Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello everyone!

This weeks blog post is about a new feature called the Encyclopedia. It's going to be implemented to the current game bit by bit each update adding some more pages. It's a book-like illustration of the characters and the enemies in the game. It shows helpful stats (health, speed, strength, etc) and some information expanding the Minigore lore and universe. Here's a teaser sketch:

The grandpa is my favourite :). The final Encyclopedia is in colors.

For the past week we have been busy testing and fixing bugs found in the Halloween Episode beta. The current testing team is really active and analytic and I'm happy to be able to work with them to make Minigore a better experience. This is also why I wasn't able to write on blog yesterday, the "BUGgers" keep me busy ;D

Multiplayer is taking so long because the game was not originally designed for multiplayer and the code had to be almost completely redone. Timo wrote about this before and it hasn't changed.

Someone also asked my highscore in Minigore. It's hard to say really because I've mostly played the new version with the "kills" instead of the old score method. That said I did get around 3500 kills on insane difficulty with gangster gore and about 5500 with Sensei Evan on insane difficulty. I suck, I know. :D



  1. how soon is Halloween gona be out

  2. yeah, we want a date, at least a probable date. as in before halloween, or exactly at halloween, or afterwards. that would be helpful.


  3. Nice. That encyclopedia sounds like a suggestion made in the beta group to be honest. :D

    We better be keeping you busy Jussi! Thanks.

    And that score, based on the new score system, equates to a decent amount with the old system if you asked me. I've gotten to 12000 :P

    The date for the Halloween episode release is ultimately out of MS's hands, as apple controls the approval process. Please stop asking. We honestly do not know.

  4. @ Metalbear

    Does that mean it's much easier getting more kills? Would achieving Sensai Evan be a more manageable task?

    What does that mean for the leaderboards if we'll be having several characters with varying abilities? Will it no longer be split up between characters?

    And its not really about when it will be out, it's about when MS will submit the episode.

    Sounds like you're having fun MetalBear.

  5. hi hi

    hi can you guys releasse the up date soon
    @metal bear tell me about your character

  6. Machination

    Indeed I am having fun. :)

    Remember how in the old system you'd get both a score for killing an enemy and an amount of kills for that enemy? This led to big descrepancies, such as getting a score of 15000, but only 2000 kills (meaning even though you had a score of 15000, you really only get two thousand spendable points). This new system means that you essentially get more for what you kill. Your score at the end of the session will be lower than what you've gotten in the past, but say you got an 8000 score on the new system- now that score will equally equate to the same amount of kills you can spend. It's worth noting also that defeating one enemy does NOT always mean you get one point for that enemy. Take Fur Bombs, which are worth 6 kills for every one you defeat. This system will shrink many players high scores, but it will allow them to earn kills more effectively to get to Sensai Evan.

    I'm not sure about the reorganised leaderboards.

    In that case, MS will submit it when there are no forseeable issues.

  7. @ Metalbear

    About the new system. Will Inferno mode work the same , or will it have its own Totem pole?
    Plus is the difficulty changed in anyway?

  8. @Anon

    Let's just say it will and it won't. :P

    The difficulty of each mode remains the same as previous updates


    I'll be sure to post about that in a few hours. I've got an appointment.

  9. @ MetalBear

    This new system is exactly what Minigore needed.

    It's nice to have someone on the inside now.

    So from what we've seen so far, a possible new character, weapon, totems, kill score, leaderboards, game center; do we have any surprise features in store?

  10. @metal bear
    oh ok

    im really excited about the new update and chracters can you guys plz quickly release it.
    And id really like to know about your new characters for ep4.

  11. @Machination

    Keep in mind that I can only go as far as what's been allowed or already revealed by MS to elaborate on. Unless it has been touched upon before, continue to expect vague answers.

    Surprise feature you say? Possibly. :P


    I'll give you the basic outline while I wait for my appointment, but essentially I was thinking of a mythic golem-like character. This character would be thousands of years old, and both be MADE of ice and lava as well as control the elements of heat and cold. He would have his own elemental weapon set, as his gameplay would be unique. He'd be on a mission to destroy John Gore, as the furry food supply is shortening because of his actions. He also has strange inscriptions all over his body, to help channel his power. More on gamplay later. :)

  12. So Metalbear, is there any chance of a story mode or backstory in this new encyclopedia. Also congrats on becoming a beta tester!

  13. @Joshua

    I know as much information about it as you do. Should be a very exciting addition.

  14. Wow i really like this new encyclopedia, it's the perfect thing for Minigore! Hey, have you guys ever played Plants vs Zombies? Because in their game they have this Almanac which shows all of the enemies and their stats e.t.c but underneath their descriptions they have a little quote or description of themselves and they're always HILARIOUS! For instance, for the 'Snorkel Zombie' it says "Zombies don't breathe. They don't need air. So why does Snorkel Zombie need a snorkel to swim underwater? Answer: Peer Pressure" and for the 'Gatling Pea' it says "Gatling Pea's parents were concerned when he announced his intention to join the military."But Honey, it's so dangerous!" they said in unison. Gatling Pea refused to budge. "Life is dangerous", he replied, eyes glinting with steely conviction". See what i mean? They're great! Infact that's what made me want to finish the game, so that I could unlock characters and read their descriptions. It's a bit like Minigore, with the tiny description under each character when you choose them, but much funnier! Please consider this! Thanks

  15. @metalbear
    your character sounds insanely cool are they gonna have him in this update? And also how long do you think the update will be released in? AND...if your character is being released in this or future updates will he have the weapons etc all with it?

    And MS you guys should take his characteres if u already havent and good luck, keep workin hard and give us our update!

  16. @metalbear...again
    uuuum your iddea has given me many ideas i just want you to know not trying to copy yours.

    Il be making some chharacters and when im done il try...TRY to scan them or post it on my blog (which BTW right now is blank :D)If u want when i am done i will send them to you guys if you ask

  17. @Warlord

    Nope, the character will not be in the next update. But I did post the idea to the beta group for consideration. XD I have a good feeling the update will be out this month, but don't quote me on that. If they did include this character eventually, it would be nice to include some of the unique weapons with him.

    I'll expand on that post later. Very busy, and these things take time to concisely write up.

    About your second post: Any images of well-thought out characters I'm sure MS would love. :)

  18. i just have some questions to all:

    1.How can i send some pics to ms
    2.How can i become a beta tester (how to apply)

  19. @metalbear

    oh and your character with its special wepon it could hav the same weapon in 2 shades ice blue or lava red and the bullets are blue and red

  20. @metalbear

    The characters i am sketching for me atleast is tough in 3-d do you think it would be ok in like 2-d and like i could work on it later

  21. Sorry I don't really understand about the new thing
    Is it another app or it is a in app
    And do we have to pay for it sorry I don't really understand
    And yeah thats a good idea of different characters having different skill and ability
    By the way about the fire and ice character metal beear had mention
    Hey it will be cool if he or she could like shooting fire from his hand to burn to furries and use the ice as a sword as melee :)

    Hey if I have draw a character could I send it to ms ??
    Cas I drew a character call " gunatic"

    It has chain gun as basic weapon and rocket as second weapon :)

  22. @moonknight
    Could you please send your picturest to me. At:

  23. Hey ms great work on the encyclopaedia, the story mode in it's amatuer stage ;) How's about submitting that certain map of mine to the beta test group then metal? We now have an inside spy in the ms team, maybe we can get him to steal their cookies!!! :) Anyways how's it all going metal? Anything exciting happened that you have tested? Made sure you don't lose all your data when you quit the game;) that still gives me nightmares to this day! But again ms over contemplated ( I think :/ ) for it :) see you amazing guys soon! *E-J*

  24. @warlord14151
    check your email

    hey will ms accept drawing form us ??

    hey its really nice to see blog update
    hope the app could be out soon :)
    i got a question
    is MS planning to do anything relate to the staring system cas you could use it as a unlock new skin of a character

    i think KKNIGHT had mention it before
    if you reach the 5 star of that character
    you could have a different special skin
    could u make it happen please cas it could make the game more playerable people will stuck with the game even longer :)
    please reply

    good luck MS when u are done i will be waiting hhaha



  26. hey mountain sheep, I noticed this game is only in English, which is decreasing the amount of customers it can get. I can help translate it for you for no price to Spanish and german. conact me at if interested

  27. Hey metal bear I love your character idea and I was thinking maby he can't pick up any guns from the crates but insted he has like duel wield hands like his ice hand he shoots and freezes enemies and his fire hand he shoots and kills them tell me what you guys think

  28. @Welthyhobo
    Thats a pretty awesome idea but I think they already decided that metalbear will dual wield shotguns. Thats what it showed in the concept art. But maybe they could add it to another character.
    awesome i love looking at timo's awesome work:D
    When do you guys plan on adding character abilities? I know none for episode 4 but haha just curious if you have an idea as to when

  29. @green sheep: thanks for your suport dude and sorry for not being clear I ment metal bears new idea for a character his golam fire ice guy or maby they could add a diffrent character all to gather like some crazy scientist who wanted to become like a god (maby dr.musalum?) and so he fused his body with fire an ice so it's like metal bears golem except more like some crazy half fire half ice half human scientist tell me which is better (including you metal bear ;) ps metal bear if you think I'm stealing your idea I'm not trying to I'm tryin to add onto your idea

  30. What about you add the guy from Monster Dash in the update ???
    It will be awesome!!!

  31. Whew..... Long day. I'm really busy.

    If you guys would like to send your drawings to my personal email I'll post them in the beta group with full credit to you along with whatever caption you send.

    Enviro James, I'll do that fir you as soon as I'm able. :)

    Yeah, my character is intended to have dual weilding shotguns. It goes with the metallic theme. :P I do enjoy you guys adding to it though. But I like the direction MS is taking it currently.

    I think a mythical creature embodies Fire and Ice better, but a mad scientist controlling something would be awesome too. Electricity and acid? XP

    I'll have my full thoughts on The Elemental sometime tomorrow. If their was a comment I missed, sorry.

  32. 5 bucks says that guy talking about monster dash is a halfbrick studios employ :P

  33. Ya metal bear I was thinking of electric and sumthing also just incase you didnt wana chage your character to much and I think acid migh be the one thanks for the idea :)

  34. @moonknight

    No i did not get it can you try again at:

  35. It's a book-like illustration of the characters and the enemies in the game. It shows helpful stats (health, speed, strength, etc) and some information expanding the Minigore lore and universe.

    At the rate you are going Mountain sheep
    it is going to be a few hundred years till..

    oops i have said to much

  36. we could tie in the storyline to guerilla bobs???@Jose maybe we don't need a spans h translate right now

  37. Hello, I know I'm not posting in the right place, do not speak English very well because I live in Brazil and 14 years.
    Ok, the idea and following the new minigore besides you guys could throw new animals and characters, new weapons could also launch with enough creativity.
    And one idea that I was thinking all night and the following: they could put an option to create their own characters (3 or more spaces to create it) and then have several options for editing it.
    Helmets, clothes, glasses, hair, etc.
    Ate infinite weapons like shotgun for 10 days, 15 days, 5 days Launches grenades, laser (invented) 14 days, and so it continues to buy and the money that the case would be the deaths of the monsters (to buy the same characters) .
    5 days> 3000 deaths

    Thank you for your attention
    Remember this is just an idea.
    Lucas Martinelli Ceccon


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  40. @Anon:Thanks for wasting your time with spamming at this blog,we dont look forward to your next visit.

  41. there is always one! who needs to grow-up and get a life, ms you keep it up, one of the best top notch games on the appstore none-the-less, also are you considering the android market for your next endeavour?


  42. Hey Metalbear,i was wondering due to the fact that there is now an encyclopedia i'm assuming there's gonna be lots of new characters right? :D


  43. Hey Leandro

    The enclyclopedia is designed to expand the Minigore universe and add an extra level of detail to the world MS has created. I'm sure as pages are added, they will make characters to go along with them. It makes logical sense. But things may change.

  44. @Metalbear
    Just wondering if you guys have gotten the beta with the encyclopedia feature.

    I feel like there are alot of characters to choose from right now but of course added more wouldn't hurt haha. The elder gore character seems like it could be a co-op character in which on person controls movement and shooting for one oldie and another controls the shooting for another oldie(I understand the bench is stationary haha but itd be could to implement co-op somhow)

  45. Hey what about a character Which is the predator from the aliens vs predator movies and he can shoot his plasma gun as a ranged attack and as a melee attack he can use his wrist blades what do you guys think?

  46. Awesome idea dude could also have a mario character xD could jump on furries to kill them and then various upgrades for ranged, fire, ice, etc lol or guerrilla bob or a vampire character Count Bloodclot ( due to the castle in the video ) lol.

    AJ -

  47. @Greensheep:
    Defend your bench mode anyone?^^
    I think that the Elder Gore could
    sit in the graveyard map.(since they're undead)
    Protecting themselves and their bench from an incoming horde of zombies. With an wave based system. After each wave they could upgrade walls
    and/or better rate of fire, Temporary shogun/grenade launcher boost, maybe
    even turrets and the old furry explosive trap.
    Made an little prototype here:
    o o O o
    O o B [] O
    I I I I I I
    /\ /\
    ☻ ☻

    o=Small zombie
    O=Big zombie
    []=Mini-boss/Special zombie
    B=Boss/Montrosity,Zombwolf etc.
    ☻=Elder Gores

    What do you think?

    @Dylan and aaron:
    I dont think that they would make characters from movies or other platforms. To be honest.
    Guerilla Bob is a sure future charachter though.:)

    -Te☻ G☻re.

  48. Hey metalbear, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I see a plot hole in your character. Your elemental bear wants to destroy Gore because he's killing all the furries, right? But you want him as a playable character, meaning you want to use him to KILL furries. You want Metalbear to eliminate his own food supply? A dubious theory at best. I think the character Metalbear is really a double agent who is trying to trick the furries into trusting him. John Gore is actually his true love, so Metalbear is trying to kill all the furries so that he and John can live the life together that the old zombie witch predicted. Once Metalbear has earned the trust of the furries, they'll take him to their leader (the puppet master for those of you just joining this blog) and Metalbear can use his acid rain to vanquish this foe. Leaderless, the other furries will scatter into the woods never to torment the happy couple again. John and Metalbear can then build the quaint cottage of their dreams and live out the rest of their lives in peace. It makes sense that Metalbear is elemental because I could see the electricity between John and him from a mile away. Doesn't this theory make much more sense? Would you mind running this by the other beta testers? I would love to hear their input.

    p.s. great work with the character Metalbear...he's so much more than he seems. Keep it up!

  49. also, I'm Alex if you have any clarification questions about my theory.

  50. Hey Alex

    Good point. Again, I haven't had time to fully flesh out everything for that character, and based on what you have said, there are some things I have to iron out. Tomorrow (For sure) I will make a proper post to explain everything and remedy any issues. Oh and I'd like to point out that this fire/ice character is NOT a bear like the other character. I appreciate your input. :)

    My name is Alex too. :P

  51. Just wondering metal bear what happened to this game Hardgore that you guys were going to make, when will that be coming out.
    thanx- Josh

  52. timmo: in ep4 or above , the sheep could turn ferocious and can resemble your logo ( the mountain sheep ) when you go near him , then when he is in his mountain sheep mode he could charge at you very fast and by stopping him you have to make him charge into a rock and while hes unconcious it will give u a chance to shoot him.

    hope u like my idea and possilby make it official in the game


    if you like dis idea type in me likey muhammuds idea

  53. @teo gore
    YEAH! that defend your bench mode would be tight:D

  54. @Beta testers
    Will this be in the holloween episode? Or ep4


  55. @teo gore that's actually a cool idea but the down side to it that it'll feel to much like a tower defense game if that happens,but overall i say that it is a good idea!

    my ideas in terms of new gameplay modes are this even though i've let you guys know cause your awesome like that is:

    I'd like to see it possible to talk to your partner :D and put in new weapons including as for the modes id like to see "defend the post" where you and your teamates protect a shelter from furries and zombies :D and id like to see a "TEAM DEATHMATCH" where 2 up to 4 players duke it out and maybe "Capture the Flag" where the players see who can collect the most flags before being killed...let me know whatcha think :)


  56. Lazy Mountainshit, let's make a deal, im saying there will be no multiplayer this year... Mayby in 2015 there is multiplayer, till then we have to do it with these stupid updates :(

  57. episode 4 2011. I called it.

  58. Im very dissapointed...

    I know MS works hard but their fans (we) were waiting for so long.
    And now, as an update is released finally, it doesnt even include multiplayer!

    thats kinda lame...

  59. hey i ahve one question. I know minigore isnt in the top 10 in the app store, but it will be.In the meantimedoes the app generate ebough money to pay developement costs? just wondering.

  60. Hey jussi I'm going to ask you and ms team a question if this is the Halloween episode I know it probably wont be released before Halloween because u guys would have 16 days - 7 because of apple approving the update and it will take time for u guys to submit so with these odds do u think it would be out by November or even December?

  61. Hey guys I would just like to tell you all that I have started up a wikia on minigore. All help would be appreciated.



  62. Metalbear, could you present my idea of the dude on a sheep to MS if you forget what it's specal ability is just ask.

  63. Hey i really like the idea of all the characters having special abilities. Because now it doesn't really matter which character you choose really because half of them do nothing.

  64. You should. Add Jussi in the credits. He deserves to be recognized.

  65. How can I apply to be a beta tester? :D Just watching the updates flow by isn't satisfying enough. Only making me anticipate (which is the point of the updates I guess)...

  66. @ Me (you, that person ? lol)

    Jussi is in the credits in the Halloween episode

    @ James

    they are not looking for more testers sorry

    - Rooteboy

  67. Natiscool: Awesome, I'll be sure to help that out!!

    hanfhas3: Timo said that Minigore was not originally intended for multiplayer, so now they have to work on rewriting nearly the whole code. I'm no app developer, but I'm pretty sure rewriting an app that is currently 50.7 MB (current release, not counting everything in the Halloween episode) might take a while. I'm not entirely sure, but based on that, I think they may have wanted to give the fans a little something-something to play with while they wait. Something that EVERYBODY could play, not just for example iPhone4 users. (thus preventing the whole jcyoutube18 debate, no offense to you jcyoutube18 =))

    Teo Gore: Defend you bench sounds awesome!! a possibility for the update after the update after episode 4? (If the kept the episode titles, it would be episode 6) =)

  68. I really think that minigore needs a new gameplay mode, so it's great to hear the 'defend the bench' idea. I think another cool mode would be a left for dead style thing for 2-4 players where half are zombies/furries and the others are the characters. And the people plating as the furies would become hard to defeat furries as the game progressed. So start as standard furry then eventually predators or fur-bombs and there would be a set time for ether the gores to reach an objective or the zombies to kill the gores.
    What do you guys think?
    Oh and I think the encyclopedia looks awesome

  69. Hey metalbear,
    Have you guys found any bugs in the beta for whichever version is the next update? I'm just wondering how soon MS can submit the update to Apple bug-free.
    Joshua (I'm Canadian too :) !)

  70. so openfeint is being completely ditched in favour of came centre? what about 3g + below users? came centre is not compatible with them. so we get no acchievements/highscores? bull.

  71. Dr Metusalem should be a playable character! He'd be slower than the others because he's quite old, but because he's so smart and crazy he's created a laser gun! But you can only use the Laser Gun for a short amount of time before it overheats (Like when you get a Flamethrower in many Shooting games). So you should be cautious about when you're going to shoot rather than just holding down the shoot button like with the machine gun. It should tell you when you're going to overheat in the bar where it usually shows your remaining ammo, like with the Grenade Launcher and the Shotgun. The bar should go decrease when you're firing the gun and increase when you're not firing. When the bar is empty you have to wait until the bar reaches the top again before you can fire it! Sound good?

  72. @Joshua

    Testing is going fine. MS is really confident about how things are shaping up. I'm not sure if I can say if it has or hasn't been submitted, because they never fully filled us in on their current intentions. But what I do know is that players will like what they get.

    And sorry for the low activity everyone. The life of a 17 year-old is filled with unexpected routes. I'll be sure to post more often, including about that ice/fire character, the moment I've got time. :D

  73. @Metalbear

    Correct me if I'm wrong
    Small Furry - 1 kill
    Normal Furry - 4 kills (?)
    Giant Furry - 10 kills
    Predator Furry - 5 kills (?)
    Fur-bomb - 6 kills
    Wolfworm - 15 kills (?)

    So beast mode doubles the kills, but how would the mulitplers work?

  74. Hey.

    I've confirmed those kill totals, but good job finding them without the new system! Essentially the multipliers will be like this:

    You kill a fur bomb for example, and a x6 appears where you killed it, then it slowly fades away. If you're in beast mode, a x12 will appear instead. The small furries and wormwolf multipliers do not appear.

  75. @Metalbear: Are you allowed to tell us how many kills the new moose character will cost?

  76. @Metalbear:
    So is testing complete then?
    -Jac Dav

  77. 1st anon: No idea when it's out.

    2nd anon: I have no idea how many kills it would costs. Assuming it will cost kills at all. ;P No more discussion on that subject.

    Jac Dav: I have a feeling it is. Not entirely sure though. They may randomly throw something in. Jussi will most likely address that question in the next blog post. :)

  78. hey just wanted to say that im so looking forward to the update and @ Metalbear,i was wondering who can i contact to apply for concept artist i'd love to help i have loads of concepts drawn out :)


  79. i have come up with a rediculous character that should be added to minigore for the lol's.......... AL GORE!!!!

  80. why isnt there a post yer

  81. Please post mon ami :)

  82. Instead of making it an article-type-thing it would be cool if you guys made it like a comic sort of thing. That way people that are playing the game wouldnt get bored just reading text, just a thought thanks...

  83. Hey Jussi, it's Monday! And just like last week you're so busy that you cant put up another blog post. Don't think that i'm mad at you, im just a little dissapointed. It only takes about five minutes doesn't it? Maybe do it in a Lunch break or something..

  84. ill ask again, shall i? are 3g and below users getting blocked out from acchievements/highscores? i assume you know that game center is only compatible with newer-gen devices. What about us? no more openfeint, no more acchievements/highscores? correct me if im wrong, but if not, im assuming MS are completely dumping users of older devices.

  85. Metalbear.

    You said a while ago that you were taking suggestions?

    - Ch1ken

  86. Leandro:

    I'm not sure. Ask again at the start of the next blog post, and we'll see.


    Yup. Why?