Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Greetings from the Sheepland!

Hello everyone!

As some of you already know, Timo wrote on the blog earlier that Mountain Sheep had hired some new staff for various tasks and jobs. So here I am! :) My work here at MS includes viewing and commenting the blog every now and then among other things. Nice to be here and I hope I don't forget to mention some things about Minigore as it is a bit new game to me still. I've been spending some time studying the game and reading past posts and comments and I hope I don't miss anything important. If I do, have mercy...

So, as my first post here I'd like to introduce the Totems as a new feature. The totems are going to be present when you start the game and by shooting one of the three you will choose the difficulty setting you would like to have. After the selection the Totems will disappear and the hordes of furries will come as before. I think Timo made a great work with them and I think it's a nice improvement to the old choosing method. Here's a pic:

Also as you can see this shot also introduces some other changes. Instead of showing clovers at the upper left corner there will be health shown in the future. This mainly because some characters are not going to have only 3 lives but 5. This new health system will be used in the upcoming multiplayer. This will make it easier to see the current situation without having to remember the changes in the character models. The clovers will be shown at the center of the screen when you pick up one and then they will vanish until you pick up another one. Also the place where the score used to be will be featuring kills from now on. The kills mechanism works a bit different compared to the score before. When in beast mode you will be given a 2x multiplier for the furries you kill, so instead of the old system you get twice the "score" during beast mode. Also for killing the big furries you get more kills than from the small ones.

As a new member to the community and to the Mountain Sheep I also wanted to offer some promotional codes for you to use. By using the code you will be able to download Minigore HD on iPad for free. It would be nice if the people fast enough to get the code would also write a bit of a review on iTunes about it, thank you very much :). If you use a code, also make a comment telling others which codes are used so people can pick up theirs without the unnecessary trial and error method :)

The Codes:

10. 4YA33W4FEJXW


P.s. Almost forgot. Update for retina -display and improved frame rate is in review. The improved frame rate IMHO is a big update and substantially improves the enjoyment of this game. Frame rate affected models: iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd gen, iPhone 4.


  1. Got 4YA33W4FEJXW thanks

  2. hey, can i have the promo code, didnt manage to snatch while it's still available.

    email me?

  3. Got 10 more Minigore HD promotional codes to share:

    11. MPK7AL6EF693
    12. 3NATKP79XH9T
    13. NTH3JE36FT9K
    14. T6XLJ9A79T67
    15. T36AWHRF473A
    16. Y9EMFRW6EN96
    17. TMPL94EEJN6N
    19. XK9FH3XF4JXR
    20. THRF4H6NTAHF

    There you go :)

  4. Got no. 20 THANKS

  5. Hey Jussi,

    welcome onto the blog!
    I would really like to congradulate you on how well you tackled the simple issue of ignoring the most important aspect of the delayed episode 4.

    It's certainly nice to know that someone actually reads this blog (from time to time); but what did we really learn from this posting?

    All the minor and trivial upcoming changes over which none of us are gonna lose any sleep... Jeez, you must have a REAL TALENT for avoiding what the readers REALLY wanna know.

    So maybe in your next posting you can talk about, what EXACTLY is delaying episode 4. OR why MS is not releasing the new zombie map and all the updated aspects without the multiplayer.

    And since you are new at MS, let me inform you that multiplayer was promised in July of 2009, right after the initial version of Minigore was released.

    There ... that should give you ideas about your next post.


  6. How can i use a code ?

  7. No. 13. Thanks so much! Lubo

  8. I took number 15. Thanks :)
    Great work on the totems, they look beautiful!

  9. please make more codes for iphone

  10. Please can someone tell me how i can use the code ? thanks

  11. Welcome Jussi! Don't let those episode 4 questions put you off! You're doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to the retina display update. I like the totem level selection, it's a logical move after the introduction of the skull. Are the kill counts going to mean new leaderboards?

    Hope to hear from you OFTEN! ;)

  12. Nazo:

    Zombie level is tied too closely to the new features required by multiplayer that it really can't be released separately. Because they are required by multiplayer we need to finish all of them at once.

    Few examples:

    1. Current "game over" screen does not work for two players. We noticed that during testing.

    2. Dynamic difficulty made multiplayer code too complicated so that had to be changed too. Totems is the new difficulty selection method and it can only be done on the beginning of each round.

    3. Showing separate kills and score for player would have been too cluttered, so that's the reason why it was changed to "kills".

    4. Kills are tied multipliers.

    5. Kill multipliers are tied to records, so that requires leaderboard changes.

    6. Leaderboard changes and multiplayer require changes in the menu system.

    Features like this might look trivial when examined in isolation but together they form a long todo list and most of them are related.

    In addition to just changing stuff there's all kinds of polish that goes into making an improved feature: small touches like the "kill skull" reacting when you get a kill. Or making the health indicator beat like a heart. (It's not only visual touch, it has relevance to gameplay feedback because it shows which heart you will lose next)

    Overall it's more like doing a new game than just a simple update, we might drop the "Episode" tags from updates after Episode 4 because it seems to give a wrong impression of the amount of changes.

    We can only cut away features that are easy to release on their own. Retina display support, ammo box optimization and faster frame rate were few of those features.

    Jeep: Yep, leaderboards are gonna be wiped and changed in Ep 4.

    Best Regards,

  13. Got #18

    That just leaves the question: "when's it releasing?"
    An estimation would be greatly appreciated.

  14. How much longer do you think it will be before episode four is released, Timo?

  15. Awesome a new blogger cool new features tippy we already know all this stuff when's it coming out? That's all people care about???????

  16. @Nazo:
    Why are you always so negative....:I

    Welcome Jussi! We hope
    we will enjoy the new
    features you work on!:D :P

    Anyway,when do you think
    episode 4 would be ready for a release?
    End of september? Somewhere in
    the middle of octobre?
    Would be nice with
    something else than trying to
    hitting the openfeint highscore

    -Teo Gore/The Teominator:P

  17. Hey guys, is it possible for some UK codes too? Thanks, and loving the work you're doing atm

  18. Hey guys, is it possible for some NEW codes for ep4 for usa? thanks

  19. Hi Jussi, welcome and good luck :) But why is it that the devs always AVOID this question : when is ep 4 coming out? Have you any idea, even in weeks or months?

  20. @Timmo,

    I honestly appreciate your reply.
    I'm in the creative industry as well and I know the complexities that one might encounter,
    but communicating is the best way forward if you ask me.

    So I'm really glad to read your reply. At least now we know some of the things that are going around in the background and why.

    @Teo Gore

    Why am I always negative? hehe!

    I guess you couldn't have figured out yourself that I'm very passionate about Minigore;
    and that for months I have been asking questions only to be left in the dark.

    Not all of us here are 12 year old immature spamming kids, so some of us would like to be taken seriously.

    There, now you know, did I make your day??


  21. Game Center Support?


  23. Welcome Jussi!

    My request for you is to release information on new characters, whenever you can. :) Hope to stay in contact with you.

  24. Thank you for posting an update. I can not wait for the next version!

  25. hey Jussi

    good to see your news about the next update

    ive got one question:

    will you be joining touch arcade and post in the minigore beta testers social group because we have alot of unanswered questions


    -Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Group

  26. Wow i am sorry i have been begging you
    I can see what you have been working on!!!

    OMG KOOL!!!!!

    so does this mean you are nearly finished?

  27. WHEN IS EPISODE 4 COMING OUT!?!?!?!?!?! :O

  28. Welcome jussi! The totem feature is looking great. I hope to see more posts more often. Cheers!

  29. Dang, missed all the promotion codes! At least I can still play it on my iPod.

    PS I'm lovin' the totem poles, and multiplayer is sounding super.

  30. Can you please get some promotion codes for Australia, people down here are missing out!!!!

  31. @ Jussi
    nice to meet you and welcome to MS
    hope you all the best haha

    first thing first i like the Totems idea its very nice. lol hope theres more good working coming

    anyway just a few suggestion about the gameplay
    first about the Pfurries
    i understand the purpose of them is to increase the difficulty of the gameplay but i have to say they are becoming not really fair to the player because the machine gun do not have the ability to kill them when they are in a group
    if you know what i mean is of course we can kill them if they are in 1 or2 but when theres 5 in a group jumping to you. the machine gun could not have the fire rate to kill them. so it seem to be a bit unfair dont you think?
    my suggestion is to put the P furries in the night with the wormwolf

    now i hope the machine gun could be upgradeable. like perhas it could be upgrade and have a 25% faster please. because seriously the fire rate we have now is way too less and is not enough to survive.

    to me i think minigore should be like a game to let people enjoy but if like player could not survive long enough but like die in5 mins to me i dont like it..... im sorry to say this but please do something about the machine gun and perhaps different character have different skins of machine please
    well since im talkin about guns em i wish there could be something done about the duel shotguns mode when there two shot gun even you are in level10 it just shot out like4 bullets per guns i mean hell no. come on the beauty of shot guns is like shot out tons of bullets
    please have a fix on that please i really enjoy use two shotguns and have a crazy amount of bullets please........

    ok at last i hope there could be a "creat gore"

    well this have been talk about in touch arcade and some post before please have it cas everyone can have their own gore

    @everyone leave a respone if you like

  32. @ jussi

    i like what K KNIGHT had suggested is goo for me if that happen

    and please have a china gun as weapon please

  33. I have an idea for some weapons epic minigore weapons but to unlock them umust kill a certain amount of zombies or furries the minigun it shoots 6bullets at a time and as fast as a machine gun but makes u 15% slower has very high damage but also can't be dual wield a special version of john gore




  35. I think that the Minigore Staff should make some kind of ideas blog, or at least some kind of section, because I am kind of ticked off of all those anonymous's saying stuff like "ADD THIS CUZ ITS COOL. PUT IN LIKE COOLER GUNS.. ect." XD
    Just my two cents.
    P.S.- By the way, I really love minigore. I'm REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY psyched for 4.0, and can't wait for those episodes after :)
    Keep up the nice work Minigore Peoples :D

  36. Jussi! Welcome! I hope you will enjoy connecting with the community and getting settled here! I hope we can count on you for blog updates and information.

    I personally only have one suggestion, which is more frequent blog posts. Now I know there's no reason to get all crazy over a $1 iPhone game, but we, the customers have a natural urge to want to know whats going on. And these blog posts don't even have to be very detailed or extremely frequent. In fact, I would be quite satisfied with weekly blog updates ranging between 3 bullet points to a full post, like this one here. And more posts means less spam, which is good, and it also keeps the community from complaining! Overall, it's just a suggestion, so there's no pressure. We're all just happy to have you on board!

    I was really wondering why this new update was taking so long, because no one explained there was so much more going on! The totems are an amazing new fresh take on selection; I love them, as I do the KILL system rather than the POINTS system. Keep up posts like this and that will keep us satisfied that we are not waiting for nothing. Thanks Jussi!!

  37. you guys should add a turtle character he would be slow on land and have a granade launcher but when he go's in the water he is incredibly fast and can hide underwater for about 10-15 seconds to get away from the alagators/furries tell me what you think ps i got the turtle idea from a guy on u tube but none of the traits -welthyhobo

  38. Hey will you update to game center!

  39. Got comment number 40.:D
    Yes! You actually did!

    I ((Think)) that i understand
    you,everybody hates getting
    ignored/left in the dark.

    I've actucally been left
    in that state by others,
    but thats another story.

    I would answer your little
    insult there,but i'll
    rather not,You'll just
    come with another then.:)

    -Teo Gore

  40. Yes, these features excite me. And I'll bring sand to the beach and ask, when is Episode 4 coming? Anytime within this year would be nice.

    As a side-wish, I hope you'll switch from Open Feint to Game Center. I really think it would benefit you.


  42. welcome jussi! i am glad to have someone else on the team since episode 4 has been taking so long. this is my first post on here so im gonna put out alot of things.

    first of all instead of telling you to hurry up episode 4 im going to tell you to announce it later. announcing stuff when you first start working on a project is never a good idea. since its been over a year now since multiplayers been announced and a few months since the zombie maps been announced. when people hear something being announced they think "oh this will be coming very soon" not "oh this will be coming out at some point". instead work on the project for a while and when its almost done, announce it.

    and id also like to take this time to throw out a few ideas :). id like to see more maps rather than more characters. you guys have a ton of characters already but only 2 maps. so far ive heard of the zombie map, the lake map, and the big snow map. id love to see all of those but i have a few other map theme ideas too. like a desert map would be nice with sand and cactus's. then a big city place would be awesome where john gore is running around in a city around cars, buildings, fire hydrants and other obsticals. and a beach level would be sweet too where your on a beach and theres shallow water that you can walk on and deeper water you cant then you make a new type of enemy that comes out of the water and attacks. a rainforest with many trees and a river in the middle with a bridge across it that you can cross. a level that takes place inside of a castle would also be really cool where your fighting fallen knights.

    also i think a cool new enemy type would be one that shoots at you. it could take a few shots to kill and wouldnt come until after the jumpy furries, but would be very fun for a challenge.

    then i think you should add an extra knife button that lets john swing in a 180 degree spin in the area hes facing killing nearby furries. also some cool weapons to be able to pick up would be laser, and a flamethrower. laser would shoot super strong long range beams, that would get thicker every level, and the flamethrower would be shortranged, weaker but very rapid weapon. the range gets larger every level.

    and also for co op i think some deathmatch would be nice, so you can face off against others.

    also another thing is i think you should make it so when you get three clovers you can either heal on of your health thingys or you can turn into that bull thing.

  43. What....;'S
    The guys of MS did not even started with GameCenter intergration...
    With a little bit of luck we can play multiplayer next year with Christmas..
    This sucks, I paid for this game!

  44. MS, the totem idea is really cool, but something that may be a problem for me is that you won't be able to switch difficulties after you've begun the game.

    I prefer to start from easy mode so that I can build up my weapon upgrades (I can usually stock up more weapons upgrades than I would get by starting at the medium or hard settings). However, I almost always start at the hardest level for about 20 seconds, and then switch to easy, because it gets a ton of furries on the screen and allows me to bypass the slow initial difficulty ramp-up of the easy mode. Is this going to be no longer possible with this new difficulty selection method?

    Also, it may become a bit of a nuisance if the player has to shoot a totem again each time he dies. The current difficulty selection screen is easy and fast; is this new selection method going to make things more complicated than they need to be?

    You mentioned something called "dynamic difficulty," will this mitigate some of these concerns?

    PS-@Anonymous above: "I paid for this game"... You paid one dollar. Maybe two. You couldn't have even bought a small cup coffee for that much, and even if you did, it would have given you only about 15 minutes of enjoyment. Some people (like myself) bought this game way back when there were barely any features, and it was a great game even then. Since then, we've gotten about a half dozen or more free upgrades. I'm pretty sure we have all gotten our money's worth, and we should be thankful that Mountain Sheep even continues to develop this game. Many game studios, especially the big ones, release an iPhone game for 5 times the cost, and then never touch it again. Surely you should have nothing to complain about here.

  45. I got the game today along with Kid and Gangsta and lovin' it. I wish Mr. Gore could run but it isn't necessary. Glad to see a dev updating his product.

    Also, for the kid two comments above me: you sacrificed one donut for this game. And this won't make you gain weight or last only 5 min. Suck it up.

  46. zombiez= special haloween monsters! conclusion
    1 the handy prediction guy lots of entries ago was right
    2 ms gave us a release date by doing zombies, i cant believe it took so long.

  47. That would be interesting if ms released the update on halloween...

  48. K KNIGHT / MOONKNIGHT424September 9, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    i went to mini gore's twitter
    it said "game center works really well, we need o start using that! PS. Retina display support & frame rate update was submitted a few days ago"

    ok could anyone explain ?

  49. @K Knight: Timmo mentioned that the framerate/Retina patch was already submitted. As to my understanding, it takes Apple a while to approve app/update submissions. Be patient, it should be here soon. As to GameCenter support, I really can't say. Maybe Timmo or Jussi can answer that?

  50. Lol what happened to Kimmo

  51. @Godzilla, I like your ideas and totally agree with your suggestion (new maps + weapons)!


    I have a new suggestion!
    Seeing how complicate and time consuming episode 4 is; and that rightfully you'll scrap out episodes' concept in the future; why not change your business model by making substantial updates payable.

    Heck, everyone is doing it, even for the slightest updates.
    If Harbor Master can charge 0,99 cents for every new map (Yes! just new maps with no added features - and they pop out one of those every 3 weeks), why on earth are you giving away episode 4 out for free? Charging 0,99 or even 1,99 per big updates would be the right thing to do for you (you gotta make a living after all, and you don't have other games in development), and us (this way less people will take updates for granted).

    Now, before I get under fire by penny counters about my bold suggestion, let me remind all of you out there the actual value this great represents.

    1- Every single person playing Minigore has already spent 200 x more for the idevice they are playing on.

    2- We are living in a world where even fart apps cost at least 0,99 cents.

    3- This is a premium game people!!!

    4- Whoever can't afford the minimum entry fee for an update, can always enjoy what they have, and save up for future updates.

    So far I have bought every single item that carries the minigore brand, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    It's just pains me, that MS is giving away this game for free.

    Still not convinced? Have a look at the appstore, and name one game that has the same quality of graphics, replayablity,, engagement & fun for the same price. (Don't even dare to mention doodle jump)!!

    There I spoke my mind, think about it Timmo, I'm sure you have to agree with me on some level.

  52. I disagree nazo.

    1. Just because the device costs 200+, doesn't mean people can afford things afterward
    2. Your right. :P
    3. Not playing to pay for every level because the game is "Premium". Incidentally, I hate NGMoco.
    4. Yes, they can. Although if I only have levels 1-3, my experience will become more stale faster then yours at levels 1-6, while we both wait for the 7, 8, 9 levels. For example.

    Keep in mind I can afford this, but I'm sticking up for the little guy. I have a job, so do not try to attack me. I make my money.

    MS would become much less popular if every few levels a fee would have to be paid in my opinion.

  53. @Metalbear

    What I meant by point 1 is that both Apple products and app store apps are not targeting people in poverty. Surely, the price of the device should not be a barometer for app pricing, I admit that was off-target.

    3- I thing your'e confusing "premium" with "freemium".. ngmoco does freemium, premium on the other hand means something of great value/quality.

    4- So your'e telling me your experience will be stale, because you couldn't afford a 99 cent update?

    jeez man, what does 99 cents get you these days? not even a cup of coffee, barely a bottle of water or a candy bar. notice that all those are consumable items that have no value what so ever after consumption.

    Take Minigore or any other quality game/app, and count the hours of fun and enjoyment that they bring to your life.

    Alternatively go check game prices on PSP or Nintento.

    I'm not preaching for 9,99 $ games here,on the contrary I'm all for reasonable pricing. But It's really about time people who are creating amazing games get the rewards that they deserve.

    Minigore is not cheap, it's literally free at 0,99 $, Minigore HD is a bit reasonably priced at 4,99.

    All I'm asking you is to open your minds and start showing appreciation to people who develop quality products, so that they would have the resources to continue doing what they are doing.

    ps. For all those who can but don't wanna pay for updates; I dunno how you call yourselves fans.


  54. People can just buy the characters not raise the price of the game

  55. Just so people know they had a version of a Zombie Mode back in SEPTEMBER 2010...

  56. Shit, I mean 2009 :P

  57. nazo why would you want them to charge you for an update? thats stupid all apps charge for little extras. like characters. they cant charge us money for an update thats taken so long. and you say you think its the best for minigore? i want you to think what the ratings would be like if they did that. i can see it now:


    make episode 4 free for 5 stars

    its a good game but ms should make the updates free it isnt fair to charge us money for full updates.

    my guess is that the minigore rating will probably frop to about 2 and a half to 3 stars. how is that good for the company?

  58. @ Godzilla

    Just skip the Coke or Candy Bar one afternoon and you'll have the measly $0.99. It's a non-problem.

    For the amount of time and effort the devs put into Minigore (supposedly), they deserve a little extra, don't you think? Individual app sales are pretty stagnant at this point I presume.

  59. @nazo

    Thanks for not entirely flaming me. Remember, I'm defending the little guy here.

    I did get the freemium mixed with premium. My bad. DONT GO FREEMIUM.
    And yeah, my experience will be stale if i couldn't afford to progress deeper INTO IT. Not saying I can't afford it, I clearly can.

    I don't eat candy bars, nor do I buy water from a store. I have a job, and I'm respectively rejecting the idea.

  60. @Godzilla,

    First what I suggested was after the episode 4.
    Secondly, it seems that you don't live in the real world. Minigore is not just some simple app; it's a full blown game that requires months of hard work from the developers.

    the App Store is still in it's infancy, and the "free updates for life" business model will not work forever; specially when it comes to gaming. Within years the App store will be saturated, and everyone who was even remotely interested in Minigore would have already bought it, so actual sales figures will go down naturally, so MS would be forced to either work on another game to make their income, or stop updating Minigore for free cause it on't be bringing in the required money to proceed.

    When Episode 4 comes out, minigore will be a whole new game, and no one gives new games away for free. Minigore is not doodle jump, where the developer changes some graphics without touching the code and Voila! you have a new update.

    Jeez, I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to make some sense to kids.

    Anyways, if you don't agree with what I say, spare your hate on someone else, just wait 1 or 2 years and see for yourself.

    Or the next time you buy a Coke, keep the can, and ask for a "free for life refill" from the store you bought it!!! hahahahha


  61. This comment has been removed by the author.


  63. im not going to get to involved in this 'money wars' thing, but keep in mind that most of us use itunes gift cards. (which cost a minimum of 15$)

    anyways cant wait 4 teh update.


  65. Wow, Nazo. You have reached a new level.

    I'm with 0bsidianlink. This money issue can only end in a temper-tantrum for BOTH SIDES and I really (to be unusually Frank) couldn't give a shit. I enjoy MS as a developer, but I will let them make the descisions in that regard.

    I voiced my opinion, and backing out of this. I suggest to everyone enjoying positive discussion on here (and would like it to stay that way) to also back out and pose a new topic of discussion.

    Make Peace, not fruitcakes. ;)

  66. How is Minigore Hd's episode 4 update version coming or are you dropping support for it altogether?

  67. It's fun to see metalbear and Nazo going at each others throats like rabid dogs ;). Anyway sorry to double post and I really don't understand the issue with the updates because haven't they always been free? (finally got my accounts straightened out(Nyshan))

    Sincerely Nyshan,

    P.S. MS please get rid of anonymous comments before this gets any worse.

    P.P.S. One last thing, I think that it's just a game that a lot of people care about but really that's your opinion and I respect it totally.

  68. augh idk something screwed up with my account and it told me i posted twice then i deleted and then tried to post again it didnt come up its a whole mess. pretty much what i said though is that nazos argument sucks, and that making updates paid would be a bad choice and wouldnt result in anything good and that nazo needs to calm down and accept it when people disagree with him and not flame everyone who does.

  69. It's about time we get updated every now and then!!!!!
    This game looks really good from all the pics and vids. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
    Anyways, I was browsing the app store and bought a game called Solomon's Boneyard that's in turn, kind of like minigore, with the main exceptions being a story mode, perks, etc. It looks like Mountain Sheep has competition b/c it's a really fun game...
    Release the update soon!!! By the look of the pics and vids, it's def worth the wait, but this is a little bit excessive.

  70. i like to say that any one who dare to pose great dangers to this thing is to be my friend not right for they seek what is not there and shall not change till known

  71. My friends i have heard of the great truth of the truth if we do not fight this then all is to be lost and then none shall matter

  72. If you dare to see less then is then who the hell are you people where am i omg of course ok wierd um bye also if both do not see hat has happend then none shall

  73. Please for love of "llamas in hats" turn anonymous comments off or people will keep spamming this crap: Anonymous said...

    "If you dare to see less then is then who the hell are you people where am i omg of course ok wierd um bye also if both do not see hat has happend then none shall".

    Could someone tell me what language he was speaking there.

  74. lol raigo! Gotta learn reading skipping every other post!

    MS said from the start that they wanted a business model with a stream of income financing the ongoing project with new episodes adding new gameplay/levels, rather than a develop first sell later they couldn't afford.

    But it seems that episode 4 nearly rebuilds the game from A to Z. Which doesn't sit well with the business model and projected income...

    It would be great if the game could be kept at its current price of $1.99 (excluding pre-episode 4 50% discount) and people could buy non-core game extras such as characters to continue supporting it. But how would this affect the development of post-episode 4 features?

    Minigore and Pocket God were the 2 most interesting episode based games back in early 2009 (? Seems much longer ago) making use of the unique frequent and easy update facility offered by the appstore. Both have gone very different ways, because they are essentially 2 very different games. I'm very curious to see where each will be at this time next year!

  75. @ Jeep

    I totally agree!
    Finally, someone who knows what he is talking about.

    ps. Timmo mentioned in his last posting that they dropping the episode sequence after the 4th one.

  76. ah you have all seen what is the truth of none but yet time will repeat and 7 will be none of the unknown people meoweow meow meow

  77. nazo by "dropping the episode sequence" what do you meen can you please expain that a bit more clearly ty and keep up the good work ms!

  78. @welthyhobo: Essentially by "dropping the episode sequence" MS is saying there will no longer name each update, for example, episode 4.5, episode 5.0, episode 6, etc.

    @Nazo: I tend to side with you in the paid updates debate. Minigore has slid down the charts to the pointthat newcomers to the app store are likely overlook it. MS doesn't really have any standout title to bring in income other than Minigore. Despite this, Minigore has enjoyed a large existing fan following and I'm sure many of these fans would like to support MS in continuing to bring out updates. I personally don't think that spending a buck to extend the life of a quality game is rooming to ask of the dedicated fan. Simply put, for Minigore to continue to see updates MS has to get their money from somewhere and I don't think new adopters will be enough to support it. Just my two cents.

  79. Umm, stupid auto-correction. Rooming = toomuch = too much. =P

    Sorry about the double post.

  80. Arcnarenth said...
    Sorry about the double post.

    "You are a baby"
    shut up and go drink some low-fat milk

  81. News Reporter (A.K.A Firebooklet)September 11, 2010 at 7:18 PM


    read this
    i copyed it off a touch arcade member!

    Minigore Esp 4
    I am a beta tester
    I have received some news about the bulid
    Roote-boy should tell Minigore blog this too

    Minigore is working great
    There is a bug with the dark knight
    so Mountain Sheep (Creators of minigore)
    started on this for a while
    while for some of them at the studio
    they are working on the totems

  82. You aren'n beta tester, so shut up!

  83. News Reporter (A.K.A Firebooklet), could you please put post a link to the url where you found this? Thank you in advance.

    Just as a topic for discussion, could anyone explain to me how to obtain those two openfeint achievements that are associated with the 2000 and 6000 point checkpoints? I just went on a 0 to 7xxx point run (which was awesome =)) and didn't earn anything. Please spare me the "you suck" and "n00b"'s, I know I suck, I'm just a beginner. Any responses would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

    This is Matthew but for some reason I can't post as that user...

  84. Hello fellow minigore gamers!!! Question to the game creators: WHEN WILL MINIGORE MULTIPLAYER COME OUT??! I'm eager to update my current version. Hope you guys give an approximation on the release date. Thanks and good luck!

  85. @News Reporter (A.K.A Firebooklet)

    you arent a MG beta tester, so stop making up lies, and dont bring me into your lies

    we havnt received the build yet

    @Mr. Saturn

    dont listen to his lies

    Rooteboy- from the beta testing team

  86. @Mr Saturn, before you needed to get 2000 or 6000 points to unlock those difficulty settings(total I think). But in but in a recent update, they are already unlocked therefor making it impossible to get those achievements.

  87. Well I'm still a bit confused on that subject so could we please drop it(thanks)? about 5% of the people that post on this board are lazy spamming father figures (if you know what I mean) yet almost 50% of the board is covered in spam because of this minority. Also I might be off this board for a while, Halo: Reach is coming in 2 days and know what I mean.

  88. I didn't really understand the beginning bit of your post Raigo Jr. XP

    I guess I'm confused on your confusion.

  89. This is bullshit, first Jussi says he will be more active on the blog but we and up with the same low activity as usual...
    MS should listen more to this community, and give good answer to the questions!

  90. hey jussi
    time to update abit
    let us know whats new

  91. Hello,

    I just wanted to say a few things MiniGore is an Awesome game & I hope you decide to bring the game out on PSN as a PSP Mini game.

  92. well i just gave up on minigore since halo reach is coming out in about 1 day so i don't give a crap about minigore they hired some one to do the blog but still now much updates i'm saying hes bad but you could post somthing every 3 days even if all you have to say is that theres a bug or it will come out faster then thought or it toke longer then excpeted any ways working on an out for months for a simple game for the ihone is very wierd unless you guys don't really spend much time on it and you know for any one who says it hard to update a game such as this not use differnent methods they could have done this with little bugs could have taken less then two months then again moutain sheep is a small commpany unlike bungie for somthing as simple as a update though large takes so long and heres a good idea if you guys want to get some more money for minigore try to make it 4 or more multi player soon or later and make some new map packs with new people maps new game modes and hardgore the tower defense any ways was going to say mor ebut not so going to be playing some reah and probley not go on this website any more and who ever vists this website every day ask your self this do you have a real life

  93. moutain sheep this is the same guy as above wrote the huge comment above go onto a psn mini would be a good idea but go on xboxlive acrade will be harder but will be worth the pay off minis dont make a lot of money

  94. That has to be the LONGEST DAMN POST without a period I have ever seen.

  95. Immature Child. ^^^

    Ignore it, as usual.

  96. RAWR! Metalbear,joo
    stole tha 100th comment
    for meh! Lol.XD

    As for the "Everyday
    spamming 6 year olds",

    of nothing interesting
    going on right now,(No,i wont post
    any ideas,wait till ep. 4:P)
    I'll just ask some conversation
    question here:
    Whats your highscore?
    No lying! "My friends
    at openfeint protects me".XD

    -Teo Gore:P

  97. how do u use the codes

  98. @anon

    you need to have a us itunes account to do this

    go to the redeem section in itunes or on the app store, type the code in and hit redeem

    PS all those codes have been used

    Rooteboy- from the beta testing team

  99. wow this page sucks

  100. Are we talking days, weeks or months till this is released

  101. New blog post from Jussi coming tomorrow, stay tuned! He's been reading the beta tester forums (I think it's something crazy like 600+ pages)

  102. thanks for updating timo
    by the way how close we are to the update ?
    please reply timo really wana know when is the new update coming ?

  103. Timo, please, please respond more on the blog, even with jussi here. I hope you understand it will make your game better.

  104. Thanks for the heads up Timo!

    Hmm...I believe there are 91 beta testers working on the game currently. Is that a good amount for one game? The more testers there are, the faster they can roll out ep. 4, for sure.

    Me, thanks for answering my question!

    Jussi, if you read this, since you're posting tomorrow, I would like to ask a couple questions you are under no obligation to answer:

    1. Can we expect any new enemies?
    2. When you read the beta tester forums, did it sound good? Or did it sound like there was a lot of fixes and improvements to make?

    Even if you don't answer, thank you.

    moonknight, we've all been barking up that tree for far too long now =) my advice to you: don't even ask. =)

  105. Tight new blog post tomorrow and reach:D

  106. Halo Reach out in 4hr. and 49 min. est.!!!!!! On another note it's good to see an update from Timmo, just glad your still in the land of the ((undead makes so little sense?)) living and Metal Bear, sorry to hear that your confused about me being confused which now that I put a little thought into it is a little confusing...

    Signed ((or typed))love:P ((admit it you do))


    P.P.S. HALO REACH MINIGORE TRIBUTE((I'm starting to think here)).

    P.P.P.S. Greensheep what's your XB(ox)L(ive) (Gamer)T((ag((for those who wonder what I'm trying to say))?

  107. I'm guessing because Jussi is unfamiliar with minigore, it'll take him a few weeks to get into the swing of things with regular updates and posts on the blog (and comments pages). looking forward to seeing what is in the update. hopefully it wont be to long till Episode 4 now. my guess is that we'll get a release date in the next few weeks.

  108. OK. Posting the codes is great, but not telling how to use them is a bit daft. I just bought MiniGore HD on iTunes only after seeing this promo code post. I didn't buy it up to now because I've had it on iPhone since it first came out and loved it since but wasn't bothered about paying for essentially the same game on iPad when most other devs are making a universal version which works native in both iPad and iPhone (yeah I know it was rebuilt, etc, etc, but that was MS's choice).

    Anyway, because there were no instructions on using the promo codes, and I only got it because of the promo codes otherwise I wouldn't have got it... it seems a bit sneaky.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like minigore, and I also don't begrudge spending £2.99 but its just misinforming, or with holding information that's annoying. By the time someone other than Mountain Sheep posted here how to use the codes they'd all gone.

    Not totally fair really.

    That and I know a lot of work goes into the game, updates, etc, etc... but I've been waiting for Hardgore for a year at least... no sign of it.

  109. Was a beautiful page. Thanks to the designers and managers.