Thursday, December 10, 2009

The final big surprise of 2009

Want to end 2009 with a bang? What if you found out we are about to submit Episode 3.5 for approval? Cos we are! That's right, and what Episode 3.5 brings you is many new cross-promotion characters.

Zombieville guy from Zombieville USA:

Lizzy the lizard from Sway:

Ninja Man from Sway:

All these cool characters are unlockable using the kill currency which I bet you all have been saving up like mad trying to reach Sensei Evan. These new ones you can unlock a fair bit easier than Sensei, though. :P

There are also two super secret characters we'll reveal a bit later down the line...

During the holidays we're gonna recover a bit from the hard year of work and come back as energized as ever to continue work on Episode 4. 2009 has been a great year for Minigore and all of you guys deserve a big thank you - and let's make 2010 even better!


  1. Thanks! This is gonna be great...

  2. you style and character design rocks! Love it!

    Come On :D
    Christmas Gift

  4. The picture with the Zombieville guy doesn't look like the forest level. Is it the new Graveyard level! I hope you guys make it unique, different than the forest

  5. Very nice, consider having crate leveling to make crate explosions more powerful, stated in previous post

  6. Ya, I hope the new level is not just sticks in the gound...

  7. This is Great News!! It would add tons of re-playability to the game.
    But I have one suggestion here. As much as it's great to have different characters, wouldn't it be even more amazing if each character had a special ability/power unique to itself.

    I believe that would give the game a whole new dimension, and not to mention incentive to pick up a certain character. Cause for the time being, it's all the same thing over and over even with different characters.

    Yeah, one last suggestions, it would be great if in the high scores page, we could see the scores and the characters that got us there. That way we would know which character is helping us get the higher scores.


  8. I agree with Nazo, here are my suggestions:
    New Character: Doodler from Doodle Jump as a character with an ability to jump
    New Character: Pygmy from Pocket God
    Melée Weapons: knife, sword, chainsaw, boxing gloves, etc....
    New Weapon: flamethrower
    Special Ability: ability to build defenses such as turrets, etc...
    Online Multiplayer (not just local)
    And maybe, just maybe be able to play as the monsters... line draw swarms of monsters or something.

    RaptorF35 

  9. Why are you guys so awesome? So, so awesome.

  10. how about a cross promo with pocket god
    id love to play minigore as a pygmie

  11. You should do the whole pocket god thing because it will seriously boost your rating and sell more because pocket god is huge and has a big fan base it would really help

  12. Can't wait for co-op!!!

  13. Life isn't just about selling out for pygmies and bigger sales guys, If it fits in minigores future great, if it doesn't don't push it, you couldn't ever have melée in this sort of game, it wasn't built for that..... Great, can't wait, since you said final surprise of 2009 does that mean it's going to get submitted before the end of the year? Anyway awesome

    I got 49470 :) Rank 18 :( (Its sad that my scores goes up 12000 points and I still drop 2 rankings haha)


  14. I like the game but it's too hard to reach enough points for most unlockable characters. Can't get past 5600 points no matter how hard I try. They game needs a mini gun or something.

  15. This Game IS Very Good!

  16. new characters make it even more fun in minigore!
    just a few suggestions:
    will it be great if new modes and enlarged maps are added in the game?
    I'd love the idea of uniqueness of each character,it seems great for the players to choose which character fit them most!
    one more thing to add is that,will there be another tagline contest in the future?I just wanna join and see if my face can be a character in the game :P

  17. I finally managed to reach the insane difficulty and get 8000 points :)
    I'd just like to say this game has changed dramatically since when it was released and its thanks to you guys. Episode 3.5 should be even more kickass and I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait,

  18. sweet! cant wait. for the new characters how many kills will they take? and for the update thats out, when you get stuff upgraded is it just for that game or cumulative? awesome game

  19. Amazing game! I love it so much. Here are some suggestions though:
    1) More places/environments
    2) Special abilities for each character
    3) Ability to unlock turrets and plant a certain amount per game
    4) Power slash to cut through furries (uses an energy bar, the more filled up it is, the more powerful the slash!)
    5) ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! That would offiicially make this game amazing!
    Please add those things and it'll be the #1 app in the app store, hands down. Thank you so much for trying to add these! I love the new update by the way! And please post something about the 3.5 update because I'm still wondering if it's coming out in 2009 or 2010, thanks!

  20. And how many of these mystery characters will we have to pay for?
    59p app is 59p. Not 59p and more if u want cool stuff.

  21. dangit chosen one i thought i had you beat today because i got 39000 but then i saw yours and it went up like crazy haha

  22. The PG pygmies arent hardcore enough to be in MiniGore. IMO

  23. @ Anon Above Me ^^

    You are the man. I fully support that quote, going to remember this forever.

    "The PG pygmies arnt hardcore enough to be in MiniGore. IMO" By Anonymous

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  25. pck up lives would ruin the leader boards this would mean that how long you survived is based on chance and not on skill of the game

  26. Props to the amazing work put into Minigore.

  27. Characters need unique starting weapons other than the same old machine gun. I could have sworn envirobear would have started with the shotgun but no. Also, no voice for Evan!?! That's half the reason I play this game is to hear those great one-liners! Perhaps make some unlockable weapons as well. Need the arsenal from Zombieville! Imagine a minigore minigun!

  28. Hi there,

    First of, I would like to say that episode 3 has some major bugs.
    It has crushed my ipod touch at least 5 times till now. And the worst part is that it occurs at the higher levels, when it's intense, and you are about to record your highest score yet. I happened to me just 2 mints ago; I was around 12000 ... That pisses me off a lot, I dunno if Mountain sheep are aware of this issue.

    Secondly, this game has a lot of potential for future upgrades that would transform the game into a monster game, but people, let's not get overboard and bastardize the game by requesting every existing game character from other games into this one. New characters should have a purpose here.

    Personally I feel like pocket god pygmies have no place here. And I have many reasons to back this belief. Pygmies have no place in a forest, they are too cute to have an aggressive edge, and they are too popular, so they would cannibalize minigore's core characters.

    Besides, Pocket God fans can always go back to Pocket God if they wanna play with clueless wide eyed pygmies.

    According to what I have seen in terms of graphics, mountain sheep already have a slew of characters native to minigore that look awesome, and totally coherent with the minigore theme/style.

    For me, the only external character that could add something intriguing in Minigore is Doodle jump's alien; and for the following reasons:

    1- It would bring along a whole new dimension by adding "jumping" to the controls. That is something very positive and would open the game to new possibilities instead of just moving forward/backward and in circles.

    2- It has a nice edge to it, and doesn't look cutesy like the pygmies.
    3- I like the idea that it doesn't have arms, but can shoot through it's mouth, that alone is very cool.

    And Mountain sheep if your'e reading this here are some other suggestions I have, that would inherence the game:

    1- regaining a life after a certain (achievable) number of kills.
    2- I know that it's coming ... but new larger maps, and landscapes would be more than welcome.
    3- Adding traps to trap furies on the way, or ice them when it's all snowy.

    One last thing ... I bought both in app purchases to encourage Mountain Sheep, cause they more than deserve it, but It's kinda disappointing that you get nothing new in those purchases, Just 2 new characters's not the best value for money, but what the heck, I'm a huge fan.

    Thanks for reading ...

  29. The only place the Pygmies woulf have in this gave is if they replaced the furries. That reminds me, Please keep working on the Zombie idea, if not for a minigore mode then for an all new game; Zombiegore!

  30. I'd enjoy that the co-op modus had a bigger map.
    That'd be wonderful, because it's funnier to play on a bigger map!

    What about the Master of Puppets, what about the Girl who's standing next to John Gore in all the wallpapers? Thank you.

    Sine ( send me an email : )

  31. Nazo, thank you for finally speaking the truth. It's about time when someone agrees with me and other people on this blog with common sense. MiniGore needs to stay true to it's own style; not to be bastardized with pygmies and god knows what else. This is a game, not some advertising haven folks. Personally, I think that Zombieville and Sway are as far K&T need to go as far as new characters are concerned. All of us (including me) have to be very careful not to overhype this update, because when it does come out, most of us will just end up being dissapointed because of the overhype. However Nazo, I must disagree with the Doodle Jump idea; the whole jump attribute would make the gameplay too easy. I also disagree with the "regain life" idea, and for the same reason. But other than that Nazo, you're the man, and thanks for finally speaking the truth.

  32. I love you guys, PLease don't make them over 45000 kills, I have both games and love them. My favorite is Lizzy from sway. Good luck to you guys. Oh yeah I like the regain lives idea.

  33. I have an idea, what about adding Achmed (the Dead Terrorist) as a playable character. If not because of his look then because of his comments (Silence, I kill you!).

  34. just thought of a way to keep Minigore separate from its promotional characters. simply change the character select menu to have a "minigore Character select" button and a "Special character select" button. then depending on which button selected depends on the characters you select from the screen. i think that would allow minigore to stay true to its original artwork and storyline, but also allow all kinds of promotional characters to be introduced (like a pygmi)


  35. i really like ricks idea ^^^^ you should def do that

  36. The guy that got 14 million had to have hacked it, K and T can you please wipe his score, so those of us that got are scores legitimately, arnt knocked off the scoreboards by hackers, please Ty :)

  37. The Pocketgod company are cross promo whores, please dont make a pygmie character. Or a doodler for that matter. The other cross promo characters are cool, but the pygmie and doodler ideas are terrible.

  38. i dont understand why people are so against putting certain promo characters in minigore. mountainsheep are just trying to promote minigore to all iphone gamers ready for when hardgore comes out. you dont even have to unlock the characters you dont want.


  39. Hi,

    Will you guys have an update compatible to 2.2.1? Please do have so.

  40. Ok, Pretty good ideas, I`m with the no promo guys , or at least not alot , because Pocket God IMO is a lame game they are one of the most bought apps and yet they make you pay for dumb skins for the dinosaur , i mean you guys make us pay for 2 chars for a dollar each , thats alright yall arent that big yet but yall will get there , anyways i got a few ideas

    -Customizable avatars only a few features like eyes,mouth,hair,shirt

    -Minigore forums

    -crazy but on the zombies update , if multiplayer comes with it make it like Left 4 Dead , john gore zombies (if thats all your planning for them to look like) to be common infected,big furries that are greyish and like have a missing eyeball as tank , and and lizzy as a smoker to pull you away etc... and take away 3 lives and make it like a % and each monster takes off a certain % and you could add some other stuff

    -mention above , percentage health,each monster takes off a certain amount burning ones have damage that lasts a bit longer like 3 or 5 secs

    -crate that gives you shoes that make you run faster for a while with like a nike sign or something on them

    -characters have unique ablities or ability

    examples- enviro-bear has a roar that makes furries run away for a little while
    Sensei Evan can throw shuriken around him if thats what he is, or that can go to ninja guy
    stuff like that,or if you make them customizable can like make your own , like changing your wep to the shotgun for a while

    -and add a cowboy,why? their badass
    ability:revolver-goes through more than 1 furry

    feedback please even though they are a little off what i said saying for minigore to stay original as it was , but they should add like doodle jump an Original version

    Anyways i bought the 2 chars and Minigore kind of reminds me of BK "Have it your way" you guys are awesome

  41. OMG i can't understand why the fuck you guys didn't implement the savegame! WTF? every time i restore my iPhone i have to do all againg from the begging to reach the Insane mode! And the characters that i unlocked are gone. Again i have to play to unlocke them! I even bought the Santa and the KidGore to help you but please add a damn savegame!

  42. Can't wait for HardGore, any ideas of when the release will be yet?

  43. I think that adding stats to the game would be cool. At the end of every game, and whenever you want, you could check your number of kills, your times between being hit (or your longest time without being hit), your longest time you stayed in beast mode, the number of enemys killed in beast mode, the number of each kind of enemys you've killed, the number of times you've been hit by each kind of enemys, the numbers of enemys killed with each weapon, the number of day/night cycles you've gone through...

    These would be displayed at the end of a game, showing the stats for that specific game, and when you want you could see: your stats since the begining (each game adding to this category, just so you could check how addicted you are to the game :P ), your stats for the last game (or 3 last games) and your best stats.

    At the end of a game, if you've beaten one of your best stats, it would be displayed so you know what you've done better than ever.

    That would be interesting, because at the end of a game you ask youself about those things, and that would add to the higscores' inerest.

  44. i like the idea for stats but some of the others from others i dont. i think after this episode promos should be done for a bit and focus on expanding the gameplay with new bosses/maps etc.

    this game shouldnt get too hectic, i think it should be a nice simple play not so very complicated like some people want.

    good luck with your gamemaking and cant wait for the future!


  45. Hi minigore!!! Love it, new episode sounds class! I agree with "nazo" that different characters should have special abilities......also melee weapons would be class...also i love the in-app purchases!!!!
    I would be cool if there was a different game mode where you had to run from one placec (say your house)to a misty harbour collecting nukes along the way (called quaids)whilst fighting furries to reach your destination...Then you could get on a helicopter (bit random in a harbour) and fly away nuking the furries trying to eat you,and the island too. Cut scenes and a storyline could be included. The higher levels you achieve, the better suits or characters you achieve and have stars added to your name. Awesome game, definately my favourite!!!!!!!!!

    "They won't take no for an answer" could be the tagline.


    Also please include an ice cream man called heladoman!!!!

  46. Don't forget giving the characters voices like most of the current ones do. Oh yeah, have another contest please. storyline also

    a weapon upgrade menu
    level select menu
    ammo supply pick ups
    unlockable starting wepons

    these would be AWeSOME

  48. i think stats would be too much work and it wouldnt make the game more work it would just delay the fun stuff..

    melee weapon pickups would be cool but its kinda hard to make something thats better than the beast mode i mean its just so flippin awesome!!!!!!!

    individual character powers sounds like the best idea ive seen in this blog :P i hope timo/kimmo think about making it a reality!


  49. Melée weapons don't work..... It's a shooter guys.... "add an ice cream man called heladoman" WTF!?

  50. All I can say is make the characters have individual abilitys that would be sweet that's all I want rite now

  51. Lot`s of shooters have melee genius,the melee could just extend a little bit further so it wouldnt be useless and the weapons could break or something , and they wont be 1 hit KOs except on little furries , and you could also add like a badass melee weapon like the way you pickup weapons now and last the same way weapons last now , im thinking huge scythe

    and Helado Man means icecream man in spanish

  52. Since the next update is expected to have zombies, there should be a zombi gore. Even if you have to pay in app purchase for it I would buy it. It should also have a remake of the menator that looks more like a zombie.

  53. You guys should also start working on the psp go version of minigore. It will be the best game for the psp since all the other games are no where near as good as this. You could switch the controls like move with the X,Triangle, O, and Square buttons and use the analog stick to shoot. You could sell it for 10.00 and put add ons into it. I know you guys can make it because minigore was originally suppose to be for the ps3.

  54. Don't make minigore on the psp, this is our(iPods and iPhones) game and if they Start to make it on psp it will delay all future updates

  55. Nice work on the game guys. I believe what I am about to suggest everyone in existence will agree with me. We should be able to play as a furry and commit some "black on black crimes" haha. Only problem has to be how they will hold the guns. I suggest just having the guns just float in front of them. It is a game after all so it doesn't have to be that realistic.

  56. Furrows have arms and yes,that is a SPECTACULAR idea!

  57. the only way that would work is if there was some sort of rogue furry character that mountain sheep came up with, or they made an unlockable version of john gore in a giant furry costume. otherwise just having a normal furry wouldn't work.

  58. like heladoman's idea about the getting from one place to another. maybe it could be in stages were you have to kill a certain number of furries to progress (maybe a gate can open or somthing). everythin else was a bit rubbish though

  59. Secret Character?

  60. No you can't have traditional melée weapons because this is a duel shooter, and since melée weapons require the enemies they would have to be right up on your face which means you couldnt attack the further away ones.... So your better off using short to long range guns-which we allready have......

    I know helado means ice-cream I was wondering why he'd be so stupid that he'd ask MS to make a character for him and name it heladoman.... Would it be a giant blob of ice cream!? That's why I said wtf, and again WTF!?

  61. dear people that blame the devs for massive crashes
    1. if ur runnin on no free space thats ur problem
    2. if u are still running 2.2.1 UPDATE ITS $5 cas ur already half a year put-dated and games will stop suporting it
    3. there is a save game feature but if ur still having problems create an openfeint account it saves highscores AND achivments
    4. dont yell at me or post harsh comments

    also i like the idea of customisablr abilities, like each character has a unique animation for each ability but you "buy" a general talent with ur kills and then you can apply it to your char b4 u start, kinda like armoring up, like a passive blast that when applied to like evan he shoots a ring of shuricans out every now and then when he gets a kill, or a +wepons skill ability so you start able to pikup like a lvl 10 shotty or have a longer rage

  62. Hey Kimmo (MiniGore),

    I, Angus Symons and my friend Matt Kennedy, would like to help you on your way to making MiniGore a top iPod Touch game on the App Store. We'll be happy to supply you our ideas for absolutely free. (unless you'd like to pay us, of course.) We are hardcore MiniGore fan's and would love to contribute to the potential of this game, and we really think it could help your profits as well.

    Well I'll tell you some of our ideas:

    >A Story mode (campaign): Each update adds another level of campaign (so the players are all waiting for more!) but start with three levels. Also add cut scenes with all John's best one-liners and new sayings. It could kind of go like at the start (it's a bit like a pre-logue) of how John got to Hardgore forest, and as you go on, you add new players to the "team" and new enemies like, Wormwolf and Zombies, get added in on the way.

    >Co-Op multiplayer (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and global)*

    >A different menu layout; a bit like how you choose the characters with the interactive sliding menu


    >Weapons: Mini Uzi, Turret platform that changes place on the map after you've used it, Bazooka and/or Rocket Launcher that you climb up a ladder to get to (which falls after about thirty seconds) that has an intuitive touch format, like a mini map in the corner of John's POV and touch where you want the rocket to go.

    Desert map; That you have to get water canteens to survive. Furries/Wormwolves come out of the sand and attack you.

    Village map; Has houses and possibly human survivors that John has to save (to a rescue point).

    River map; Has a river (possibly infested with crocodile) and has a bridge to cross, where you can either drown in it, or get completely devoured by the crocodiles (to make it more "gorier").

    >More characters: Like the Easter Bunny for Easter. Make it he's stuck in an egg (with his legs, arms and bunny ears poking out) and then when he get's three clovers, he explodes out of the egg and has blood shot eyes and with stitches. :D
    And you can just have characters to do with the special dates (Easter, Christmas etc.)

    >Have "One Week Of Clovers"; Which means for one week, you only have to get one clover to become the beast, and see who can rack up the highest score for the week. Maybe whoever wins can become a Beta Tester.

    >Ranks for upgrades (Weapons and the Beast). So, say if you get to "Level 10" you become "Rank 1" and stay on that next time you play. SO you keep on becoming stronger, kind of like a reward for playing the game.

    >Pause Menu: The pause menu also has stats, like; How many kills, what upgrade level you're on for shotgun, grenade launcher and beast, How far away Wormwolf is (time), and have a map of where you are (player), where the shotgun/grenade launcher package is and where about the clovers are.

    *We think you might already be adding these in the next couple of updates.

    We really hope you love our ideas (as we love MiniGore!) and if you do, we are happy for you to email us back and we'll give you some more of our awesome ideas as we have a whole ton of them!

    Could you guys please reply to us? Just to know we have actually been listened to!

    Angus Symons and Matt Kennedy,
    Hardcore MiniGore Fans.

  63. you could even have a mansion level like where you can go up and down stairs, and zombies can break down the windows and their are items that fix all windows. and shandaleers can fall down and kill zombies and YOU!!!!!!!

  64. also it would be awsome if the was a little sun and moon in the corner and it slowly turns to a moon for night and turns to a sun or day.

  65. Oh no! So many ideas how to ruin the game ;.P

  66. "Presentation - 7.0:
    Cute, colorful and stylish menus and graphics, some funny moments, and an online leaderboards system. Lacks depth and options all around, though.

    Graphics - 8.0:
    Really pleasing style works brilliantly on iPhone. Great engine, particle effects, faked lighting effects and fluid framerate. It all comes together, but more variation is needed.

    Sound - 7.5:
    Funny one-liners and orchestrated music, but again, there's just not enough variation.

    Gameplay - 7.0:
    The virtual thumbstick controls feel a little looser than they do in iDracula, but they still work well enough. Gunning down enemies is fun and satisfying. Lacks variation, though.

    Lasting Appeal - 5.0:
    Unless you're the kind of gamer who needs to see his name on the tops of leaderboards, you will probably grow bored with the game's limited selection of content soon after playing.

    OVERALL: 7.0 (Decent)"

  67. LOL...said... stfu

  68. factor in upcoming updates into your review

  69. Hey guys no one really commented on this idea i just want your opinion on it Ghost furries they cant be killed the bullets pass right through them unless they are half way close to you beast mode can see them

  70. when do i get to play as timo and kimmo? haha

  71. Wow never thought bout that I want to play as timo and kimmo

  72. Will the dual wielding be in this next 3.5 update or do we have to wait until episode 4 for that? Im tired of only getting to use one arm to hold the gun.

  73. how about unlocking weapons with kills like how you unlock characters, as well as maps, character add-ons, etc