Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Jenny Gore Artwork

Jenny Gore demonstrating her Sheep Launcher skills:
...and this is what happens when you run out of sheep:

The latest Jenny Gore 3d model showing all three health stages:

Sheep Launcher ingame model:

Forest level with a lake:

DISCLAIMER: This is not content for Episode 4. I just wanted to share this stuff to let you know we're not dead :)


  1. I'll enable the anonymous comments again, but if there's too much spam I'll disable them.

  2. Timo- how is the minigore HD episode 4 coming? Inferno mode going to be added?

  3. Have you picked someone to do the voice acting for Jenny Gore, yet

  4. Thanks for updating guys. The new sceenshot look cool. I'm mostly interested in the lake level. I wasn't ever crazy about the sheep launcher idea =/ keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous01: All difficulty selections are about to be changed to be similar to inferno. One hint: totems.

    Anonymous02: Rina-chan agreed to do Jenny's voice :)

  6. Thanks so this new map won't be added until 4.1 or 5? I really like the alligator

  7. what about hardgore? is there any progress on that game? i'd like to see some posts on Hardgore's blog

  8. Thanks. Is sheep launcher a new weapon for all characters or a Jenny gore exclusive weapon?

  9. I take it Jenny's only playable in a sort of kid-friendly version of the game? Then again, those crocs in the water would say otherwise :L Still, nice to see you've got plenty more stuff under our noses all this time :D

  10. @anon
    Hardgore will most likely be added to minigore as a mode

    most likely exclusive to the map or jenny


  11. Timo:

    Is there a definitive character list set for Episode 4?


  12. Ok I was the first two anonymous, I really like the look of the map. I think if they could add more maps this would be awesome. Are you going to be able to get in the lake maybe a crocodile character that can swim in the lake and attack the other crocodiles. Or a new mode where you fight crocodiles

  13. Sorry for double post but how does the sheep launcher actually hurt the furies?

  14. 3 new maps coming

    Graveyard Map
    Enemies: Zombies

    Ice Map
    Enemies: Cossacks

    Lake Forest Map
    Enemies: Bunnies

    i would say that we would have all of the above maps by episode 5-6

  15. How do sheep hurt bunnies and what are Cossacks?

  16. I think the sheep will explode on impact

  17. Uhmm... What's A cossack?

  18. Timo- thanks for posting this. Glad to see you guys are still alive and working hard! I really appreciate the effort you put in this; keep up the awesome work!! But if this is stuff that's not going to be in episode 4, then does that mean you have already completed it and it is being processed in the app store?!

    rooteboy- how do you know all of this information?

  19. the cossacks


  20. kknight aka freaky frankyAugust 22, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    thanks timo
    thanks for the update
    i am just wondering is ep4 finished yet
    is it even close ?

    i like the idea of jenny she is awesome

    just a few suggestion
    could we please have a chain gun as weapon
    and in zombie mode could we please have like traps the stop the zombies for few sec?

  21. p.s.

    this is nice
    i will support you guys

  22. I thought they weren't doing the Cossacks anymore that is a really old picture

  23. Awww, this isn't a sheep launcher? Ohh well, hope it will be added later...
    The map would be interesting too...

  24. Thank Goodness, 21 days, I was about to report you guys MIA.

    But on a serious note, what you have looks pretty sweet. I'm pumped for that new stuff, but ugh really i just want the new update like now....thanks!

  25. The Baker AnonymousAugust 22, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    That is so Kool Timo
    Congrats to you!

    I love jenny gore!!!!!
    Sheep launcher!

    ps. Timo how do i sign up to this site anyway

    Keep the good work!

  26. Hey...
    So you are now workin on ep 5???
    where is ep 4 coming??

  27. wow you guys are so shit, what happened to focusing on ep 4 till it was done? still, you never follow through with anything so i guess i understand... just been waiting patiently for multiplayer for a year, nothing much... CUNTS!

  28. The Baker AnonymousAugust 23, 2010 at 1:25 AM

    Anon above
    please don't spam
    Mountain sheep is working very hard
    They making ep 5 so when ep 4 is released
    less time to wait for ep 5!!

  29. maybe im genuinely f***ing pissed that ms CONTINUALLY fails to KEEP and DELIVER on their overly bold and overreaching promises!!

    just a thought...

  30. The Baker AnonymousAugust 23, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    Stop spaming please!!!!!

    MS rules!!!

    Anon above
    Can you make a 3d game???
    can you do better
    come on let's see then

    Timo i am sorry
    but keep up the good work

  31. The Baker AnonymousAugust 23, 2010 at 1:44 AM

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if they are starting on ep 5!

    That means....
    Minigore esp 4 must be coming soon

  32. Hey,

    All these sporadic updates about the graphical progress of the game are great, but let's look at the big picture here.

    The only substantial update that Mountain Sheep released this year was the HD version of Minigore.

    Anyone in the industry knows that the graphics' side of such games advances much faster than the development side, and anyone who cared to check the official Flickr account of mountain sheep would remember that even in 2009, we saw screenshots of many upcoming elements of Minigore, there are even screen shots of Hardgore over there.

    So seeing Jenny Gore here in her 3D beauty is nothing short of underwhelming.

    As far as I'm concerned, MS is doomed to deliver late, and always lag behind in development, cause they must seriously lack some manpower in that department.

    It's sad cause I LOVE this game. I love the potential it has to becoming something HUGE, but at the rate that it's going at, it's gonna lose much of it's charm.

    I made a comment here in December 2009 regarding the lack of updates and all ... and Timmo replied by saying that "they will not be hibernating during the wintertime, even Envirobear will not hibernating ...."

    Entering the last quarter of 2010, that sounds like a lot of talk with not much content.

    I say, raise the price of this game "a little", make more money, hire an extra developer or two, or else release Hargore in 2020.

    This folks, was the cold truth, as I see it!


  33. I have to agree with Nazo. I know you attempt to be as professional as possible with both your promises and connection to your fans, but enough is enough Mountain Sheep. Even if you never give this information to your fans again, I would greatly appreciate it if you would write at least one blog post explaining the situation to us, What's happening in your lives that's pushing aside development? Do you TRUELY believe you can fill your promises at this rate? What's the planned implementation of things like the Puppet Master?

    If you were slightly more personal with your fans in that regard, maybe they wouldn't tear you apart and beg you to be more serious with this, even though you are. Please tell us what you intend to do that you know you can pull off. We are your fans, and even though we shame you when we are angry, we try to always believe you'll pull through.

    On an unrelated note: Disable anonymous comments now before this gets ugly.


    and timo, when can i expect to see giant potatoes as enemies in hardland? or giant marshmallows?


  36. Minigore on Playhaven is a sad representation of your company.

  37. OH MY GOD MINIGORE!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D !!!! I am just getting more and more and more excited about this!!! Firstly i was excited about multiplayer, then you introduced the cool melee knight guy, THEN you introduced a whole new map with zombies and object collision!!! THEN YOU INTRODUCE JENNY GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN YOU SHOW US THE SUPER COOL STUFF FOR EPISODE 5 (Or something) WITH A NEW GAME MODE AND MAP!!!!!! :O :O :O :O !!!!!!!!!! To those who are getting annoyed with mountain sheep, dont be. This update is so good its like theyre creating another game! I do agree with Metal bear that you should increase the price of this game. Its worth SO much more than what it is, youll get more money, and also youll bring in more people to work on minigore!!!

    P.S. Mountain sheep are working with CHILLINGO on this! And im sure you all know that chillingo has to work on angry birds aswell on this ( And a whole lot of other apps as well!) So just be patient allright. The longer we wait the better

  38. skidatles a f***ing idiot
    nazo rules
    ms used to but im losing faith

    that is all...

  39. metalbear is the biggest tryhard ive seen in my life

  40. @anon above

    Good to know. Thanks. ;)

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. The only thing bad about you guys is the lack of blog support. You guys post once about every three weeks? Around that. Is it that hard to get a couple of screen caps and write a few sentences once a week at least? No.

  43. I'm with metalbear and nazo. Mountain sheep promises way too much but takes waaaaay too Long to deliver, or even keep us posted. I wanna kno why they can't just release what they have as it would satisfy slot of us.

  44. Make Brian Peppers a playable character!!!!!!!!!

  45. What does the sheep launcher do exactly? Will it be a 1 map exclusive weapon or can you use it on all maps? Where did the rabbid bunny idea come from and will they be like furries or will they have different AI and attacks? Also will the cossacks have guns?

  46. what is co-op going to be like??

  47. wow you guys are so shit, what happened to focusing on ep 4 till it was done? still, you never follow through with anything so i guess i understand... just been waiting patiently for A FUCKING NEW GAME MODE OR ANYTHING SO THE GAME WON'T BE SO DULL BASIC AND BORING for a year, nothing much... CUNTS!

  48. in a few weeks we'll see screens of episode 6. And in 2 months we'll maybe see episode 4 if we're lucky. Dude are you feeling well? Why are you working on episode 5 while episode 4 should be already submitted. 3 months ago you said that it was nearly done. WTF. Just give us the fucking new game mode and it will be all nice and peachy. Fulfill your stupid promise for once.

  49. I think i have to agree with the majority here. Although all this is great, MS really needs to get better in the customer service department, even if it is only a $1 game. Like one anonymous said above, this blog is updated roughly every three weeks. Would it hurt to update it, per say, every week? And like the anonymous said, it wouldn't have to be a lot of information. It should just be a couple sentences or bullet points about what happened that week. For example, for one week it could be:
    -Optimized ep. 4 for old gen. devices
    -Tested ep. 4 with iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G, all running ios4
    -Test unsuccessful, continuing optimization & coding

    Then an example for next week could be:

    -Continuing testing for all devices
    -submitted complete update to apple for processing

    And then the large chunks of information, like the ones that are normally posted here could, depending if it was achieved in a short amount of time, could also be posted, resulting in a post like the one I'm commenting on.

    I do not believe this would take lots of effort and would much improve customer relations since we would not feel like we are being left in the dark. Seriously MS, we have no idea whats going on. We don't know if you're throwing ep. 4 out the window or if it has already been submitted.

    I'm not trying to hate on you or anything but i really think this should be done. But that's just my opinion. I think I recall an old saying along the lines of "The customer's always right." And your customers want to know what's going on in your studio. Bottom line-I think it's time to deliver.

    Sorry for the gigantic post but I'm really just trying to make some helpful suggestions. And I don't mean to say you guys are just sitting around blowing nose bubbles; I understand you are hard at work. Once more my apologies for the long comment and I hope you understand.

    Thank you for you understanding,

  50. hi, 1 suggestion, u know, on this blog, it says mountain sheep, not your odinary sheep, and there's a picture of a nome on a sheep, he should be a playable charactor. He would be faster since hes on a sheep but since he's on a sheep he can't pick up weapon crates. The sheep eats the clovers and turns into beast mode so u can still shoot in beast mode. On his last life, the sheep dies and he's like a normal playable charector.

  51. Another suggetion, an alien with 3 arms and he tri-wields a machine gun, a grenade launcher and a shotgun, but since the air n earth is poisonus to him hes much slower.

    -Me(sorry i forgot to say -ME on my post above)

  52. My last suggetion, u should do a crossover w/ doodle jump. The doodle jump charector would be for co-op. He shout the snot thing to doodler shoots in doole jump, and when it hits enemys it slows them down, making it easier for our friend in co-op.


  53. Oh i forgot, with the nome on a sheep you destroy the weapon crates like in beast mode for a downside in co-op


  54. I'm sorry if this is a noob question, but how do u make an account so i can still post if Timo decides to take of anonymous.


  55. Woah idiot thanks for the quadruple post mountain sheep are extremley lazy assholes who should maybe focus on hardgore as a new game altogether forget the development of minigore you have lost much of your fanbase and quite frankly it's time to move on your project was doomed after the coding screw-ups last year that led to a two month update delay you lost your fans and to come every few weeks and tease us with screenshots is annoying and gay i appreciate you showing us these screens but it's no use if we won't even get to play this game till 2012

  56. hey i have a idea about the sheep launcher

    the idea is once jenny shoot out a sheep there will be a large group of wolf trace after it and those wolf will step on the enemies.

    by the way is it possible to make another character with two revolvers with high rate but low accurate please
    i wana see a cowboy character please

    well also keep up the good work MS i will support you

  57. My campaign for
    Choco-Land on minigore
    Starts!!! Who's with me? A chocolate map where everything is chocolate and marshmellow and TASTY! Metalbear knows I've been wanting this fir ages so come
    On guys!!!! Choco-Land!

  58. This all looks great, these posts will definitely help to hold me over, even though I am bummed it didn't release before school started... Oh, well, maybe before Chrismas :)

  59. Does anyone think they should have a dessert level where you can get in a Dune Buggy and splatter the furries (Or bunnies)? And in co-op mode one person can shoot a mounted machine gun from the back like an army humvee?

  60. I either think he means a "desert" level, or a candy land type level, which would also be cool.

  61. E.J., I support your idea for choco-land, do you like my ideas?


  62. Hey I know the stars by each character represents how many kills you've got with that character. But I seem to be stuck at 3 stars, I've got 103,000 kills with John gore and I only have three stars. Does anybody know how many kills it takes to get 4 or 5 stars? Thanks

  63. Always Ms and timo Volia!!!!!

    I am going to say this once and once only

    Hurry the &$#@ up morons!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop WORKING ON EP 5 OR 6
    and how ABOUT FINISHING ESP 4!!!!!!!!!

    By the way here is some spam
    Hurry up
    hurry up now!

  64. Sorry for my post above

    Matthew said...
    We don't know if you're throwing ep. 4 out the window or if it has already been submitted.

    "The customer's always right."

    Matthew is 100% right

    so my statement is this
    Minigore Esp 4 not finished...
    ok, Fine, at least update your blog every week or so!

    Now here is my theory
    Minigore esp 4 release date: Months to years

    Final Sentence

    Esp 4 not finished before Christmas
    Then Bugger that!

  65. DISCLAIMER:Minigore will never be finished

  66. A beta tester e-mailed me with a quote from mountain sheep saying that episode 4 will take at least 3 more months :/

  67. The One Who Betrayed PedobearAugust 24, 2010 at 6:07 AM


    Here here that's an awesome idea. It could be like a dream level.


    We have supported you guys for ages and have been understanding but this is just too much. Spamming has gone down and that means even the spammers have had enough. I don't know what you are doing on ep5 but finish one thing at a time.

  68. if it's gonna take so much time please MS release a minor update like a 3.95 with just the zombie level for example!!! enough is enough...
    this is very embarassing...

  69. Still 3 month??! are you kidding me..?

  70. The Teominator here,(havent made an account yetXP)anyway,hows it going? Alot of complaining in this post eh? Really,if theyre not posting about ep.4 it could either be they want to suprise us or that they are adding or fixing even more stuff to make the game even more enjoyable! Well,Timo,could you give us an estimation of the ep.4 coming out or have you already sended it to apple? Anyway,plz answer,
    everyone here are frickin screaming for an notice about ep.4 coming up.;-)

  71. And please, because I know you probably won't read this for another few days:


  72. Stop the hate, MS is just optimizing the update, so there already finished, but the multiplayer/co-op hasn't, so they are nearly finished, but co-op isn't so they are just making ideas for further updates, because they can't work on co-op. They are not throwing ep4 out the bag.


  73. Sorry for the OT but what's the main aim of getting 5 stars on a character?

  74. Truthfully I don't really believe its going to take 3 months if it does I'm expecting more than just a zombie and multiplayer update because devs could create an entire game in this time. That not to say I could but even so...

  75. just look at their earlier updates and how long it took them to implement SMALL changes. 3 months for something like this is being very generous. 4-6 months more I guess would be more in line with mountainsheep "relaxed" hobby development practice.

  76. So far this game has come a long way. MS devs are doing an awesome job on the game! Hurry up with the episode 4 update already! This game really has the potential to make it as #1 in the appstore!
    -I have an idea for implenting a story into the game. When playing the game, a notebook page(or a film reel) will appear after killing a monster. Collecting a certain number of notebook pages(or film reels) will unlock a readable/watchable part of the game story.
    I was also thinking of a Tavern Map where the player must complete quests/challenges for the keeper of the Tavern and in exchange get random health, clovers, or gun level upgrades.

  77. Listen guys I challenge you all to stay away from this blog for a week let's abandon mountainsheep and shoe them how we all feel I think if they realized no one comes here anymore or just those kissasses metalbear and envirojames they might feel the need to do something different and release the update i will check back and then I won't visit for a week
    WHO'S WITH ME!!!!

  78. @ anon above
    no one is with you
    but you can still leave, to be honest i think all the people like you should leave this blog and never post here again

    and Metalbear and Envirojames are not kiss-asses they just have faith in MS (as do I) and believe they are working hard on episode 4

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  79. minigore in story mode will have q pay more? or will it be free?

    minigore ep 4 will have some character q buy will need to release?

  80. rooteboy, you are right.
    - ales

  81. @ales
    thanks for agreeing with me.

    btw i compared the new picture of the sheep launcher to the old one


    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  82. @Anon above
    Please, burn mountain sheep? who would do that, really? and then leave the app store to activision and EA? We need to support minigore, because whoever you are you only payed a dollar or two for this app and if we don't support them the big companies will jack up the prices of apps (once there are no more apps you can use only your pocket change on.)

  83. Rooteboy and Captainfalconcrunch are right
    Dont burn MS

    Even those my faith for MS is going away
    I still have faith for MS

    Come on MS!!!!!!!!

  84. They don't even deserve to be burned. They are a prime example of "how not to develop a game and form a community".

  85. The Teominator here again!
    Haters out there,screw you.;P
    You dont know a shit about MS,
    theyre working hard to get stuff
    released,(Well, i suppose,unless they dont want any money and fans.)
    true,its a bit early to post about
    this. But to the point,if you are so
    damn impatient and want the update so bad,
    go support them instead of hating!
    Go buy the premium stuff for example,
    buying the music album and the DLC
    adds up to a ~8.5 $ actually.
    Lets say 1000 ppl do this,
    and 8.5 x 1000=8500 $!!
    Hell yeah,a massive 8500$,
    this would probably boost their
    production alot!
    Anyway,im posting some FUTURE ideas(dont
    start doing this now!)here.

    New/old ideas(posted these on playhaven but got
    deleted by some *BEEP*)

    Boss enemy:The Furrymoth/Mega furry.
    Health:Thirty-fifty times as much health as an
    big furry!
    Behaviour:Just tries to crush you as usual,
    plus that he some times spits fireballs into the
    air(shadows will show landing fireballs)
    and if he misses, he will try to charge you!
    Will also neglect beast mode, you just bounce off!

    Appears at:Random night after 30000-50000 pts.
    Alot of small and some predator furries appear too.
    When killed:Explodes in a rain of dangerous
    blood! Drops 3 clovers and rewards you
    with a special character when killed
    first time.(Metalbear perhaps?)
    Sound effects:BRUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!(or sumthing lol) John gore says:But what the
    the hell! Thats just freakin ridicoulusy BIG!

    New weapon:Minigun!
    This SOB of a gun annihilates anything(besides
    the Furrymoth or worse....)in its way!
    On the other side,it spits out bullets like
    a sword that slices through furries!

    New character:Guerilla bob!
    Oh my god,its Guerilla bob,
    he killed our friend john once,(he got revived
    by mountain sheep though.)
    now bob has been trapped in hardland too,
    but now its the furries hes after!
    Trait:Wields a slightly weaker minigun.

    And at last:Challenges!
    Yeah,challenges,like killing the furrymoth,
    or getting 5 stars on a character.
    You get various rewards for completing
    challenges,varying from just some bonus
    kills for the easy ones to a new badass
    character/weapon/mode for the harder!)

    Challenge list:
    Kill 500 small furries.
    Kill 500 furries.
    Kill 300 bomb furries.
    Kill 100 big furries.
    Kill 50 predator furries.
    Play 10 times.
    Walk 1000 meters.
    Get 6000 pts.(May be adjustable)
    Reward for per mission:1000 kills.
    Reward for all missions completed:
    Kid jenny.

    Kill 10000 small furries.
    Kill 750 furries.
    Kill 500 bomb furries.
    Kill 300 big furries.
    Kill 100 fast predator furries.
    Find the secret inferno mode.(Make an option
    to start with it,doing the same secret thing
    over and over again is quite annoying.)
    Play 100 times.
    Walk 5000 meters
    Get 15000 pts.
    Reward per mission:3000-5000 kills.
    Reward for all missions completed:
    Gangsta and Zombie Jenny.(John gore versions required.)
    Kill 50000 small furries.
    Kill 3000 furries.
    Kill 2000 Fast predators.
    Kill 1500 bomb furries.
    Kill 1000 big furries.
    Play 300 times.
    Walk 15000 meters.
    Get 30000 pts.
    Reward for one mission:
    7500-10000 kills
    Reward for all missions completed:
    Special comments for all characters that speak.
    (I think its a great reward atleast=P)
    +Cossack mode.

    Kill 250000 small furries.
    Kill 75000 furries.
    Kill 7500 fast predator furries.
    Kill 5000 bomb furries.
    Kill 2500 big furries.
    Kill the Furrymoth.
    Play 750 times.(suiciding do count^^)
    Walk a half mile.
    Get 50000 pts.
    Reward for one mission:
    Nothing, you get enough kills anyway.
    Reward for all challenges completed:
    Create-a-gore,Guerilla Bob AND....
    Idk,your choice.=P(If you actually release this.)

    Getting 5 stars on a characters gets them
    a special visual/sound effect.
    For example:Xmas gore shooting exploding
    presnts with the launcher,Zombieville
    guys zombie mode zombies look like the orginal zombieville(Lol.) and so on.

    Phew,i think thats all,
    See ya!

  86. Oh and poirot,sorry if im sorta ripoffing
    or stealing your idea, didnt see your comment.XD
    -The Teominator

  87. teominator those ideas sound awsome please add them mountain sheep (but not all at once)

  88. hey MS
    i like to have a revolver as a weapon please add it please

  89. anon above
    i like the revolver too
    please add it MS

  90. gasoline-powered saw (zombie level)
    electric gun :)

  91. very good ideas teominator. You need to consider these atleast ms =D

  92. Hey, Time, here's an idea for updating the blog more frequently. Get a trusted member of this blog (which, unfortunately, isn't me) to update the blog every few days, and you and this member could talk and you could give him/her all of the recent updates. Hopefully you will listen and choose a trusted member. Thanks for listening =D

  93. Like me?;P

    -The Teominator.

  94. I wouldn't mind to that job. I already update facebook under Alex Parent for you guys.

  95. Yeah,Metalbear would do the job.=)(Hopefully lol)
    I wouldnt mind neither if I got the job,
    but i wont get it anyway because im new
    and havent got an acc yet.XP(Btw just noticed
    you can post with an name=D)
    But i would gladly become a beta tester on the other hand.=)
    Here is some enemy ideas!

    Dumb furries:

    Will appear anytime.

    Behaviour:Will just go around blindly
    around the map. Will not try to attack unless
    you walk close.

    Its not that its hard to kill,
    its hard to not bump into one
    while youre running from "the horde".

    Mother furry:

    Appears at:10000 points.

    Behaviour:Will hide in bushes
    and spawn small furries every few seconds.

    Comments:No comments:this thing is
    only for pissing you off.:D

    Angry furries:

    Exclusive to inferno mode and
    snow stage(if people think theyre overpowered) at 40000 pts.
    Applies for all furries except small.
    (really,the small would overwhelm you else.)

    Behaviour:Acts like an normal furry
    but has double health!

    Comments:Im Hardcore,bi**ch.XP

    Furry icons:
    Ever thought its annoying not knowing
    what furry is hiding behind that radar icon?
    I do,i think that you should make
    an unique icon for each furry.
    (Except dumb furries,theyre supposed
    to suprise you.)

    Weapon ideas:

    Glue gun:

    Shoots balls of glue on the ground that
    stick the furries,effective for
    getting easy kills and making
    a temporary "outposts".
    Starts with 10 shots. Will
    get 1 shot per lvl.
    Predators and any boss will neglect it.

    Weapon switch:
    Yeah. Being able to switch and pickup
    multiple weapons would be sweet,wouldnt it?
    Quick tapping the screen will
    make you switch weapons.

    New/old ability:Power dash.
    Remember this one? Yes,
    its the ability that was voted down.
    I think its neccesary now with the
    inferno mode because of the huge amount
    of furries. Double tapping the screen will
    use it. A charging bar on the bottom of the screen will empty and refill everytime
    you use it.

    Thats all!

    -The Teominator.(Metalbear,im jealous of you!
    I want my own character too!XP*Dreams*
    Teo gore,the son of john gore with
    a cool grenade launching revolver!)
    ((No,seriously,i spend hours writing this!XD))

  96. Ur idea of the glue gun is like my idea of the doodle jump character a couple posts up. I like all ur ideas terminator(sry if I spelled that wrong). Do u like my ideas.(how do u put a name on ur posts?)


  97. oh, and there is already and idea like dumb fury, in zombie mode there's a blind zombie who goes watever way and switches directions when u shoot him.


  98. *Fix*
    Got a typo in
    Angry furries,
    its supposed to be
    30000.(Over 40000 is
    only achieveable by the pro
    players,like me:D)

    And another idea!

    Customizable map themes!(Like the snow forest,but with more changes!)This grants
    the players the power to make their own creative hardland forests!(Making competitions for this would be optimal!)

    Holiday theme pack:(Premium)1$
    With this pack,you can turn the trees into merry and the furries into easter eggs or even turkies!
    (allows you to customise the forest into various holidays like cristmas,easter,summer,halloween
    or even thanksgiving!)

    Guest star theme pack:(Premium)1$
    With this pack,you will be able to
    turn the whole forest into....uhhh...enviro-champ
    (Various stuff related to zombieville,sway,
    hook champ and enviro bear,perhaps
    a parked envirobear car and zombieville

    The Hardland mega pack:(Limited edition?)15$
    Grants you ALL the premium stuff,ALL future premium stuff will be free AND you get
    the exclusive Guerilla John(or sumthing) that dual-wields MINGUNS!!! Even the easter-bunny cant resist this offer!

    Oh,and about i want a personal character,really,really,REALLY want one!>_<
    I would gladly support this game with an 100$
    just because i want more updates!(Yes,im obessed.)

    If you would ever make one,
    here he is:

    Teominator/Teo gore:
    The cousin of John gore.
    This guy has been everywhere,
    including a big furrys/the furrymoths
    belly,he slaughters hordes of furrys
    with his trusty flamethrower he made
    in school.
    Trait:wields a flamethrower.
    (Short range,shoots VERY fast,
    has 1.5 more power than the dual machine

    Im sorta asking for too much i guess but
    im just an HUGE fan of yours.;D

    -The Teominator

  99. Sorry for double post,but,answer to anonymus:
    Havent seen your ideas but ill check for them;)
    For a name just select "Name/URL"
    over anonymus on the select profile section.

  100. WHEN IN THE WORLD IS EPISODE 4 COMING OUT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :O

  101. Thx, those ideas are even better. :D. On problem though, furries are immune to fire, they actully like fire( it makes them faster) so Teo gore should wield a freezethrower. ;P

  102. A L4Z0R maybe?

  103. Forgot the smiley!XD

    Suggestions on Teo gore:
    Ice/freezethower(From Me guy.=P)
    Uhh...Nuclear flamethrower?(The nuclear
    stuff explodes together with the fire or sumthing.)
    Lazer!!!Lazer Blazer!!!!
    One extra health.(This dude is tough!)
    Oooooooh......Bomb furry launchers!:D
    An M240?(An really HEAVY machine gun)

    Look: Three scars over left eye,
    metal armor on...uhhh...lower block?
    First health:Has a glass mask on him.
    Second health:Looks neutral.No mask.
    Third health:Looks angry.
    Fourth?:Blood goes out of the mouth,
    smiles with a "Heh,nothing" grin.

    The Teominator

  104. If they did do a create-a-gore, they should make it so you can only make a kind of lame looking one at first, or one that just looks like john gore, and as you get achievements, or beat different modes, you get more pieces to use in the gore creator, along with different weapons. (Like Lego star wars character creator or something).

  105. Yeah, Teominator or Metalbear would be perfect. If Timo doesn't read this soon, I might email the team to see if they like the idea, and put you guys forward for being trusted members of the community, and quite awesome people :)

  106. I know where minigore esp 4 is
    Mountain sheep is maybe doing this to us

  107. @Joseph

    Thank you for the comment!

  108. Yes, yes. Metalbear would be good for the job. :D He is a god mod on playhaven.

  109. Anon above*
    NO ADVERTISING!(I think so.XS)

    But Metalbear would do the job
    better i think,im pretty
    happy with my position as
    a "Idea developer",
    just make me a character
    and im happy forever.;D
    (Plus that i dont think
    that timo really trusts me
    yet,ive only been here
    around 4-5 days you know:P)

    Anyway,here is some more ideas!

    More themes!(these ones gonna be up for kills)

    8-bit theme pack:(50000-150000 kills)
    Why not? Turning the whole
    forest into a classic
    8-bit game sounds fun!
    *Will also turn the character
    into 8-bit.*

    Hell/inferno theme pack:(100000-200000 kills)
    Bored with the old red tint
    while playing inferno?
    With this you can set everything
    on fire(Including john)and make
    it look like an real apocalypse!
    *Includes Devil gore character.*

    New mode:Beast feast!
    One minute,unlimited beast mode.
    Go for the highest amount of kills!

    Comments:A fun minigame for those
    who wants a new kind of experience!

    New ability:RAGE!
    *May only be used once!*
    *Lasts for an half day*

    With this ability,
    your character will turn an unstoppable raging
    slaughterer! Like beast mode,the
    diffrence is that you spray bullets at
    every damn sucka that gets in your way!

    Comments:An ability thats good
    if you get stuck without any clovers
    on the late waves or just get that
    extra point boost before you die!

    As people would think by now,
    ive posted a chunk of ideas.
    So,i will be maybe running out
    of ideas sometime,just a thought.

    Thats all from me this time!
    -The Teominator/Teo gore.:P

  110. teominator
    they are not going to make you a character because they wouldnt be bothered

    also you are not the "idea developer" you just come up with crap ideas and steal other peoples ideas then post them

  111. Crap ideas? Come with better ideas yourself then.
    Steal ideas? Are you stupid?
    Ive would never spend 6 HOURS
    stealing others ideas just to get credit.
    AND,MS would notice if i were stealing peoples ideas. Go talk crap about people in real life and youll see what you get.;P

  112. teominator, your ideas is sick shit:)
    - Me

  113. teominator
    nobody likes you
    the only cool people on this blog are

    The Baker Anonymous

    thats about it

  114. Hmm....I think joseph and thatoneguy said i was
    awesome in their last posts.=P

    Anyway,now i know how it feels like
    being you,Metalbear,getting flamed by jealous/stupid people is nothing to joke about.

  115. Hey, anon, don't say -Me under ur posts like I DID. Nice ideas teominator. :D Should I repost my 3 ideas for u to see?

  116. medium-sized furry as a playable character!!!

  117. What do you get now when you get 5 stars with a character? Roughly how many kills does it take to get 5 stars?

  118. @Me guy.(What should i call you,anyway?)

    No worries,just found them,looks good!=)
    But i dont think the alien
    would work in the game,having
    tri-wield would be a bit overpowered=S.
    The sheep character looks awesome on
    the other hand,the extra speed and shooting
    beast balances almost perfectly out that you
    cant use pickup weps.Oh and if you wonder:
    the gnome on the sheep is John with gnome
    suit and grey beard.:P

    I can make an "complete"version for you here:

    Name:Sheep gore.

    Hey!Its the mountain sheep of mountain sheep!
    With John on top,theyre an team to be feared.

    Trait:Extra speed,able to shoot in beast mode,
    cant pickup weapons.

    Cost:250000 kills.

    Does it sound good?=)


    An Furry as an playable character
    sounds kinda fun!

    Heres an "Complete"version for you too:

    Name:Furry revoulotionist.

    Description:This fellow was the
    white sheep(Furrys are black!) of the furrys.
    He got kicked out of the family,
    now hes out for revenge.

    Cost:50000 kills.

    Like it?
    Note to stupid haters:All credit goes to Me-guy
    and anon.


    Nothing right now,idk,i would guess 300000,
    ive got roughly 200000 kills on xmas gore with 4 stars. Dont worry,just play and get some highscores and the stars should start racking up.

    No ideas in this post,
    coming tomorrow!

    -The Teominator/Teo gore:P
    "Idea developer."

  119. @The Teominator

    why do you call yourself the idea developer, everyone else posts ideas here and they dont call them selfs idea developers

    stop doing it because people might think that you are part of the ms team (and you arnt)

    - thechosenone

  120. Hey, everyone calm down. At least Teominator is creating discussion.

  121. @Anon above Metalbear:
    Well,ive been posting heaps of ideas
    every day since i started posting them.
    (2 days after my first post here.)
    Nobody else here really does.
    Anyway,im just calling myself an "idea developer" of no other reason than this.
    These "" stands just for that ive self-nominated
    me to one.

    @Metalbear that something positive or negative about me?XP

    -The Teominator

  122. Uhh u can just call me, "me". And ya, I forgot to mention the alien is slower. MS could create a balance to figure out how slow he needs to be to not be cheap. As u can see, I like to come up with ideas of characters with special traits. I personly think the best traits are really good ones, but then something bad about the characters.

  123. Do u think old man tackle is going to be in the forest level with the lake as a boss?

  124. The Baker Anonymous™August 28, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    Annoucement: My name now has a tm near it now
    @The Teominator
    Ideas,More ideas....

  125. Copyed from Touch arcade

    @ The teomatior!

    Hell/inferno theme pack:(100000-200000 kills)
    Bored with the old red tint
    while playing inferno?
    With this you can set everything
    on fire(Including john)and make
    it look like an real apocalypse!
    *Includes Devil gore character.*

  126. The Teominator said...

    Crap ideas? Come with better ideas yourself then.
    Steal ideas? Are you stupid?
    Ive would never spend 6 HOURS
    stealing others ideas just to get credit.
    AND,MS would notice if i were stealing peoples ideas. Go talk crap about people in real life and youll see what you get.;P
    6 HOURS.....
    you hopeless little liar
    and what else now.....


  127. @Me
    you may have revealed a huge secret about the lake map lol

    wow your back, havnt seen you in ages

    just saying but you do know that timo usually only reads the first few comments, i might be wrong but he only replys to the first few, so if you want to get timo to see your ideas you should post them when he posts a new blog post and if i see a really good idea i will pitch it to timo for you

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  128. sorry for the double post

    where is that quoted from, post the url
    -Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  129. @Anon above

    What in the world does toucharcade be related to my ideas?
    And you typed my username wrong:P


    Idk about the alien,even if he couldnt move at all you would just spin around spraying at everything thats coming. Maybe he would just able to tri-wield by picking up weapons and normally just dual-wields?

    Im serious......
    i actually spend Hours typing this stuff,
    im on around 10 right now.XP

    Do you know an way to pack all the stuff
    in one post,or could you just ask him to look at my work? Plz,im working really hard!(Yes,i am!)

    @The baker anonymus"tm"
    Does it mean you like my ideas too?:D
    Anyway,ill give joo sum!:3

    Three characters:

    Name:Terminator Gore!(Credit to "Me" for multiwielding idea!;))
    This guy is just an total badass.
    He has no funny voice though.:(

    Trait:Multiwields machine guns.

    Cost:1500000 kills.(Yay! Another expensive one!:D)

    Name:Trench Grenadier!(Trenches crossover)

    Description: A soldier from the war between america and the nazis. Loves explosions.

    Trait:Wields a grenade launcher.
    Cost:125000 kills

    Skullkid:(Skullpogo crossover)

    Has got alot of bruises since he entered
    hardland,John mistook him for a gnome!
    *Jumps on his pogo in beast mode*:P

    *Fix to be made*

    Case:Shotgun shooting speed should be increased by 25%.

    Reason/Comments:You know inferno? Yeah,where
    it comes armies of furrys and pesky predators?
    Where you must kill fast or get killed yourself even faster? Well,the shotgun is half useless because of its slow shooting speed and dosnt deal out enough damage per shot.

    Oh and just a tip for earning more money MS:
    Sell t-shirts and collectors stuff like plushes or limited edition in-app purchases. Plus that the toys could come with an code to unlock stuff in-game to attract customers!
    (I would like an Minigore "Judgement day shirt" and an collection of John gore plushes.)

    -The Teominator/Teo gore:P
    "un-official(im not official,YET.)
    idea developer"

  130. Hey everybody,do you guys think ms should release jenny gore and the sheep lunancher and call it ep 3.95?

  131. @Teo

    Let me give you some advice, from one creative guy to another. The more you keep shelling out ideas, MS will either become overwhelmed with work or the creative value of each of your ideas will go down.

    Basically, More Ideas= Less Special

    That's why I keep to only a few at a time.

  132. @thatpersononline
    nope because they should spend more time making jenny and the sheep launcher even better than what it is now

    @ metalbear
    i completely agree with you

    maybe you should try to come up with the best idea ever, instead of posting what ever comes to your mind

    maybe different multiplayer modes, but not somthing to complicated

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  133. @rooteboy
    that's true but doesn't everyone think that they should have a poll for if ep 4 should be a big update or just update with what they have now?(and that means what they have complete)

  134. I just sent a message to timo telling him to look through some of the post was that a good or bad idea?

  135. Definetly a good idea. Some great tips for them to streamline their processes, but will they ACTUALLY READ IT? I have no clue.

  136. Hey I was looking at the minigore soundtrack and there was song called predator that I've never heard in the game dose anybody know about this?

  137. The Baker Anonymous™August 28, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    Yes i do you like your ideas

    That music i think it was a never-released music to minigore

  138. Hey guys. Been playing Minigore for a while now, but rather new to the community. It looks like there's almost a mythos surrounding Hardland that I don't get through the game alone. What is the significants of Santa in the story? Who are Old Man Tackle and the Master of Puppets? Is there more story behind this game that I'm missing out on? Where can I find more?

  139. @The Teominator

    WOW you have done a lot of's actually quite incredible. My suggestion though is that you write them else somewhere else and only post one of your best ideas per new blog article in order to keep the ideas fresh rather than a seemingly endless torrent. Basically reiterating what Metalbear said. But they are great ideas!


    It's refreshing to get someone on here from the inside. Thank you for all your great info. Really appreciated it. As a beta tester, I don't know if you're allowed to tell me this but can you say how the production of ep. 4 is going? For example, is it close to being done? Within a week? Or will it take a month? Thanks.

    @Anonymous above

    I have a feeling this is all part of an elaborate story they have been working on by dropping subtle hints (look at the template of the blog) but they're so subtle that no one gets them. Also I think they have a basic story but they want to add it when it's complete but they keep adding more stuff to it so it is never complete. Or something like that.

    Just a couple things:
    Just to get it out there, I PERSONALLY would like updates in smaller chunks instead of huge ones like these, just my opinion.

    Also, just an idea I had, thought it would be cool if when the ninja character went into beast mode, all the furries would change into fruits (thus implying a Fruit Ninja cross-over) so the beast Ninja would go around hacking up the fruits from FN and splattering the multi-colored juices all over the ground in that FN style. Of course, when the clovers ran out, the furries would return to their non-juicy selves. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Sorry and thank you all for putting up with all my long posts!!

  140. @Metalbear and rooteboy and Matthew:
    True....I've almost
    "Spam posted" ideas lately,
    anyway,multiplayer modes you said?(Rooteboy)

    Well,here you go then:(Damnit,you made me post ideas again!XP)


    Beast feast multiplayer for example?(Im not very good at coming with minigame ideas.)

    Team objectives:Plant the bomb furry:

    One team member on both teams has an bomb furry in their hand to plant into the enemys "Sheep".

    The ones who wields the bomb cant shoot or
    use any abilities.

    If the player gets shot the furry starts blowing himself up as usual,but while it is blowing,the player can throw the furry at enemys,blowing them into piecies and they get an respawn penalty.

    If your furry explodes,you gotta get an new one from your "Furry disposer",located beside your sheep.

    The other players objective is to protect their furry carrier,shooting at any enemy player and of course,their bomb carrier.
    (Create an new damage system for shooting at eachother,
    ((the "three lives" system wont
    work at all in multiplayer.))
    maybe just that you have an health bar over your gores head.

    Wild Deathmatchs:

    An orginial deathmatch,
    but if either teams players starts dieing repeated times,they gain an "furry wave" when their "death streak" ends,the kind of furries varies based on how many times that player died in a row.

    And i really like this idea:

    Furrys versus gores:
    One team controls furries,
    the other team gores,the furries start with the weaker ones but grows in strength as time goes on.

    From small furry groups to big furries and even bosses such as the wormwolf.(An weaker "charging only" furrymoth?)

    The furries obejective is to kill the enemy players in the shortest amount of time.

    The gores has one-two lifes and cant obtain better weapons,their objective is to survive as long they can and kill as many furries they can.

    After the gore team dies, side switch.

    Does it sound good? Anyway,if you dont really like them,tell me what kind of mode you would like and i could figure something out.;)

    Ty for asking him!:) Hope he atleast notices me.XD The predator is an music that hasnt been added into the game yet,but i find it rather suitable for inferno mode instead of the title soundtrack.

    Sadly,no,there's no
    real story in this game yet,i expect a story coming as late as episode 6.=S

    -The Teominator/Teo Gore:P(This is gonna be my signature i think.XD)
    "Unofficial idea developer"
    (Saved the stuff this time in word)

  141. here is a bit of info about the future of minigore

    dr metusalem (the dr who made the easter bunny), lives in the catedral in the graveyard and has tons more horrible creations, i cant mention any but you can take a guess


    well timo hasnt given us very much info about ep4 for a while now, but in my opinion i think it will be finished by the end of september (dont quote me on this)

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  142. I have an idea for a character! GEORGE FREAKIN CLOONEY!(Without the freakin ;) )

  143. I got some news I'm learning c++ programing and if you are using c++ to make minigore then I would be honnered to help you in the making/updating minigore

  144. Sorry for the dobble post but if your not using c++ then please tell me what languge your using

  145. Ok, I'll email MS now, since I think they aren't going to see my earlier comment, but does anyone know if they reply to their emails quickly or what?

  146. you guys should add a turtle character he would be slow on land and have a granade launcher but when he go's in the watter he is incredibly fast and can hide underwater for about 10-15 seconds to get away from the alagators/furries tell me what you think i still need to make a account but for now this will work ps i got the turtle idea from a guy on u tube but none of the traits -welthyhobo

  147. @rooteboy
    Will you tell us on the community when you've received the beta?

  148. U guys suck just release the freaking update already

  149. I love Teo. Very nice ideas!! I'm also loosing faith with MS. Cuz they takin way to mutha fuckin long to give us the next episode.

  150. Here

    If Minigore is NOT FINISHED BY the end of September!!!

    Then no money from me to you


  151. I'm the one that posted earlier about a Hardland story of sorts. If not a complete story, what about at least a "cast of characters" or something?

    From what I've gathered:

    John Gore - Hero of the game who unexplainably finds himself in Hardland and face to face with an untold number of Furries.

    Dr. Metusalem - A villain of Hardland responsible for reanimating the dead and creating other foul/macabre creations such as the Easter Bunny.

    Puppet Master - The primary villain in Hardland and the touted final boss of Minigore. Little else seems to be known.

    Old Man Tackle - Looks like a giant black octopus. I know nothing else.

    General Morgan - He made a deal with the devil (Puppet Master?). Guess we'll see how that plays out.

    Santa - Somehow plays into the story, but not sure how. Seems to be at odds with the Puppet Master.

    That's about all I've been able to figure out on my own. I still don't know why small minotaurs fear John Gore. Is it because of a love of minotaur steak? Are there minotaurs in Hardland or does this relate to John's exploits before coming to Hardland? So many questions, so few answers.

    Would love to know if anyone knows anything more. What info I have gathered has been scattered around different places. Thanks in advance!

    -Arc (We'll go with this until I get a profile set up)

  152. This is to the Anon above:

    It's just impressive how you think that you're the only one who has such ideas. Wake up and smell the coffee son!!! one year ago, this blog was filled with ideas coming from all over the world.

    The real question here is: Does MS care? NOPE!!!
    I doubt they even care about finishing episode 4 asap.

    So get down to earth, and get real.
    When and IF MS gets to action and starts working on this game as a full time job (which is not the case from the looks of it till now), they already have enough ideas and imagination to take this game to places.

    Sorry for bringing you down to reality, but your just wasting your time, blowing ideas in the wind.

    Many of us here have been there .... you'll learn to let go as time goes on ....

  153. The Baker Anonymous™August 30, 2010 at 1:54 AM

    Old man tackle fishes blue hats!

  154. Aka:Mountain Sheep Uncompleted)

    @Nazo and everyone else still left on this Blog!
    MS is nevr taking ideas from none of us
    So stop posting Ideas, You wasting your time
    So go now and just post questions (Even those they never answer your questions)
    Here is an idea of the time of the update
    Months----Years—And back to the beta testers and so on

  155. They're right. I used to avidly post ideas when Minigore 1st released. In fact, many people supported my ideas and the ideas others posted. MS did not acknowledge them nor anyone elses. Ever. Simply put, MS doesn't really care about all your ideas, stop posting them, they're really just going to waste. MS isn't earning fan support anymore, they're losing it.

  156. I like reading the ideas posted here and in the past we've implemented several of them. (the easier it is to implement the better the chance it will be put into the game. Muzzle flash would be quite easy to add. Free roaming world would be extremely hard to add.)

    At the moment the situation is too busy to be adding new features so until Episode 4 is in your hands the ideas won't be added to the game. But there's no harm in posting them, it's inspiring to read to them.

    rooteboy: Sharp eyes you've got :) The final sheep launcher model was textured by Heikki (who worked on Star Wars Cantina & several other THQ games). He has textured many of the new enemies as well and parts of Jenny Gore. It's fun to work with another artist! There's also a pair of new programmers helping us out and one generalist who started today and is meant to help with everyday tasks such as reading feedback here at the blog. Oh yes, we have an office now. Before June 2010 Kimmo & I worked from home and it was a "virtual office". It's been taking some time to get the office up and running, buying equipment and all that stuff.

    Chillingo has quality assurance department nowdays and we're testing the ice with update to Minigore HD. (which has been submitted)

    New features that have been completed recently are score multipliers (ie. beast mode gives 2x kills for everything, giant furry is about 10 kills), better blood for zombies, retina display support and increased framerate on iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd gen and iPhone 4.

    Retina display support & framerate patch could be sent to submission as early as tomorrow because it's not tied to Episode 4 features.

    Features that are in the process of being upgraded for Episode 4: Main menu. Soul chests with kills. Scoring system to reflect kills instead of "score" and new statistics screen after each game which shows how many enemies you killed (arranged by enemy type). Latter had to be done for multiplayer because current score screen isn't informative for two players.

  157. @timo

    great thanks for the news update

    congrats on the new office

    new features sound cool

    when can us testers expect a beta

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  158. Will we be able to play multiplayer between ipads and iPod touches?

  159. So timo, do u like the idea of the nome on a sheep, afterall it is your logo.

  160. thanks timo thanks for the update
    good to know about all the info
    work hard with all the good work
    i will support you guys

    hey em about ep5
    i have this idea
    in this mode you play as jenny and you gonna face a lot of bunnies and furries
    and there still day and night
    and before everyday ends john or Jerry will come out follow jenny to kill the bunnies
    well if you get what i mean is ( john or Jerry are meant to tell jenny a story but instead of doing that john or Jerry are killing bunnies for her)

    and when john or Jerry are there will be 2 time more bunnies

    and also a question about single player
    is it possible to have a bot to play with you in that mode ? because i think its a good idea if player is alone they still have someone to play with ( the bot)

    also there's another idea
    the war mode
    basically em is about Jerry having this army costumer and run around killing those zombies army

    and long time ago i have this idea posted but without any response
    about those stars we have for the character we play
    actually you can like make another skin for the characters, once you hit the 5 stars of that character you can unlock that special skin

    this will make the game play have more goal isnt it?

    timo please response please

    and for the others please response for what do you think of my idea

  161. good idea about "stars and special skin"
    - ales

  162. please, update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Thank you Timo! One question though:

    Could we PLEASE have some news on the characters of Episode 4?

  164. thanks anon who support my *stars and special skin*
    hey everyone if you want a special skin for the characters please leave comment on your post plesa

  165. @Timo!
    Thanks for reading Timo!:D
    And,yes,of course.
    Ep.4 is getting closer to
    an release and you start
    working on my ideas? Everybody
    would have completley flamed
    me and you!O_O

    Anyway,i dont think that i will be posting
    anymore ideas until ep.4 is out(which is hopefully soon)
    of several reasons:As timo described the
    progress of ep.4,i think that itll
    be released in max 2-3weeks.
    My ideas "worth" will rise probably.
    And the simple fact that i want
    to refill my "idea larder"(Or what it now is called)

    -The Teominator/Teo Gore:P
    Ps.K Knight,arent you sorta stealing of
    my idea now?:(

  166. Oh my gosh. This is beautiful. That's all I have to say. Timo, if you update your blog sorta like what you just did, and on a regular basis too, oh my gosh. I am as giddy as a school child now, thanks. But really. If you continue what you're doing now, I personally would support you in every way possible: buy all of Mountain Sheep's apps, along with the in-app purchases!! Keep it up and I'm loving what I'm hearing about you progress!! Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!!

  167. Wow thanks for Nothing
    News and more news saying Delay or new features added.


    Hurry up

    (Thanks for news Timo)

  168. Thanks for the feedback Timmo,

    It's good to know that it didn't break your back to enlighten us about what was going on in the background. (Yes! that's my usual dose of sarcasm)

    I REALLY hope that you are aware of all ipad users like myself, and that you are not gonna leave us in the dark by releasing the HD version of EP4 two months later ... (like the easter bunny episode)

    Happy to know about the new developers, hope they'll get the wheel rolling a bit faster. I for one did my part, I own every single Minigore item in the Appstore (normal and HD version + all in app purchases)... and I'm even ready to pay a monthly donation so that this game would get off the ground.

    How about that? Why not open a donation's section? Many independent artists do it to fund their new records.

    You could use that money to outsource the redundant/time consuming parts of the project, and concentrate on the essential.


  169. @ terminator
    em sorry I didn't steal your idea which i didn't at all
    em I poster the skin idea long ago not at ep4 perhas ep2.5
    but at that time no one reply at all so today I saw timo reponse so I though perhas he will have a chance to see my post so I bring it up again
    em I won't steal people idea cas I know it's hard to come up with goods one

    And I don't read people comments but only those who reply or have idea to mine
    , I'm sorry to say that for those idea you leave on the blo I didn't read those at all so I don't an I can't steal your idea what so ever
    but again sorry that our idea are close

    Ps I did post those in ep2.5 ,3. 3.5 but no one reply or notice

  170. wait so ep4 for ipad is submitted?

  171. Thanks heaps for the update timo, im glad to know that you're still alive. hopefully now everything seems to be more organised, we might see quicker progress with the updates......well heres hopeing. keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll have ep 4 in our hot little iphone hands soon

  172. @K Knight:
    Alright,just wondering.:)

    -The Teominator/Teo gore:P

  173. for the zombie mode you should have to face a zombie version of the charterer you played when you reach you high score in the game

  174. @ teominator
    i found it it was on the
    " minigore: episode 3.9 is out !"
    K KNIGHT said...

    To timmo,
    can we have 4 health in the zombies level and when we get hit in the 3rd time the character turn into zombies and can't shoot stright just like zombie gore?
    And also will you consider the machine gun fire rate upgrade?

    And this is a suggestion
    the stars rate of a character
    if we have 5stars of that character we could unlock a new skin of that character
    so if I have Gerry with 5 stars then when I chose Gerry there are two different skins for me to choose. This might let people more addicted to the game and wanna unlock different version of some character, don't you think so?
    Also some suggestion about the p.furry
    they all jump in different direction and this suck
    you should make them all jump in a group and not one by one
    cas when they are one by one they are in everywhere
    so if you can make them jump in group and the another wave of p furry will only start when the wave before get all kill that would be great

    I really love this game hope my idea could help
    May 26, 2010 12:53 PM


    1) chain gun
    with high amount of rounds and rates. That's we can kill the furrows easier( it can't goes weilding and it's rate is 2.5 time faster than the machine we have and it doesn't have limited bullets but limited time. It only stand for half a day. So if u get it in the morning. When it is sun set I will lose it
    2)double hand guns
    with this weapon we can actually walk faster because of the weight it has. And it has a high rate but weak attacks.



  175. @timo
    hey i come up with a character idea
    in minigore so far there are only two female characters
    and i think we could get more female don't you think?

    basically is the bride how have this heavy machine gun
    and she is pissed cas her groom get eaten by zombies!!!!!
    and she want her revenge!!

    just a silly idea but i really hope in minigore there could be more female instead of just a bunch of man fighting lol

  176. @k knight

    your ideas are alright

    Chaingun: been said before nothing new there

    Double handed gun: dont get what you mean, please explain

    i do agree with you about the fact that we need more female characters

    - Rooteboy - From The Beta Testing Team

  177. @ rooteboy
    sorry to confuse people
    em about the duel gun
    is like character will be using hand gun(revolver)
    the gun will have a faster rate But lower damage 25% faster and 25%less damage

    for exmaple like using the machine gun u need 50 shoots to kill the furry u need 75shoot with revolver and its not as accurate as the machine gun.

    and player will move 25% faster when they use duel hand guns
    did i explain clearly if i didnt tell me i can do that again



  179. Just because Timo farted it doesn't mean that ep 4 will come any faster. Mountain Sheep will please it's sheeple in just 3 months time !

  180. then fucking release the new update, i've been waiting this whole fucking summer. Three fucking months of this waiting shit! i am not FUCKING PATIENT

  181. calm down mini gore are trying to make the new update a bid jump forward and i dont think mini aprciates u yelling

  182. @ anon (4:14am n 7:18am)
    if its gonna come it will
    its not the time yet
    you people will only complain alot.
    even the update is out u will still complain it doesn't have what u want in it
    stop complaining it will come when its the time
    so please be friendly to MS
    @everyone who is waiting
    dont worry guy it will come when its time
    ive waited like you have
    i know its kinda killing but believe me its gonna be a great update

  183. Finally got the iPad version update which brought fur bombs. About time. However, there is no inferno mode. What's the deal? We've been waiting an eternity for the iPad version to be on par with the iPhone version... How can you justify the premium price for a crippled version?

  184. hey with jenny i come out with a child friendly game play

    first it is about jenny having this snow gun shoot out snow balls which freeze the enemies in her room
    and what she does is saving all the cute little dolls in the map from those horrible monsters ( because the monster is going eat her dolls)

    and there's no blood or gore is only monster get shoot by the monster and fall down and disappear

    and there's no blood or gore is only monster get shoot by the SNOW BALL and fall down and disappear*

  186. @K Knight

    Calm down. This isn't playhaven.

  187. @ metalbear
    cool i just have nothing to do in school so i just keep thinking of idea
    cas i really don't have anything to do and well
    just wanna stay active in the blog lol

  188. @K Knight:
    So......Youre spamming?XD
    1st of september was yester day!
    That means...were one step further
    to multiplayer!:D(My estimation
    of release is from the middle the the end
    of september.)

    -The Teominator/Teo gore:P

  189. This comment has been removed by the author.

  190. @Timmo @Mountainsheep

    Hey, here's a crazy idea!
    How about putting up a poll to let fans/players choose between

    1- Releasing episode 4 without multiplayer (within a few weeks)
    2- Releasing episode 4 with multiplayer at a certain point in the future (insert your desired number of months here ....)

    We all know it's the multiplayer integration that's behind all this delay, so let us choose.

    ...come to think of it, it's not that crazy at all heh??!!

  191. We've waited an abnormal amount of time for multiplayer. We all know that right now Mountain Sheep won't budge and won't release what they have already done without multiplayer because it's a matter of (childish and stupid) pride for them. It's idiotic, they are the most fucking incompetent devs I've ever known in my entire life. That's why we will wait another 4 fucking months for an update to minigore. Mountain sheep - you people strive to fail in so many different ways. It's fucking astonishing, you all should get a medal for your idiocy and lack of touch with the consumers.

  192. Lol metalbear has superquick hook :)
    That's so cool do you have Openfeint?

  193. Dying over here bring it out already!!!

  194. @Anon about OpenFeint

    I actually beta test Super Quickhook ;)
    And I have OpenFeint.

  195. i am going to kill if they dont bring it out soon