Tuesday, October 20, 2009


As I told you a few days ago, Wormwolf, the Episode 3 boss has a few tricks up its sleeve it uses to confuse its prey. This is the first one them: not only does it move entirely by what reminds constant jumping, it sometimes leaps so high into the air that John is actually able to escape by running from underneath it. Take a look.

It is surprisingly agile for a big, heavy worm...wolf. There are many rumors around the supernatural abilities of this beast and one of them has Wormwolf suddenly developing such abilities in the 1980s after being subjected to a nearly fatal dose of Van Halen.


  1. Nice!!! keep it up

  2. YES!!!! I've been waiting for the wormwolf since day 1. So the update will include: Wormwolf, the Grenade, Bug Fixes, and I'm not 100% sure, but also Enviro-bear?

  3. Kool but also you guys should release multiplayer in episode 3 :)

  4. Are those in-game graphics, or are they artistic renderings?

  5. @dustin those are in game graphics

  6. @ anonymous
    it says in the above episode post from mountain sheep that enviro bear, Lizzie and Evan Hsu are planed for episode 4. Think before writing.

    @ mountainsheep
    the new update works well and the clover sense really helps. I still recon you should bring out an in game purchase update with something like buying different clothes for John for 59p (optional).I recon loads of fans would like to help you guys out financially while you continue producing these great updates.

  7. It seems like in the new update, the furries have become more randomized, coming in from all directions.

    Also completely dig the new extended music. Good job guys. Looking forward to more updates.

  8. Isnt the wormwolf still going to look like this

    With the added mane and effects on its head?

  9. update AVAILABLE!

  10. dustin: They're all ingame screenshots from the latest Minigore build.

    anonymous: I think it's safe to say we'll add some DLC characters in addition to the visiting guest stars. Think of Santa for the xmas update ;)

    micer: The wormwolf will look like in the recent screenshots in the blog. The picture in that link is many months old and has the old wormwolf & John Gore design.


  11. @Timo

    I had a revelation while playing Minigore, lol.

    Co-op will be coming in episode 4, and currently, I'll assume that it will be one mode (standard co-op) since no other details have been released, but I a few ideas for multiplayer hit me.

    The first one and the best one, I think, is one for a multiplayer mode called "The Furrynator" or "The Furry-nator", makes no difference, i guess.

    Basically, the idea is, you play a competative match against another player, which is timed (you simply respawn after losing the three lives and dying), or can be survival (after you die, your run is over), where the goal is to gain a higher score than your opponent by earning points from killing furries.

    The set-up would be like this:
    At the start, you and your opponent start facing each other in the middle of the map. It counts off, 3-2-1, and you both go running in different directions, or however, looking for furries. You can't kill each other, but you kill and kill furries, fire-furries, etc, etc. Let's say you lost your three lives and you died, well you respawn in the middle of the map with 3 seconds of immunity to damage (since your opponent would still have been playing and you could respawn near a bunch of furries).
    Clovers? yes, they'd drop but your opponent could beat you to 'em, making it more of a competition. This continues until time runs out and the screen shows both scores and who the winner is.

    Just one of my ideas, I'll continue posting some more at other times, but Timo, I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

    BTW, sorry for the long post, lol.

  12. @ Austin

    look on the latest blog page I'll coment on your idea there


  13. this looks sweet and i cant wait to play! i was just wondering why the little icon is going to be a furry with the wormwolf update i think it woul be cool if it was a pic of wormwolf

  14. what about that girl with that cute little fox pet dude, when will we see her in minigore?

  15. @ Anon before me
    No idea, but my guess is that the devs are placing her in after lizzy, enviro-bear and evan. But if story is more concerned, then i think she will come in sooner than later

  16. Hey guys awesome job on a boss. Is there any word when we can start shooting that boss?
    GREAT JOB!!!