the whole funness was figuring it out, when they come out and stuff.
    a option to turn it off would be nice.
    wicked game though!!

  56. Umm... guys, you can turn off the markers. It's Radar Off in the options.

    Was going to say I had problems with Episode 1, with the music and the open feint integration. It would be nice if there was an option to play either Episode 1, or Episode 2, and then I could submit new Episode 1 highscores to Open Feint (and use old style blood, etc).

  57. Sorry, it's actually called 'Show Radar'.

  58. please pass UAT before publish your game. the flipping bug is a joke! prepare test cases and make sure ALL PASS then submit to Apple.

  59. damn, i LOVE the new update. Finally I don't have to grind through the first boring few minutes waiting for the game to get interesting.

    ... and i love watching those furries splatter

  60. Nice update, request for a next update : possibility to see in Furry Sense if the coming furries are firefurry or not

  61. Jeez... People :/

    Half of the comments are complaining about the flip screen issue and alerting the developers to the problem - but guess what - they obviously ALREADY KNOW...

    It definitely seems like the general concensus is that the old death animation was better - maybe put in an option to change it to whichever style you like, just like the radar on/off button?

  62. After my first game I regretted old death animation BUT after many games, I'm sure to prefer the new one : Gun seems more powerful and effect is gore : perfect for a game called MiniGore :P
    Thx again for this great update !

  63. Its really annoying me how people don't read any comments, skip down to the very bottom, and post complaints about basically the only bug (flip Screen). Almost every comment in the top section has something about it in it, so do some investigation rather complainging.
    Guys, we've been waiting for this for a month or so? So BE APPRECIATIVE! If you don't like it or wanna complain about it, don't play it! We really don't care how many people Like the old one better or think the new blood is bad.
    Be open to new things! Actually try liking it and maybe you actually will! (Any hateful comments will totally reck this amazing speech ;) ). So anyway, just enjoy it, and keep it to yourself if you want the old one back! Suggestions are great though :)

  64. Quote:
    "I'm having difficulties distingushing those alive and those in the process of dying."


    It makes the game harder, and it's more realistic.

  65. Has anyone seen a super big furry so u hav the small fire furry large fire furry and super large fire fury I am serious I couldn't kill it fast enuff I hav a screen pic if anyone wants to see it

  66. yeah' why don't you post it ? ;-)

  67. is the grenade in the next episoad? But the new update is great. its about time apple approved it. Cant wait for the co-op.

  68. so Far kimmo said that all that was confirmed for the next episode so far was the wormwolf boss and the gernade

  69. Good job Kimmo all this hard work is finally paying off and fans Patiently Waiting will get what they want.
    Everything feels polished up to the tenth degree and I also like the face I can skip to expert and insane to skip to the action.
    My only problem is there are a few moments of slow down, guess the Iphone processor can't take it.
    Keep up the good work

  70. The bug that I found was that if you press the flip button, the buttons no longer work. DO NOT PRESS FLIP SCREEN! If this has happened to you you will need to reinstall the game.

  71. Unlike most of the people here I actually like the new death animations.. who cares if you don't know whether 1 or 2 furires are dying or not.. there are plenty others to shoot anyway. They look more gory and the more gore the merrier! Good job guys on this part.

    However, regarding the shotgun, I'm not sure if I felt it has "drastically improved" from episode 1. This needs more upgrading/adjustment.

    I also like when you can start from 6000 points that is the best idea so far by MS. Apart from the bugs, this is one fine update. Thanks and keep working hard to make minigore the best dual stick shooter out there.

  72. The shotgun did have its speed increased, i played it right before i got the update, and damn, after the update, the shotgun was seriously pumping lead out at a seemingly godly speed. It may not seem like much to those who have decided to stop playing it for a while, so the difference may not be noticed.

  73. been waiting for update - so stoked it came through. Love the game, not a fan of the new death animation tho

    Thanks heaps

  74. Alright alright, well, theres a timer at the bottom. It starts at day time in an urban/country side environment. Furries are coming at you, as you shoot them you get points and money. At the very bottom of the screen protected by a kind fence, is a shop. When you enter, time either 1) stops or 2) just keeps going, but furries gather outside waiting for the fence gate to open to eat you.

    Anyway, in the shop you can buy weapons, ammo, (possibly armor) and DEFENCES. You use the money to buy some of these, and once bought defences appear on the right hand side and weapons on the left. That you can swipe up and down to change weapon/defences. Plus, under teh defences 'tool bar' there is a button, a red button.

    When you exit the shop gate slowly opens (while one to stop teh furries getting inside the shop closes), and you use 1 free grenade (off the shop keeper) to kill some of the furries. Then you fight your way back out into the open.

    When the timer gets to 0. Another timer starts (but it gets shorter each round.) In that time the sun begins to set and the furries stop coming. In this time you can build defences to protect yourself from teh zombies. Press the defences button to lay out defences, and a little sim style move and drop (crane?) hand comes to help you lay the defences. The shop is closed at this time, you also cant use weapons.

    When the hidden time gets to zero, a new timer starts which gets longer each round (the first timer stays the same every time) and zombies come out of the sides and the graveyard, which is at the top of the screen, a few furries also come out which sometimes get eaten by zombies then they get a little bit faster better and bigger.

    You hide behind the defences, (or not if you didnt buy any.) And fight the zombies which are considerably harder then the furries. Thriller dance then the zombies kill you, irish dance when the furries kill you :)

    Zombie types:
    Stupid- Bumble about, body parts fall off, push each other.
    Normal- Dont move unless they see you or another zombie on your trail, body parts fall off.
    Boss- BIG ZOMBIE. Squashes all other zombies and destroys defences quicker.
    Flaming- Screaming fast zombies that die after a set period, blows up barrels.

    Maybe others?

    Barrels, wall, house, sand bags, cage (hard to shoot through), steel (to make zombies go into a tight formation, big zombies only can destroy steel.)


    River that opens at night by the shope keeper to wash away blood smell?

    Four team mates to provide scapegoats and limited fire cover? If using wifi, team mates can be replaced with real people.

    Sorry about its length, i had alot on my mind :)

    Thats a suggestion from an earlier article. I like it.

  75. My highscore is over 13,000 points.

    I accidently flipped the screen and I'm pissed.

    I guess I'll have to re-install.

    If it deletes my like #33 place on oopenfeint,
    I'll be even more pissed.

    Kimmo, yall better fix this soon.

  76. @Austin: It won't, as long as you made a special "sign in" account in OpenFeint. All the scores are uploaded to a remote server.

  77. wow the update is AWESOME... but if possible could u make something to toggle the death animation, im veryyy happy that u made a way to turn the radar off cuzz i dont much care for it.

    Incredibly fun that you do not have to wait through all the boring stuff while getting up to 6000 points where it gets intense

  78. Can anyone tell me how to submit a score to openfeint? I can login to it ok and check the various different areas but it says no scores have been submitted by me when I look for my score (highscore is 14,580)

    Any advice would be appreciated

  79. @ anon: Play another game while connected to wifi and then submit that score, your top score from highscores will be submitted again

  80. Ummm fine theres a bug with the screen they'll fix it soon, I'm sure not many of you have actually programmed, but bugs happen all the time and theres conflicting processes happening all the time when you get into a omplex game as minigore (all sorts of unintended things happened in my frogger clone, when I made a simple variable) So cut then so slack and give them time to fix it. Mountain Sheep I think the only way you'll be able to make everybody happy is, everytime you add a new feature make sure you add a off switch haha but anyway, add an option to switch back to the old animation, I personally like the new ones better, but whatever........ it would be kinda cool to be able to play through all of the episodes and I love how you put up differant high scores for differant episodes. Keep up thegood work Mountain Sheep!

    ----- The Chosen One

  81. >>
    @ anon: Play another game while connected to wifi and then submit that score, your top score from highscores will be submitted again

    So it only submits if I have a wi-fi connection?? Can't I submit via 3g?

  82. Minigore continues to impress me. Episode 2 even though it took forever turned out pretty good. I sure wish we would get some levels though, it gets pretty repetitive very quick but don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS GAME! please give us

    -new enemies
    -Hut for new weapons
    -Shot gun still not fast enough I get eaten alive every time I pick it up.
    -and one ice tea with lemon.

    Thanks guys you are awesome!


  83. The one big bug aside, congratulations on getting episode 2 out the door! I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    Ghostalker had a point about the new death animations adding a little extra visual confusion to the battlefield which I agree with, but isn't the end of the world. Just gotta get my thumbs working faster…

  84. If you log into to openfeint by clicking openfeint in the options screen, it should make sure your scores are submitted. Not sure why it doesn't auto-login?

  85. can anyone tell me how the TOP 2 global highscores are ODD numbers, and ALL other scores posted are all EVEN numbers? it seems rather impossible to achieve an odd score if every kill has an EVEN scoring value... ?

  86. ^^^
    good point j-bad, as far as i can tell all of the enemys are worth as little as 2 points, is there something that the top 2 players know and we dont.

  87. Yea how to be complete douchebags

  88. this update sucks hard. barely new features. just little things. and for THAT we waited so long? are you serious?!

    just work on the freakin' bluetooth/wi-fi multiplayer. that's something we want! or a new map.

    don't get me wrong. i love minigore and i love you (developers) but episode 2 is more like episode 1.01. -.-

  89. when i tap openfeint, i only see connecting... nothing happens? bug?