Monday, September 20, 2010

Game Center


We are currently working on the flip screen bug fix affecting iPhone 4, other models should not be affected. The fix itself shouldn't be too hard to make, we just hope it goes through Apple swiftly too. We plan to release support for Game Center at the same time. This naturally means the leader boards will be reset as we change the current system to kills instead of score.

As a side note, we are not trying to offend/disrespect/ignore anybody by releasing an update that does not benefit people with older generation devices. Making the game support Retina display is very important for the future development of the game as the amount of older devices will become smaller. In the Retina display update there was also a bug fix that DID benefit everybody. Especially the owners of older devices. The explosion of the crates lowered framerate and sometimes crashed older devices. We changed the explosion so that it is no longer as demanding on the hardware.

Retina display and framerate support for iPod touch 4 is being made too, we just got ipt4 to the office.


  1. Philovskoy AlexanderSeptember 20, 2010 at 6:05 AM

    When Episode 4 update? Please say!


  2. episode 4 releaseeeeeee!!! dont tell us new features that we wouldn't get to try release please , or just a beta!

  3. I don't want to know when ep4 is coming out. You guys take as long as you like! Thanks.

  4. Cool guys,theyre working on it!:)

    VERY nice to see you're frequently posting!:D
    Keep it up!

    I have an question that i see rather important:
    Do you have any more finished content
    that you would be able to release?

    As you said yourself,im waiting like
    there's no tomorrow,but i'll keep
    cheering for ya!;)

    -Teo Gore:P

  5. Oh sorry, but it was said in earlier posts so many times, that there is much work to do, and they can't guess a date for release!

  6. Such excuses... I updated my App, I noticed nothing new. So despite ur claim that the update DID affect everyone, I see no evidence... Basically, my point being, SOMETHING, SOME. THING. Coulda been released. I KNOW this. I know there is a way to break it down and release it piece by piece. I KNO. Or if not for some magical reason, you coulda been released SOMETHING. The retina coulda came AFTER or WITH Episode 4. U don't keep ppl waiting for like a year practically and then when u FINALLY drop something it's not even for everybody. AND now ur next update may not even be episode 4, but a fix for the screen slip bug???
    All I know is, when this episode 4 drops, it better b the best freaking app on my phone...

  7. @jcyoutube18

    I'd Like to see you make ANYTHING as good as minigore. So what if they added the Retina Display before episode 4? BIG DEAL. Get over it. What about the people who have an iPhone 4? they must be going YAY RETINA DISPLAY! :) not that i have one, but you dont hear me complaining. well Better Late then Never. At Least we know for a fact that they ARE updating it, not like some devs i know, who build an app and forget about it (Touchgrind to name one) How can you Be So Selfish!? What about the people that got affected by the bug? What about them? don't they deserve a fix? or wait, Everything should be done according to you. Drop whatever your doing and come help me so i can complain about people working very hard to get episode 4 out. Please do us all a favour and grow up. It's people like you that makes the world such a terrible place to live in, Not Osama bin laden, He may be a major cause of grief, but how can 1 person affect the whole world?

    Now, onto my question. You say that the leaderboards will be reset, does this also include your personal unlocks? because i was screaming my ass of when i unlocked the Bear with infinite shot gun rounds. It'd be a pain in the ass to get him again. Please do try to save the unlocks. but if nothing can be done, i guess i'll have to do it the hard way again. :P
    I'm also glad to see alot more posts happening :D
    Also another thing i'd like to ask is Hardgore. On the website hardgore looks something like a santa claus minigore. All i want to know, has the project been dropped completly? or is it still in development?

    Good luck with episode 4, Make it SPECTACULAR!! :D

  8. @Anonymous. MS might want to respond to your question, but I think I can say with certainty that the leaderboard changes will only have an effect on the _online_ leaderboards. Your in-game achievements/character unlocks do not rely on the online leaderboards, the leaderboards are just for the sake of competition and stats. Rest assured that you won't lose Envirobear :) (Who by the way, is my favorite character as far as playing style goes)

  9. I apologise Mountain Sheep. Sorry for acting the way I did. My fault entirely.

  10. Will achievements be transferred to GC?

  11. @anonymous

    Ok idiot, you clearly misinterpreted what I said and added on whatever you felt like as well. Ur clearly pretty stupid and just bcuz I can't make an app doesn't mean I lose all rights to judge and criticize it.

  12. jcyoutube18,

    We would all appreciate it if you would not say anything else, we all think your not too intelligent. I'll sound it out for you, in-TELL-uh-Gent.


  13. Let's all just get along until the next blog entry.


  15. I agree entirely with jcyoutube18. All the way, what a waste lately what these guys are putting out.

  16. retina display is cool and all but I want more enemies

  17. @minigore I have the itouch 4 and could help you test the app to make sure things work on the ipt4. I'll send udid if you want me to help. Email me at on weather or not you want help with a beta. I have experience beta testing stick wars so I know what to do

  18. Geez all most of you guys do is complain and criticize.Can't you just be happy that they are back on track? Look on the bright side: They are finally updating the blog and the did a quick update.

  19. I was wondering if there will be an update that will also address the significant lag in the iPad version. I'd really like to see all these great additions you've made in the HD version. Are there plans to bring the phone and HD versions back into parity soon at all?

  20. You guys complain when the blog is hardly updated. They finally start updating the blog regularly and you guys are STILL complaining. GET A GRIP. Episode 4 is coming, we know it's being worked on. That's good enough for me.

  21. shut up and stop complaining people
    mountain sheep has always ever since release been working hard to get updates up and running
    episode 4 is coming so stop whining and just wait

  22. Thanks!!!!! Just whatI`ve been waiting for: retina display support for the Ipod 4g.

    I can`t wait for episode 4!!!!!!! (Hope it will be worth the wait).

  23. Hello minigore,
    please may you please give us a vidio of the zombie level like a tralier or something and in the game center update can you PLEASE give us a new character cause ive only got sensi evan 900000 to go and it makeing the game kind of boring.

  24. Hey, just to tell you - The flip screen bug doesn't affect me luckily, and neither does the lowered frame rate with the weapon box explosions. But there is this one rather annoying bug - when a small furry changes from moving south-east to north-east these weird lines appear by the side of them. This may sound strange but it does happen ALOT so could you fix this in this next update please? Thanks! Game Center is wicked and I'm glad you guys are taking interest in it. Maybe you could now make multiplayer online rather than local because of it! Just a thought..

    P.S. If it helps with the bug, I own a 8gb 3rd gen ipod touch thats been updated to the latest software.

  25. @Skidatle, if the bug is graphical in nature, I would suggest trying to take a screenshot of it and posting a link. You can take a screenshot by pressing and releasing the home button and the power button simultaneously. The screenshot will show up in your Photos app on your iPod.

  26. @Skidatle @MountainSheep, I decided to take a word of my own advice and take a couple screenshots myself. It was pretty difficult to time it right, I died a couple times in the process :-D. Here are the screenshots:
    I'd never noticed that before, but I sure will now. Jeez... :-)

  27. Hey guys, absolutely love the game, but I would love to see at least a couple more characters, maybe a few bonuses with the character like the bear and ninja for example but nothing big, to give a huge advantage, does anyone agree?

  28. At the request of certain anonymous posters, I shall no longer post on the blog. I may read from time to time, but no more commenting or arguing from me. I am not sure what your problem is with me, but I will respect your wishes. There is no point fighting, especially when I was the one who was wrong. I apologise.

    Mountainsheep, I'll see you around. If there is one last bit of advice I could give it would be this: Keep what your doing up, because your communities are the fabric which hold this project together. Do your best, because as I'm sure you already know, the enjoyment of a fan is the single greatest reward. I am sorry for any grief I have caused you with my negativity. Keep going, and use any and all criticism as the ultimate motivator. Lastly, I want to thank you for your awesome work. Minigore has brought me much entertainment, and has peeked my interest in app development. Keep going. Rock on.

    All gaming networks: Metalbear

  29. who thinks they need to make an offical episode 4 trailor. just make a 2 min video featuring 2 of the new characters one of which would be the knight in multiplayer on the zombie map. then make pop ups saying hey this and this is coming.

  30. I personally find it exceedingly melancholy that the perhaps most supportive, mature, and overall greatest FAN of Minigore, Metalbear, has been driven off this blog by people who r 2 lazy 2 spel out real words, shouting GTFO, which for all I know could stand for Grey Toaster-Fried Oysters. Those who complain that this game is not good enough as it is, and those who blatantly curse AND EXCESSIVELY WRITE IN CAPS. How can those people even call themselves fans? At any rate, I would just like to express my deep respect for you Metalbear, and point out that the reason he will no longer be commenting is because he RESPECTS OTHER PEOPLE'S REQUESTS, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous they may seem.

    So to all those "certain anonymous posters", I say congratulations; you have successfully ridded this blog of one of the most devoted and sensible minigore fan I have ever seen. Congratulations.

    As a last note, I would like to salute you, Metalbear, for just trying to do the right thing and please everybody, for better or worse.

  31. ^
    Someone likes Metalbear

  32. @Matthew:
    I couldn't say it better myself,
    it feels like the anons just
    finally killed the community and
    a "friend" of all of us.:'(

    *Sets up grave**Salutes*
    Bye Metalbear,we'll miss ya!

    -Teo gore.

  33. Mountain Sheep: Please for the love of God disable anonymous posting and bring out the banhammer!!

    Minigore Community: It's one thing that there is an excessive amount of undue hate directed at MS in regards to episode 4 while hiding behind the veil of anonymity. It's something completely different when that hate has spilled over to the point of posters maliciously attacking one another. The community is being destroyed by these anonymous trolls. I'm not saying there shouldn't be varying opinions on various matters, but I tire of reading these immature comments. There's nothing remotely constructive there.

    Metalbear: I don't post here much at all, but I've always valued your opinion even when I disagree with. It's a shame to see you go given the obvious reasons you're doing so. Your opinion and insight will be missed. Don't let said trolls dissuade you of that fact.


    Good-bye MetalBear...

  35. Oh and Godzilla GET OUT because your a spamming...

    Nyshan, signing out

  36. I don't know how much they pay you, Mr. Blog-Man, but it was a wise investment. iPhone games require momentum to survive (look at how Angry Birds stays afloat at #1) and that momentum requires both good will from the community and a dynamic game experience.

    Keep up the good will by keeping your fans happy and, more importantly, informed. You guys seem to have ambitious plans, and that's fantastic, but if you want the audience to stay and support you, we are going to need information and assurance that things will come to be. Hopefully, things will be timely as well.

    A lot of us are looking at those Hardgore teasers and fearing that things, simply, will never happen...that doesn't fill us with excitement or good will.

    So please, take the time you need to develop your great product, but keep us abreast and assured that our vigilant waiting will be rewarded.

    I'd love for this game to be the sort of thing I recommend to my friends, but honestly, the current level of game is a little lacking. The things you are working on definitely change my mind and could catapult to the top of my 'playing' and 'recommendation' lists, so hopefully I'll be telling friends about you guys soon.


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  38. @anonymous

    Thank you for proving what I said about you being an idiot by spelling intelligent like a true moron. At least think of a good comeback. It didn't even make sense and my English would blow you out of the water so go suck something. Thanks for speaking up for everybody. I'm sure NONE of em agreed with you but u need imaginary ppl to be by ur side to b tough cuz nobody in real life is.

  39. stop arguing on this blog... its pathetic

  40. newy... if Minigore wud like a tester for the iPod Touch 4, I would be happy to. email me at

  41. @ Tim Mackey
    Hey cheers for the screenshots! I was gonna do them myself but you saved me the trouble :) Thanks for that. (And i'm sorry I pointed the bug out to you aswell, because now I'm sure it will be quite annoying for you ;D )

    @ Metalbear
    I don't see why you're leaving, but I guess I can't stop you so see you around.

    I hope you read these comments from time to time, this bug is pretty big and it doesn't seem like you've noticed it!!

  42. @jcyoutube18

    This is the person that completely insulted you in the post after yours. I Had nothing to do with the second one stating your intelligence. All i was saying is the fact that all you did was criticize there was no constructive-ness to your post. and you call yourself a critic. What a critic does is much more then hate on a company for giving out free updates. They also state what went wrong and sometimes where to improve, You did none of this. "If you don't have anything nice to say, shut the hell up". I had no intentions of starting a rage war. Honestly, your the type, that gets all aggressive and I'm guessing your aged 14. I Dont need someone to back me up to stand for something. Thats what makes a person brave. And instead of back answering, about how "wrong" i am, how about switching things up a bit and learning from this. Maybe learn how not to judge a group that releases early information, that maybe they ARE working hard, All people do these days is hate. Where is the Love?

  43. this is probs really stupid but in the first post it said something bout a mushroom?? wot is it

  44. I feel like MetalBear is playing the martyr role for absolutely no justification.

  45. @Cold Leaflet

    First off, if I feel bothered by something and I wish to express it, I hold the absolute right to do so. It's an opinion, and if you had actually read my statements you would know exactly what my "constructive" criticism was. I stated how I felt they shoulda released the updates. If piece by piece wasn't possible they honestly could release Retina with Ep 4. I wouldan't have minded waiting 4 ep 4. But to release an update that doesn't affect everyone wasn't very fair. I am older than 14 btw. I never hated on the company. I had a problem with one release. It wasn't a "F Mountain Sheep" post... I will continue voicing my opinion, nice or otherwise. U criticize me for back answering and not changing the topic, but aren't u doing the same thing? Oh yeah that's right you r... I can judge whoever however I want whenever. Nothing stops me from it. They feed off that to make better apps and not make mistakes. So how about shutting up urself.

  46. @Jcyoutube:
    Nothing/noone can stop you,eh?
    Lets see..Mountain sheep....Hackers...
    You get banned.....etc...etc....^^

  47. @anonymous

    Let em do it then. Until them keep looking out for jcyoutube18. Not here to hate. Simply to give my opinion. Wanted or not. Minigore is still a fine app.

  48. @jcyoutube18
    I respect you opinion, but I don't think that your complaint makes sense. If the retina display update was going to be in the episode 4 update, what harm has it done to you that it was released earlier? It hasn't delayed episode 4 in any way, because they would have just had to work on it later. Many other people have benefitted from this update, but if you haven't benefitted, you shouldn't be upset that other people did. Personally, I only have an iPhone 3GS, but I've noticed a substantial improvement in frame rates (which MS said was part of the update), to the point that it has much improved my gameplay experience.
    And it isn't fair of you to call the update "unfair." If you had an iPhone 4, you would realize how annoying it is to play a game that hasnt been updated for the retina display. The update was much needed for iPhone 4 owners—you could almost put it on the level of a bug. just be happy you don't have this "bug" :-).


  49. @Tim Mackey

    My complaint is this. Congrats to the iPhone 4 owners and their retina update. That is awesome. I am not so selfish that I am hating on them for getting something I could not. My problem is that is has been a VERY long time. There is no doubt a LOT of ppl were waiting for an update from these guys. Particularly episode 4. Or maybe something to tide us over. The app was fun for the iPhone 4 owners b4 the update. They won't die if they have to wait a while longer for retina. I'm sure they woulda still been playing like they were b4. The same goes for me. I won't die if Ep 4 NEVER comes out, let alone if it takes a super long time. The facts are, it really has taken quite some time for Ep 4, and bigger apps have gotten faster updates. Finally an update comes out. If it were a bug fix, cool. Annoying, but cool. A new character, yano, something... But it was an iPhone 4 ONLY update. The description said nothing about frame rates for iPhone 3GS and frankly, I see no difference. I am glad for the 4 owners and all that. But seriously, my point is not that hard to understand... Like u think about Minigore every once in a blue moon for a little while like: "I wonder when Ep 4 will be out." And then an update pops up and it's a bug fix or something. "Damn, but ok." Then another update a long time later and it's just a freaking retina thing? BS to the fullest. App developers of other apps say all the time that they will release smaller updates for apps so they can release more material and quicker. Break it down into pieces. So excuse me for not being an app developer, but it other apps can do it, I need to understand why they can't. My main issue tho is waiting acres to release an update and finally bringing my hope up just to let it down again with some retina and a frame rate I can't tell the difference of.

  50. Hey @jcyoutube18

    I can understand your frustration with waiting for episode 4—we all feel like we've been waiting a very long time for it, and especially for multiplayer. We have to remember though that MS is a TINY studio (They have what? 3 people in house? 2 full time?) Many mobile games have a dozen or even many dozen people working on them. Creating a game is a lot of work, involving 1000s of man-hours. I'm pretty sure that MS isn't off somewhere vacationing, they're working their butts off to get this update finished. It just takes time.

    After taking another look in the app store, I realize that you are right that the update only mentions that it was for iPhone 4. That info is incorrect though; the retina display support is for iPhone 4, but there is also a big framerate improvement for the previous iPhones and iPod touch. There is also apparently a bug fix for a problem where weapon crate explosions would slow down the game or even crash it on older devices. This is mentioned both in this post and in the September 17th post.

    As for why they can't release episode 4 as smaller updates: Here's a link to a recent comment from Timo where he explains in detail why episode 4 cannot be released in separate chunks:

  51. @jcyoutube18

    Thank you. For multiple reasons, One of them being, showing me i was wrong, the other one was not acting like a child and just yelling and shouting. I'm sorry i didn't see your point of view in the beginning. Thanks for showing me what i missed. You have all the right to express your opinion and after reading your post again i get what you meant to say.
    Sorry we got off on the wrong foot, Hope we can get along.

  52. &Tim

    I read the article already actually. As I am constantly trying to defend, I don't care how long it takes for the update. If they hadn't released the retina, I never woulda even came here to comment. I just feel that after such a time period, it woulda made everybody feel better to just keep blogging and release the retina AFTER or WITH Ep 4. I don't recall reading in that post that the next update was gonna be retina at the end. Had I remembered or known at all, maybe I woulda just not commented at all. Then again, maybe, and actually, most likely, I still woulda and therefore have. Point being, it simple, well, I've said it enough.


    As I said, I'm not 14. No offense to the responsible mature 14 year olds out there. (Rare breed) so don't worry bout it. Glad my point is being understood more in the forum by more ppl though.

  53. So by the sounds of it, we'll be having another small update before Episode 4. Meaning, support for Game Center, new Leaderboards, Totem difficulty choosers, Kill points, and retina display for iPT4.

    I predict it to be released in October. Episode 4 will come before the year ends.

  54. Hey mountain sheep and Timo can you guys post a tralier for the ZOMBIE MAP i'd really appreciate it thanks :D

  55. this comments section should be deleted entirely, mountainsheep should stop paying attention to so called 'fans' and get on with the game cos imo their ideas are a hundred times better than any of ours..

  56. @Anon 1:
    There is an preview for
    zombie map already,
    but if you mean an official trailer
    that includes more than gangster
    gore walking and shooting some zombs
    i do understand your request.
    As far i know about Mountain sheeps
    position right now,they wont release an
    trailer until ep.4 is coming to an release.

    @Anon 2:
    Wont happen.And they
    actually dont pay too much
    attention to fans. I'm
    pretty sure that MS dont
    even know that our Metalbear
    has "died"/stopped posting,
    (unless he has mailed them.)
    they dont even have enough
    time for reading in general.
    They're working day and night long
    to get this episode out. Stop

    Heh,you remind me of Nazo.;D


    -Teo Gore:P

  57. To the guys that keep complaining,
    You heard Teo Gore, they're working their butts off for this! And when the Update is actually out, you guys are probably just going to say "WELL FINALLY!!!! YOU GUYS TOOK YOUR TIME!!!!!!!" But I don't think you realise what episode 4 is going to do to this game, flick through a couple of posts to get a jist of how much they're putting into it and that'll stop your whining

  58. After much elapsed pondering, to me, Minigore still remains the most promising game in the App Store. With such extraordinary fundamentals, I sit on the edge of my seat, shaking in anticipation for Episode 4. Since a year ago, you promised Co-op Multiplayer. I understand that multiplayer is a new coding system for Kimmo, and I know it will be done before I become too decrepit to dress on my own accord. All I can do now, is wait, and elaborate these beautiful presumptions of mine, for what I assume Minigore will become.

    I know that once Episode 4 is release, much of the built up stagnation will dissolve. In many ways, this episode has been an impairment, with fans expecting, wanting only its release. With it over, perhaps we can see some of the mentioned features, like new maps, a story mode, Hardgore even.

    This is merely what I would like to see. The blue bulbous menu buttons fit to the theme of Minigore, but i personally would prefer a redesign. Why not a Main Menu cracked into four- six pieces, each piece with an image of what it links to? A top left piece with an intense picture of John Gore, shooting at furries, blood splattered, with a title of “Survival”. A top right piece with John Gore holding a flaming torch, with furry eyes all around, denoted as “Story”, or perhaps towers embodied by furies, titled as “HardGore”. Bottom right can be “options”, with John Gore holding his set of tools…

    I would like it if the character star system were removed. Several characters I will never use, and it pains me to have a star system you have no control over.As you add more characters, and as we play with our favorites, why would we need stars to indicate our favorites, if we ourselves know which we like emphatically?

    I’m ecstatic to hear this reset of the leaderboards. Foolish it was to have scores of older episodes, for which portrayed not our current ability, but a past performance superfluous to our contemporary skill.

    Kill scoring and multipliers furthers my ecstasy. Totem poles for difficulties, another brilliance.

    I wish you would evolve from the character carousel. Take us straight to the map, with our preferred character denoted in a small window above the maps. If we want to change characters, let us touch this window, then it brings us to the carousel.

    I very much hope you give characters special abilities. You had a very long time ago asked what us fans would prefer, a dashing or grenade ability for John Gore. This is brilliant. Especially with your mention of land mines. At this point, the straight to the point shooting leaves much to be desired. Small elements, like collision, special abilities, traps, manipulable objects, etc. diversify the gameplay.

    That is all.

  59. The retina display was actually a nice update.
    You guys are doing quite a good job actually looking at all of your posts lately it keeps me assured that you guys post each and every update you get closer to releasing episode 4. Anyways Thanks for the recent updates!

    And to the people who are complain as quote "When are you releasing episode 4 your taking a whole year" Well lets see whats episode 4's theme Zombies maybe sense there adding them? And what holiday is coming up? Oh yeah Halloween!

    Anyways that's just my opinion have a good day!

  60. @Teo Gore

    What do you mean Nazo? The character from Sonic the Hedgehog? I dont' get it...

    @Soul Huey

    I liked the whole Halloween comment u said at the end. That would be cool.

  61. @ Soul Huey that actually makes sense!!! :D omg maybe they should release it on Halloween it'd be EPIC!!!

  62. Philovskoy AlexanderSeptember 28, 2010 at 10:29 AM


  63. @jcyoutube18 (something close)

    I know this is old, but when you said about mature 14 year olds being a rare breed, it kinda insulted me, considering I am 14 and calling me irregular.

    But come to think of it, I sometimes wish everyone could mature :p

    Anyways, I really don't see why update orders matter, cause releasing updates on blog/iTunes time to time makes you sure that the dev is working hard for an update.
    That's just my opinion. Long live Minigore :)

  64. I have a question.
    My iPod is an iPod-touch 2nd generation.
    Will the version 4.0 work on it?

  65. I'm confused. I love this game. But what is there to it? There is only one level, and you cannot get more health?? I'm searching for more info but can't find any. What is the point to it other than running around in this one area and staying alive as long as you can. There must be more to it.