Thursday, October 22, 2009

Code for the Sheep


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  2. Oh, if only I had started programming a few years earlier, lol.
    This is the PERFECT job opportunity.

    Sadly, I cannot apply as I'm still in school and it consumes most of my time.

    But I am experienced in Java and becoming experienced in C++, so maybe in the future, (IDK how big the current team is) but maybe you will have room in the future for another, lol.

    Although, I can still be a great beta tester, if all of the positions haven't been filled.

  3. Ive always wanted to get into programming and stuff but decided to join the Marines instead of going to school still thinking about getting into to it after, but this is great opputunity for someone who is qualified for it, Mountain Sheep seems like a good team to be part of and i cant wait to see what other awesome stuff you guys come up with.

  4. Sucks I only know the basics of C++. I'm in the process of learning, and before the year is out, I should know how to write code in C++.

  5. omg kinda off topic but can we expect that urban camo john ne time in the future?

  6. hmmm i'm a huge noob at programming ... but if you need a modeler or animator someday, i'll be present !

  7. Yes,Even I Ronald Donavon would love to "Code for the Sheep" sadly I do not have enough time on my hands to do it.Other than that I would be up for it since I`ve been doing C++ for almost 5 years now.

  8. I wanna play as the old dude!!!!

  9. Why would john get urban camo, when hes surrounded by green stuff.....

  10. I would love to code for minigore! But sadly, I have no idea how to code :(

    BTW, the guy above me has serious issues! >:0

  11. I would love to contribute in some fashion. I haven't coded C++ on any high quality titles but I have taught myself something new this past week and I have completed a project I have started this year (albeit a small project). You can read about what I've been working on at for what it is worth.

    Oh and thanks for the few minutes of fun killing variously sized wolf-like creatures a few times a week. Keep up the great work with MiniGore.


  12. @ zenasprime
    out of curiosity i clicked on the link. it doesnt work, maybe you would want to relink it? You may have typed the wrong address of your own work.

  13. @Micer
    Click on my Name above, that should link you to my site. Tested it myself and it worked. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. THis is kind of off topic but are there huge fire furrys

  15. @ anon
    Yes there are, look at the previous 2 blog posts. Someone gave a link

    @ zenasprime
    Nice coding for WoW

  16. cool thanks micer I thought I saw one but wasnt sure

  17. I wish I could contribute, but I don't know any C++ at all, only some C# and Objective-C. And PASCAL, but who codes in pascal these days?!

    Also I'm already working on five or so other projects, some personal, some to be published. busy busy.

  18. Some anonymouses are so lame

    Kimmo is a developer of minigore, show him some respect or get out of this site

  19. Hey I`m Jack Powers,I work at an Airplane Factory working on computers etc... I`ve had over 7 years exp in things such as C++ etc.. me and my brother Mel would love to work for your team,he is 29 im 28, we both love video games and used to work for IGN making backgrounds for them when new games come out etc... hope I get chosen


  20. Is the old guy going to be in Minigore?

  21. Wait, John gore has legs in this picture.

    "STAY OFF MY LEGS!! ...Oh wait I have no legs... no wait I do... STAY OFF MY LEGS!!"


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