Monday, September 27, 2010

Update Details & Promo Codes

There's several things we are throwing in from Episode 4 to the latest update, it turned out to be not so small update!

Let's start with how the beginning of the game looks on each version:

Retina Comparison
(Click for full-size comparison)

1. Scoring system reworked. "Score" has been changed to "kills".

2. Multipliers. You get more kills for bigger targets and blowing up the fur bombs when other enemies are in range gets you even more extra kills. Beast mode gives double kills.

Multipliers, hearts, muzzle flashes and kill counter:

3. Remade snow level. It has different layout and everything from trees to bushes is covered in snow. Remember the original Kid Gore? This is a change of similar magnitude.

4. New difficulty selection. Probably my favourite in terms of wow factor. The camera is zoomed way out to give you a better view of the level.

5. Unique muzzle flashes for all weapons. For now it's just a visual flavour but in Episode 4 it is used to communicate co-op weapon efficiency for each player. The closer players get to each other the bigger the muzzle flashes & faster the fire rate. It's made to encourage cooperative play.

Dual-wielding machine gun with the new muzzle flashes:

6. Hearts for health visualization. They are displayed in the top left corner. If the character has 5 health states you don't have to remember how each one looks.

7. Clover pick-up and slots right where you pick up the clovers. Makes it easier to see how many you have because it's displayed where the action is at.

Game Center related changes:

1. Achievements through Game Center with prettier achievement icons.

2. New leaderboards with less clutter and faster response time. OpenFeint leaderboards are gonna be removed.

Let's not stop quite here, then there's the bug fixes:

1. Retina display enabled on iPod touch 4. We got ipt4 at the office and it's working beautifully on it.

2. Flip screen bug fixed on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4. This one should remain fixed until Apple rolls out the next device with different resolution. ;)

3. Sometimes fire direction got stuck, it shouldn't do that anymore.

Kimmo is working hard on finishing the Game Center implementation, then the update should be ready for testing & submission.

We get some new promo codes for each update. Most people who read this blog probably already have the iPhone version, in any case here's 40 promo codes for the iPhone version you can share with your friends!

Please leave a review on iTunes if you use one :)

EDIT! Looks like all promo codes are taken, I'll clear this space so you don't have to scroll so much EDIT!


  1. OH MY FRIGGIN GOSH, IT'S NEARLY HERE!!!!! Thanks so much MS for all the hard work. just a quicky, are there any plans to have game centre online multiplayer implimented in the future? thanks again for the frequent updates too :D

  2. Wow, i just re-read the post and realised that this isn't episode 4, but the small update. THERE IS SO MUCH CONTENT!!!!! keep working hard on episode 4!!!!!!
    (oh and sorry for the double post)

  3. thanks no.19 used!

  4. The better game in the big games sea that is the App Store. Fu*k Gameloft, go MOUNTAIN SHEEP! :D

  5. used AJEWHNWPH3M4! Thank You!

  6. wait,did the update come out?

  7. It is only for people in the US T_T

  8. No. 12 used.
    Thanks :-).

  9. 4X6LR6KXEAPN thanks very much

  10. Not a single on left. All are used

  11. Thanks for giving us an update Mountain Sheep. Hopefully this gets people off your back until the Episode 4.

  12. not a single one left.

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  14. Awesome!Just made myself an account!

    See you around!

    -Teo Gore:P

  15. Will it be multiplayer in this "small" update? And will episode 4 be released b4 x-mass... that wold be the best gift ever :D

  16. When is this small update becoming live? It's not out yet here in the States

  17. How can i use this code?

  18. Hey Timmo,

    Thanks for the great update on the upcoming changes, it certainly doesn't hurt getting some of these features before ep.4 hits the Appstore.

    I on the other hand have come across what I can only assume as a major bug in Minigore HD. Upon reinstalling it, I seem to have lost everything, all unlocked characters, kills, etc.

    The weird thing is that Crystal recognizes my progress, and unlocked characters, but not the game itself. Has anyone come across this problem? and if yes, is there a work-around, or I have to wait for an update?

    Thanks for any tips,


  19. NO! You guys haven't noticed my bug! Ah well, the update looks real nice , and you've hopefully just forgotten to mention that you've fixed it or something, so i'm not complaining. But I just hope that Apple will hurry up and RELEASE the damn thing!!!! It aint in the UK yet!!!!

  20. They're all used up.
    Can't wait for the update ;)

  21. Now this is what I'm talking about. Thanks guys. :)

  22. Nazo and Metalbear in the same blog post?


    As this update seems awesome enough,
    I still got a few questions:
    Whats up with the sheep in pic 2?
    How do you get inferno mode now,
    when the totems are there?
    Do you still do the X thing
    or is it some new way to do it?
    How many kills do each furry give?

    Keep up the awesome work!

    -Teo Gore.

  23. i got a code but i was on edge and didnt have wifi. then i ad to install from my computer. and now it deleted all of my character unlocks and my characters that i payed for

  24. @Teo Gore,

    I dunno what you are trying to insinuate, but I have absolutely nothing against Metalbear or anyone else in here.

    ... but I would like to take you down in Minigore once multiplayer is implemented, hehe ;-))

  25. Cool stuff. Cannot wait. As for MS, I read ur comment u left me in the last post comments section. Basically u still said u could not release it in pieces and now u r. No matter what ur reasoning is, u still said one thing was impossible but now ur doing it. Just saying...

  26. I was the anonymous above me it wouldnt let me sign in. I believe i used code #3 and i just copied it on my iphone into the redeem on the appstore app. when i finally got to wifi it had like 25 unable to install notifications but it told me to connect to intunes to finish installing. i conected, installed, and tried it out only to find that it wasnt the new version and that it had wiped all of my data.

    is there anyway i can get my unlockes back. id really like to get this cleared up so that i can play the update. Also id like to know if there is any way to get my gangstar gore and kid gore back.

  27. @ nazo you cant take people down you fight together.

    and thanks for the update i cant wait :D. although the stuff im mostly looking forward to are the new characters, the new map, and co-op but w/e still nice to get an update.

  28. Thanks MS keep up the good work
    So how long we have to wait for this update ?
    Like I wana play it asap cas my school break is soon gonna end
    And I love minigore this app is the best shooter game ever

  29. You said 24 Hours its already gonne where is UPDATE???

  30. Please send me a code fpr the beta i want the version 4 for over 1 year (scince minigore was in appstore)

  31. Timo, again I ask:

    News for characters currently in your queue ( that have been announced) and where they stand in development for future updates?

    Also, powerpaula, don't you find that slightly selfish of you?

  32. OMG!!!!!!!! It's almost here EPISODE 4 IS ON IT'S WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!! :D

  33. HEY TIMO!
    i know alot of people will say that "it's a stupid idea or hey stop telling them your ideas"
    or that im not a fan.truth is im a HUGE fan it's the only game i have on my iPhone seriously!...anyways

    I have an idea that i wanna swing your way:Minigore is famous for having requested characters on the roster right? well i was thinking if you would consider asking skyvu to make a "Oliver" character from battle bears as a EXCLUSIVE character that people would buy...but why?Because when they buy the character they would get a FREE EXCLUSIVE map that the enemy's wouldn't be furries or zombies but HUGGABLES!!! it'd be amazing and you can give Oliver some catchphrases from the game and the stage could be on the ship from the actual game itself plus each of the characters could have a catchphrase for that map

    John gore:"What the- they're pink?!"
    Jerry gore:"HAHA!I was right there is teddy bears!"
    Oliver:"OK!you want some!?" "take that HUGGABLES!"

  34. is there anyway i can get a new code since the one i got didnt give me the update and i lost all of my data. my email is

  35. @anomaous 2 above me I love that idea and it should have plovers bunkers here and their that the hugables can't get into but can destroy also it should have hills just like in battle bears

  36. Sry I ment olivers not Plovers Sry for the double post

  37. whens the update coming its been over 24 hours

  38. Where is the UPDATE with MULTIPLAYER ??? i cannot wait you said

    Sunday, September 26, 2010
    Info about the bug fix coming up!
    There's detailed info about the bug fix update coming up in 24 hours!

    24 Hours like your are saying are already GONNNE!!! PLEASE COME OUT i want to play Multiplayer

  39. It was a BUG FIX. Not the update. Please read more carefully.


  41. i was finally able to get it to register my in app purchases, thankfully. however i have not recieved an email of a code or any "we're sorry" message to let me know that you have seen my problem and have looked into it. I understand that the developers at MS are very busy trying to get the next update ready for prime time but a simple email would do.

  42. BUG FIX??? and where is update didnt have nothink but they are going to release little update no ???? its going to have multiplayer yes this little update ?? and when its out?

  43. Yeah but this bug fix has to be submitted yet, so it will gonne take a wail...
    I think multiplayer wont be avaible before Christmas, that will be next year, Apple takes to much time for approval...
    They sad the retina bug fix was already submitted, but we have to wait another month for approval of this latest update... That sucks, cant stand those crapy graphics..,(

    Lets hope it will be out spon ;)

  44. You people are greedy loser
    Come on it's one dollar can't u even pay for one dollar
    U people are just greedy

    Buy the game and support them
    U can afford for like a iPod or iPhone but u can afford to buy the one dollar game
    Come on u group of loser
    Buy the fu'kin game

  45. Some people seem to be confused about the update so here's a short recap:

    The update with Game Center is not Episode 4.

    The update with Game Center only has the new features listed above, it doesn't have multiplayer or zombie map.

    The update with Game Center has not been submitted yet and it is not available in the app store.

    It will be sent for beta testing once the Game Center implementation is finished.

    About a day ago in the earlier post I said: "There's detailed info about the bug fix update coming up in 24 hours" It does not mean that the update is coming up in 24 hours.

    The promo codes are for iPhone version of Minigore, if you already have Minigore for iPhone the code probably shouldn't even work unless iTunes somehow let's you own a game twice.

    I can't verify that though because those promo codes only work in United States and we're in Finland and the Finnish app store won't redeem US promo codes.

    Madison: If I understood correctly you are saying that you already have Minigore and then you tried downloading it again with the promo code? If the answer is yes then getting yet another promo code doesn't help you. You already own the game and from what I understood Kid Gore & Gangster Gore DLC characters. You should be able to download the DLC characters again by pressing the buy button in the character selection screen. Then the App Store will notify you that "You've already purchased this item. You can download it for free".

    Metalbear: Jenny has changed a bit since the last time she was shown and she's otherwise ready except for the dialogue. Any dialogue suggestions are welcome, there's still time to slip them into the game before she makes her appeareance. Cannot talk about the other characters yet.

    Nazo: I haven't encountered that bug personally. The code might have checks for Crystal achievements that would get the info back to save game file but I gotta ask Kimmo about that.

    Teo Gore: Inferno is still there on both maps but x doesn't always mark the spot. The sheep is a sheep :D

    Anonymous, I like Battle Bears and maybe in the future we can cross-promote with them :) For the time being we'll put our effort into finishing the characters we've already started.

  46. ok thanks Timo, i have gotten gangsta gore and kid gore back. I was thinking that you could use a promo to download the updated version even if you had the app already. at least i think that has worked before. I apologize for any hostility on my part i was just angry. Thanks for getting in touch with us and ill be looking forward to the next update.

  47. Thank you so much Timo!! Actually, thanks to EVERYBODY on the Mountain Sheep team!! (Timo, Kimmo, and Jussi to the extent of my knowledge)

    I figure Kimmo will take at the most a week, and Apple will take about a week. So I'm thinking between one and two weeks until release. Can't wait! This is going to be awesome!! Looks like Episode 4 is going to be split in half, and this is the first half!!

    Thanks Mountain Sheep, keep up the awesome work!!

  48. For Jenny's line
    " what's the magic word?.... Die!!!"
    " I love u bunnies now go to hell!"
    " I want daddy...."

    Timo could we please have a chaingun please

  49. so its not going to come out till next week?

  50. Quote:

    ' then the update should be ready for testing & submission.'


  51. Thank you Timo for responding. Not exactly what I wanted, but at least it was a response keep this up, and who knows? I might give you your own metallic suit to wear around the new office. I DO NOT WANT TO sound repetitive for anyone who believes so, but Timo:

    I hope to learn the fate of Metal Bear soon. Minigore would be a great way of introducing him to the app store, and im continuing to be patient. :)

    Jenny dialogue:

    "Furries at my favourite pillow!" "I ain't got time for this." "I missed my birthday for THIS?" "I inherited my looks from mom, but my aim from dad"

  52. Will there be at least one new character in this update id like a new character sensi evan takes forever
    Jennny dialoge
    "it jenny BITCH!"

  53. Jenny dialogue:

    " u just mess with the wrong girl!!! "
    " nothing yummy than my candies"

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Hey

    Can you please give me a promo code?

    promise I'll leave a positive review on itunes.


  57. OK maybe this is just me, but I cant access the update from my computer, it is not updating any of this "new" stuff help would be appreciated.

  58. if i could make a suggestion a really cool character would be the character from minecraft. minecraft is a pc game from an indie dev that took off. it would be cool to contact the dev notch an get a minecraft feature.

  59. @Nazo:
    Just old memories..^^

    Yay! Unnecessary
    extra scenery!XD
    I think...

    Jenny dialouge:
    "I will never play with
    rabbit plushes again!"
    "I want more allowance!"

    Thanks for answering and as usual:
    Keep up the good work!

    -Teo Gore.:P

  60. hey mountain sheep
    after episode 4 you guys should start working on new weapons cause that would be just sick...a flamethrower would br awesome

  61. @ timo n juzzi
    Chaingun and Chinese would be awesome weapon
    And everyone remember we have a dark knight in hardland
    And he he is using meelee weapon
    Please chainsaw and chingun please

    I come up with this ideas in jennys map

    What u do is Jenny have to save her toy dolls
    From this rabbits cas they gonna eat then so
    Instead of having weapon box fall u have this dolls every now and then and what Jenny does is she walk to them n the doll will start follow
    And the could either have a shotgun or the luncher
    And they could also count as a health pack if Jenny get hurt the doll die
    And the max is having two doll and the ammo from the doll is limited and u have to lead them to the safe house or else the dolls fall apart

    Well I don't now anything about coding but if u have a co op system
    Does that mean some how u could like change a lil and make the doll as a bot
    So even we don't have any other player arround we can have jennys doll as teammate and survive in hardland

    Also u can make those dolls as new character
    Please read and response please
    Really hope my idea help

  62. Jenny Gore Dialog CreatorSeptember 28, 2010 at 5:55 AM

    Jennny Dialogue:
    Hi my names Jenny
    I am the daghter of another character in the game!
    The main objective of this game is to survive!
    i hope this game stays 99c for longer!
    i am anorexic everyone

    please comment everyone cos i really like them

  63. so \b\ is john gore hot or not?

  64. new inferno mode secret is hidden well ms good job

  65. hey all at MS. i've been thinking for a while now that inferno mode needs better music. you play the game in standard mode and you have a great sound track. then you go to inferno mode and you would expect more intense music, but insted you get the slow used menu music. i don't know who is responsible for the music at mountain sheep, but maybe you could consider giving the soundtrack a bit more variation for inferno mode. thanks for reading

  66. Very excited for this. I wonder what has been done to Kid Gore. And trees!!?? Apparently I'm the only one excited by this, or maybe Im just easily impressed.

    And @Teo Gore thanks for pointing out that sheep. I totally missed that one.

    My Jenny lines:
    "I'm not in Kansas anymore, wait, when was I in Kansas?"
    "Not the face, not the face."
    (after picking up clover) "Was that organic?"

  67. @ Joshua

    Kid Gore reference was merely a comparison. Reread.

  68. Please remove the character star system MS!

  69. Philovskoy AlexanderSeptember 28, 2010 at 10:31 AM


  70. Metalbear Shut the fuck up already about your character. No one gives a shit. It will be implemented when they have time. Maybe if you stopped bitching about that so much people would like you. The beta group actually begged them not to add you to the group because you're so annoying

  71. I agree what above have said
    Metal bear shut up
    There already a bear in the game and that one is much more awesome than you
    Don't wana see u in the game

  72. Thank you both for the advice. I shall keep that in mind next time I bring something up that I haven't for two and a half months.

    I don't want to test Minigore. Never requested it. I'm glad the beta testers voiced their opinions on that possibility. I test only a small amount of current games like those from Bolt Creative and RocketCat. Minigore doesn't need more testers.

  73. Hey thanks to Philovskoy Alexander for noticing the sheep at the side! Thats actually pretty cool!
    So does this mean they're adding the sheep enemies in the next update and just keeping it as a secret?
    Or does it mean they're just photoshopping it into the photo for our fun?
    I for one hope its the first one! Goodnight everybody

  74. I no what the sheep is for but I don't wana spoil the suprize and all u guys don't be like "stupid lier" cuz this is a guess but I think I no hat it's for I'll give you a hint: look at timos post and read the hint for infernio ;)

  75. HEY TIMO!!!

    thanks for the response :D and in case you wanna know and everyone else names leandro i was the guy who recommended the battle bears bundle im glad some developers and people like my ideas and @ Welthyhobo thanks for the support dude :D

  76. np i love the idea maby also they could make somthing you could buy for like 50,000 kills which makes the hugables zombies just like in the game P.S. you might wana add a little -leandro so ppl know it you everytime

  77. Hey is anyone else having trouble accessing the Itunes store?

  78. Bullshit metalbear you bring him up every fucking post just stop nobody gives a damn about your charachter I thought you said you wouldn't be postin here anymore I guess that was a way to get peoples attention just GTFO dumbass

  79. ...Metalbear? Interesting because I thought that in one of the latest forums you got mad at anonymous guy and left?

  80. I came back because I realised it was foolish of me to respect the wishes of the anons who do not deserve it. I'm well aware now of what problems those individuals have with me, but it's hilarious they post here to disrespect me and not attempt to do so privately. if interested.

    The majority of the members here I have no issues with. Even Nazo is cool :P

  81. Fuck off Mateo bear u keep bringing up your stupid character
    Go keep it yourself I don't wana see u here posting " o what about ny bear ?"
    I'm another person who hate you keep talking about the damn bear
    In the games there's already one and don't need yours
    Everyone have their wishes that they want themselves or something they like to be in the game
    But they keep it themselves so should sonow shut up
    If u wana say here as a part of the community
    Make some good suggestion and stop talking about ur stupid bear
    How would u feel if someone keep talkin about the same thing every post over and over again when that person know other don't wanna see it ? Stop talkin about ur bear !!!

  82. @Mateo bear
    Be fair I think MS will do what they think the best to the game
    Keep askin will not help

  83. Gotcha.

    I've been told "Fuck Off" on this blog so many times, it doesn't even phase me anymore. Either you fine with me or not. I'm not here to win fans. Say what you will.

    Can we move on to the next discussion please? Thank you.

  84. Lol@bigrant^

    If you do not like something no one is forcing you to read a out it, if someone is very passionate about an idea then they will no doubt want to talk about it. swearing and using shoddy spelling makes you look an utter fool, and is quite funny to read, however is quite sad to know you most likely wrote all of that rant e tiredly seriously.

    More positively I can't wait for the updates It seems like it has been far too long since a major gameplay update and I have been checking for updates for the game everynight for the past month or so, I really can not wait for the update but don't rush it work on it and make it extra awesome.

  85. Mateo Bear...? That guy just gave me the best idea ever!!!

  86. "Mateo" is my name in Spanish. Go figure.

    Anyways, has anyone had a problem where you have a grenade launcher while being chased by a bomb furry (I think that's what they're called)? Sometimes, the BF is just as fast as me, so I have no choice but to blast it with the grenades. So I had an idea to waste the grenades by shooting them in front of me so I could shoot the BF with the machine gun. The ammo bar did not move after shooting it for about a whole minute. So I have no choice but to blow up the BF, which explodes in my face, hurting me ruining my streak. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone have a solution?

    Any help appreciated!

  87. why isnt itunes working on the day i want the downlod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I know im an anonymous :) but to the anonymous's who keep raging at Metalbear I dont see why you hate him. He has done nothing to upset you (from what i've been reading) and taken your abuse without saying anything bad back towards you. If you wish to rage, do it elsewhere.

  89. Metalbear you are a douchebag stop going on and on about your little fag character GTFO you little no life dumbass seriously do you think people want you on this blog?? except for the occasional nice person that doesn't want to hurt your feelings no one really wants you here go annoy toucharcade with your gay charachter NOBODY LIKES YOU OR YOUR CHARACTER

  90. @ Anonymous

    Stop making me laugh, it hurts!

    I recommend not typing out these incoherent, illiterate rambles of yours. That is unless, you want to make an ass out of yourself.

  91. Jenny quotes :
    "save paper dont do homework"
    "if Life is a joke then i dont get it"
    "buy my girl scout cookies"
    "why fight to live when you live to die".
    Weapon pick up: "u know what i say , if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail"

    p.s. cant wait for update, been so long since a proper one

  92. @Anonymous, I agree with @Machination. If you're going to insult members of this community while hiding behind the mask of anonymity, it is YOU that needs to get lost. On the other hand, it is rather entertaining to see you embarrass yourself....

  93. @ Tim Mackey

    Well, he's not exactly embarrassing himself, since we have no idea who he is. It's comical to see just how much of an imbecile he is.

    I say, keep him! He's not really affecting anyone. Plus, I chuckle.

  94. hmmm you know i was wondering about ideas for a story mode implemation and drew some ideas in a notebook and i was thinking that the story mode can be a book that with every update comes a new chapter for story mode leading up to the final fight against Puppet Master! :D


  95. Hey everyone just to ask a question
    Beside sheep luncher we knew it will be the new weapon
    Have MS confirm any new weapon
    Such as chaingun or so ?
    Please reply

    And really hope they could put a chain gun in

  96. @Moonknight:
    No.Mountain sheep
    wont work on anything new until
    episode 4 is out. And about
    the chaingun....I've already suggested that.=]

    @Every anon out there
    who appears to be 8 years old:
    Flame Metalbear as much you want,
    he wont leave this time,besides...
    You're making fools of yourselves.^^

    -Teo Gore:P
    Ps:Flaming me wont work neither,
    so "BACK OFF!":)

  97. @teo gore
    Kknight has sugguested that long before u came to this site so don't be like " im the first one who mention about it"
    Cas as I know u ain't the first one to come up with that idea

    I'm just askin do anyone know about any new weapons were confirm or not

  98. @Moonknight:
    I know.I'm not stupid...¬_¬
    And still,no,they haven't
    confirmed any new weapons
    besides the sheep launcher.

    -Teo Gore.

  99. I definitely could use an Electric Water Tazer on the upcoming swamp levels. :P

  100. Hey is it close yet I'm so excited
    Release the beast ops sorry I mean release the update
    Thanks teo gore

    Please tell us more info about this update

  101. I wonder if anyone noticed a sheep in one of the pictures :D

  102. @timo
    Could you please change the enemys in the snow level? Not a big change but maybe just changeing the colour of the furies and maybe changing the colour of the worm wolf just to give the snow level a different feel. Thanks.

  103. I agree with Dan. Perhaps adding some frost on the furries would be a nice implementation.

  104. Timo: can u make a different boss for the ice level , instead of a wolf worm u could have a yeti or a snow animal of some kind like a big mountain goat with big horns, and it can charge at you really fast.

    IF YOU LIKE DIS IDEA TYPE "I Like Jans idea"


  105. I like Jans idea

  106. I like Jans idea. And Anonymous's (four posts up)

  107. Timo: just one more idea , in the graveyard level instead of the zombies coming at you from the different corners you could have them coming out of the ground with something to tell you that its coming out from that area so that you have a bit of time to stay away.

    If you like this idea and my other idea conserning the chang of the ice level boss then type " i like jans idea "

  108. Find three hidden eggs and you should receive a guest appearance by Chillingo/Rovio's Angry Birds! By guest appearance, you should be attacked by by them...

  109. @Jan

    the zombies already come out of the ground, and dust appears when they are coming

    havnt you seen the gameplay video ?


  110. i like jans idea but also maby a ice monster like somthing pure ice

  111. @rooteboy
    Hey, can you give us some pictures from episode 4 seeing as ur a beta tester?

  112. Why isn't the update out in the U.S. yet?

  113. its not out its just the info

  114. Wow another douchebag posting crap about teo gore and metalbear I'm kinda getting suspicious and i think maybe it's metalbear who's the anonymous and he's doing this to get attention Now I maybe wrong but it seems that's the way it looks to me -Sunny

  115. Yo what's up? I wish I got a code=( anyway what's this game center thing? Pls respond.

    L33tb1x out!

  116. @Anon

    I can assure you I'm not doing anything such as posing as an anon for attention. I don't resort to such childish things. I even have a good idea at this point who at least some of these disrespectful anons are, even one may or may not be on mountainsheep's beta tester team.

    Thanks for the small support in your post though. :)

  117. When's the update coming out for U.S. "ians"?

  118. Timo : seeing as your team are not finished ep4 heres ideas on how monstrosity could attack:

    he could release his devil-ish imp thing on his hand so it could attack making monstrosity open for attacks.

    he could wack you with his cage or wack it on the ground to call more zombies to distract you.

    sorry for posting so much ideas


  119. Let them release update 4 then you can spam ideas. Currently they're much too busy

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. @anon ^
    It's not a bad idea to be suggesting ideas now, just because they're working on episode 4 at the moment, it doesn't mean that they can take into account what people are interested in seeing in the game. i also like jans idea. i would love to see, like whats happening with the zombie level, enemies on each level to be different, even if its just appearence.

    i mentioned up the page a bit about a different music track for inferno mode, but thinking about it, the snow level could also benefit from a new track as well. let me know what you think, cos i love the original game track and if there were similar awesome tracks for each different level, i think it would just add more variety to the game.

    Hope all the work on the upcoming updates are going well MS, looking forward to seeing how it'll all turn out.

  122. @Jan and Dan:
    Timo wrote:
    Remade snow level. It has different layout and everything from trees to bushes is covered in snow. Remember the original Kid Gore? This is a change of similar magnitude.

    As there's no new boss coming up yet
    for the snow level,
    i could gamble a clover that
    they will add one later.

    Dont worry,when it comes to ideas,
    i've written an godly amount of them.:3
    But yes,if you want your ideas to come true,
    wait until episode 4.

    As in my opinion Angry birds suck,
    and that gamerizone(or whatever)
    wouldn't make an crossover
    with mountain sheep,
    that could work.


    1st of october this friday!
    One step further to ep.4:)

    -Teo Gore.:P

  123. Mini gore could you have the new character ( the knight ) talk?
    U could make him have a medieval accent and does he have the ability to use his sword as a melee weapon?


  124. I'd like to see it possible to talk to your partner :D and put in new weapons including melee weapons:'KATANA,BAT,A MACKERAL,AND POSSIBLY THE DREADED CHAINSAW!!!!!" as for firearms i wish to see:"FLAMETHROWER,LASER GUN,ROCKET LAUNCHER!" as for the modes id like to see "defend the post" where you and your teamates protect a shelter from furries and zombies :D and id like to see a "TEAM DEATHMATCH" where 2 up to 4 players duke it out and maybe "Capture the Flag" where the players see who can collect the most flags before being killed and probably new places to play like a city,a town,Farms and it'd be WICKED COOL if you added...VEHICLES!!!!!!!! that way you and you partner can help each other out while one shoots and the other one drives, and i'd like to see a storymode plus new characters like "Oliver from battle bears","the good solider from Trenches"AND '"Rasta monkey" and finally i'd like to see New Bosses and a feature where you can create your own gores and new achievements along with new bosses and connectivity with Facebook :D i hope my suggestions help keep up the good work!!! looking forward to episode to 4


  125. Hmmm, seems that people are posting their ideas. Since it's happening
    I might as well post about weapons. Now just to clarify, These are not my weapon ideas, as I'm only posting that how they can work, so there is a chance for them to be implemented in the game.

    Flamethrower - Now the Flamethrower wouldn't really work in the Minigore World
    as there is the "Firey" versions of the furries, so my only guess on how it would work would be that it would be strong against normal furries, but weak against "Firey" versions of them. Another idea is the Flamethrower would work as a torch as the flames would light up during the nighttime cycles.

    Revolver - I can't fully think a way for how it would work, maybe a slower rate of fire compared to the normal machine gun, but a bit more stronger.

    Rocketlauncher - My guess would be a farther range then the Grenadelauncher and same damage of the Grenadelauncher, but the radius of the explosion could be smaller and slower rate of fire. Plus adding a bit of kick back for everytime you shoot would be pretty interesting.

    Sniper Rifle - Now from all the other ideas listed above, this is my idea as I haven't read anything about this being a idea. The way it could work is the shot could go through multiple furries and the shot would obviously be fast, but the second shot would be pretty slow.

    Well I'm done, and to clarify once again that these (Besides the Sniper Rifle) aren't mine and I'm just showcasing on how they can shoot. For the real reason on why I post this is, well I'm just waiting for the update. Sorry for the long post, but I hope one of these ideas would be apart of the game.

    -Just an anonymous

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. MS time to release more info of what u get in hand now
    Cas we have wait long enough :)

    Reply to the revolver idea
    Perhas u would get deul revolvers from the creates
    And they always come in two
    Low fire rate perhaps faster than a shotgun but it's fire rate would be upgradable
    Its like how gangster gore work :)
    Base on machine-gun as a parmary weapon
    Duel revolver will have 25% slower fire rate but 50% strong damage
    Also it would allow the player when it fast get the duel revolver
    They could run faster for 15 second ( the speed u run when u get hurt)

    Revolver make u run faster
    Higher damage lower rate

    :) hope it help

  128. Out of curiosity when specifically is the next update be submitted , please post further info thnx


  129. Ive got an idea for another boss in the zombie level...THE GIANT PUNKIN! you could fight a giant punkin that attacks you with its roots and you have to cut off all of it roots/vines to attack it and do damage to it untill it grows it vines back!

  130. omg!!! ilike Dan's idea ms and timo you should consider dan and leandro's idea!!! :D

  131. Likin all the weopon ideas but still I ask.. WTF is game center?

  132. new straight talk phones 2012 You guys make it really easy for all the folks out there.