Monday, October 25, 2010



As everyone is waiting for the update to get through Apple (including us), I decided to publish something you guys have never seen before. A sneak peek to Minigore Comic. Yes, that's right. We plan to add it to the game bit by bit, just like Encyclopedia. The purpose of this is to have a way to tell the story behind the game in a nice looking, clear way. Just like Encyclopedia, the Comic will be included in future updates, not as an in-app purchase.

Here's the cover:

As you can see, Tim Mcburnie has been working on the Comic. He's doing a fantastic job! Just in case you didn't know his work before this, here's a link to his website. Enjoy!


  1. Philovskoy AlexanderOctober 25, 2010 at 7:09 AM

    Yesss! A new blog post here! But I really don't like John on this cover. He is must be original, like on startup game screen!

  2. great to hear, ive always wanted to know all about John Gore, cant wait

    one question

    will we have the comic in episode 4 ?


  3. I love you. And i'd pay for this comic ;)

  4. i want to have a medium sized furry as playable character!!!


    got bored, so i photoshopped a little something..

  6. Do you see yourselves submitting Episode 4 to Apple before the end of the year?


  7. You should post it as a webcomic :3

  8. That looks great!!!alot better then my comic,say whats the app icon gonna look like for the Halloween episode?


  9. Excellent! First Pocket God, then Minigore. Doodle Jump comic next? :P

    I'm kidding with you. Looks really nice. I can't wait to read it! Print copies availible?

    Personal question for Timo, you could always answer over the beta group:

    Without providing financial information, is developing Minigore still worth while for you and Kimmo? Is it providing enjoyment/enough money for you still? Not trying to offend you in any way, just curious.

  10. Good work guys. Waiting to get the Halloween Update. I know you get a lot of complaints about release times and such but let me tell you I'd gladly wait seeing the quality you put out each and every time.

  11. I like the idea of the comic. A few months ago, I was looking even closer at the art in all areas, including the credits. Through the game itself, the following questions were not answered:
    - Who is that guy in the background at the startup (or "Master of Puppets)?
    - In the credits, why is there a picture of John Gore with a building in the background? Why is he going there?
    - The Master of Puppets hold three people
    - John Gore in the menu screen is on a platform being viewed by people and the three puppets that was being held by the Master of Puppets.
    - Why do the clovers cause him to turn into an uncontrollable sheep that gores anything in it's way?
    - Who is the person with a top hat in the bottom right corner of the title screen and why does he have a voodo doll of John gore in the credits?
    - Who is the drooling person in the title screen background behind the person with the top hat? He would make a great character in the comic.
    - Why is there a grave already dug in both of maps?
    And finally...
    - Why is John being ambushed by the furries in the first place? Did he do something to upset them? Where they forced to attack them? Where they ordered by the elusive Master of Puppets?

    Anyway, the comic book is a great way to go through the life of John Gore. I can't wait for the comic to be released. I would definately pay money for it, even though it's free with the game. I cannot wait for that, including the next update and episode 4. Thank you making such an awesome game!

  12. At anon- I dont think its a sheep. More like a bull. But thats what i think.

  13. @Владимир Онищенко
    Кто знает, как сделать? Im Су путать!

  14. sorry about the russian post above but i felt compelled to answer and it would be good if each chapter of the comic is a level like story mode, and u start of as kid gore and like progress

  15. Ничего себе русский язык является удивительным!

    Anyway.. The more i look at the front page of this comic, the more i love it! Really great work! Nice one Tim!

  16. Philovskoy AlexanderOctober 26, 2010 at 5:51 AM

    Skidatle, I am Russian too, and I know it!

  17. geez apple is really taking their time with this one!!! wonder if there are any plans to have seperate sound tracks for each mode/map. the one now is so epic but i reakon different modes should have different music

  18. i bet apple is takin so long cause they cant stop playin it!

  19. iTunes is telling me that I have seven updates, but it's only showing six. Could the seventh be the new update for Minigore, and it's not showing up because Apple hasn't finished uploading it to the app store?

  20. @Maxwell
    Haha no it's impossible.
    Probably you downloaded an app from another store different from your usal (maybe you changed the country of your store).


  21. @Anon with a lot of questions:
    1.I don't know more than he is the end boss
    of Minigore.
    2.That pic is from the game teaser,
    John sees that Manor then he gets attacked
    by some furries and that's the end.
    3.Three CHEFS!:D
    4.What is the question?
    5.It's a minotaur.(Remember how humans are squared in this game?)Exactly WHY is a mystery.
    6.His name is General Morgan,the puppet is
    probably the masters.
    7.That is a Lumberjack.
    8 and 9.Only the mighty Mountain sheep can tell.

  22. Это было бы удивительным, если обновленная информация 4 вышел до конца года. Я люблю читать комментарии, которые размещены на Jussi и не могу дождаться следующего обновления.

  23. Hey everyone,

    Have a look at this quick ipad sketch of a new enemy I have already mentioned a while ago.

    Let me know what you think of it Timmo, Jussi, anyone ....
    Would love to see it come to life!

  24. Sorry that question four wasn't realy a question Teo. What I meant was that why is John being viewed by the people? Do they enjoy seeing him being gored by the furries?( For people playing the game, he is moving killing the furries, as if we, the game players, are viewing him) Also, is he a actual person, or is he an animated miniature organism that resembles a human?

    I will (hopefully) promise that this will be my last question. What happened to John's wife? We only know that there's John and Jenny, but what about his wife? She is never seen in any of the art shown within the game. Maybe she was murdered by the furries and John is seeking revenge. Maybe a particular person killed her and he's going to the manor for information about her death. Maybe John accidentally killed her while in beast mode, and has to live his life, hoping that the same tradgedy will not happen to his one and only daughter.

    Right now, I'm thinking that John symbolically dug his own grave after the events that caused the furries to go and kill him.

    For the clovers, I think Hardland grows special clovers that cause people to go into uncontrollable rage. The reason why is that all natives of Hardland have square heads and frurry monsters that are able to move without the use of legs. My only false statement contains Santa. He loves clovers, but why does he come to Hardland? He can get clovers in virtually almost every place in the world.

    Anyway, the theories do not matter untill thay are proven. What makes me want the comic to come is to see the truth behind John Gore.

    Lastly, thank you Tio for correcting some mistakes I made in my last post.

  25. Mini gore has prayed te update is out Wooten I will post l8r but I'm like first to update ftw

  26. Btw how u make globally accs anyone? I've finally toured out how to post that's not anonomys sinc mygoogle acc didn't work also FYI u know old system with 2k for hard 6k insane and 18k inferno well each is. 3x diff exclude ez so if u divide to theorclticall have ez u end up with... 666! If u drop decimal I'd just like to announce idk if just chance or actual mingore Easter egg just that no one else really noticed and i noticed this about 6 months ago

  27. Also this update has totems by I think there is an achievement glitch for unlockg the in app purchase ones if u had prior to updating FYI and green bunny ftw for icon

  28. Also no collison objects yet bowser will monitors re implement predator sing from before it's under a in believe 3rd party album for mi ivied and sounds epic so if was bride b nice to have if not sill epic son also jagged ltd has some interesting songs say beat wars or temple disagree that could b used and mingore should hink about making an album pack like other companies.

    On another note I am infuriated at companies copying minigore like trinity is complete knock off also FYI thre is this one that although I don't remember name if u look up. Dragon slaughter. It is a td game that same company release a campain zombiE hing Exactly in style cept not boxed as minigore it is very sad...

    Btw my OF and Gamcenter I'd is Omnia X if anyone wants to add me ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  29. YEAH!!!

    Update live in sunny California!!



  31. Minigore update is out!
    Thanks Minigore Dev!

    Woo Halloween time :D

  32. Heh was 1 week exact in a way when u think about it also minigore was like in the 13% in a way hmmm 13 666 minigore... C. A pattern? Lolz and yay I have over 7 k kills for first time run inferno Jenny gore whom duel swipes I now may get sensei quicker

  33. Why does it say "too skilles for leaderboards when i play with sensei ?!

  34. Minigore characters don't have legs...