Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dual wielding

We wanted to wait until the new OpenFeint comes out (which should be any day now) and decided to add dual wielding into the game while waiting.

Oh, who's the little guy? He's non other than Kid Gore, now cooler than ever! In case anyone's wondering whoever Kid Gore is -- he is the young John Gore. Upgrading Kid Gore is our way of showing gratitude to everyone who's supported us by purchasing his character. In this next picture you see him wielding the grenade launcher and a shotgun. Yes, you can wield them in any combination you like and it's supported by all characters... except Enviro-Bear (since the bear is, well, one-armed and all).


  1. First:) wow this bamf! So I'm assuming he's not the only character you can duel weild with right? Since your upgrading him what happens to the old model, I'd there a way to switch him back? Thanks guys good job;)


  2. Yeah, he's not. Updated the text to reflect that.

  3. The old model will be replaced by this new one.

  4. Cool Beans gotcha :) I really like the explosion on the second picture Wow so do you plan on submitting it this year or next? sorry jw


  5. hey timo whats in the new openfeint? anything good

  6. Dual double barrels? It's a game, I know - but it would make more sense if they were semi-auto instead of breach load.

    Ah well, toss reality to the furrys and let's have some fun! Great game, thanks!

  7. funny cuz shotgun is double barrel and shoots 3

  8. @playn
    I believe it is OpenFeint 2.5 which is .......Online multiplayer for who knows what ;)

  9. @anon
    ooo yeaaaa.. lets hope a certain dev team takes advantage of that, ey ;) HINT HINT WINK WINK

  10. This is great, but why the hell there is no more music when you fight with the "boss". It breaks all the Mini Gore atmosphere.

    I hope you fix that in the next release.

  11. @Anon: They are dual barrel semi-autos... I guess. Darn fast anyway.

    @Anon: We had to think of a creative solution to make the low-end devices handle the boss performance-wise. Fading out the music and replacing it with night sounds seemed to do the trick. There is room for optimization in the GPU driver of the iPhone, so I'm looking forward to being able to do more stuff if OS 3.2 (or similar) comes out with optimizations.

  12. Hi there,

    After having a look at the mouth watering sneak peak of Guerilla Bob. I guess it's about time Mountain Sheep started taking their focus away from adding tons of new characters that add nothing much in terms of real value, and started working on making the game more interesting inside out.

    Adding characters and all sorta xtras is fun, but the game has stayed the same ever since it's inception.

    With no storyline, not many new elements that take the game into a new dimension, Guerilla Bob will blow Minigore away as soon as it get's released.

    If you still don't get what I am talking about ... have a look at Guerilla Bob's preview here.

    Well, that is some kick ass game that I would buy without a trace of hesitation, and I'm sure millions of others would do too.

    I love Minigore, but I just wished it would start going forward instead of staying put and changing costumes all the time.

  13. @nazo
    im a beta tester for guerilla bob as well as minigore, and trust me. the two games are COMPLETELY different. the only similarity is the controls, nothing else is even remotely close to the game play of minigore

  14. @nazo the graphics look wierd and cartoonish, the weapons look horrible, and the game looks like its trying too hard to be good. go advertize your game somewhere else

  15. guys, even though you may feel he's come here to advertise the game...
    well i can just remember an old iphone game named Fieldrunners.
    It was kind of the same thing as Minigore, quick updates, nice community, etc...
    Then one day the Appstore started to get flooded by other, and "better" tower defence games...
    Fieldrunners went in fewer and fewer updates, the fans left the site...
    I don't know if it's just coincidence, but Fieldrunners died at that time, it has'nt been updated for almost a year..

    What happened was: other devellopers remade what made fieldrunners so popular, and just added the features the fan wanted...

    It's kinda happening here... iDracula and Minigore are excellent games, but are limited to one single map (and a snow version) with borders.

    There comes a time where playing minigore just becomes the same thing over and over again... even when you choose a different character
    And even if the devs want the game to stay this way, the players might just leave...

    Why not just make the map like a huge vertical rectangle, where you'd have to go up all the time, because you're chased on the bottom by a HUGE army of furries trying to get to eat you !
    And as you go up, you meet furries also coming from around you, you keep the minigore feel. But theres still that huge group coming from the lower part of the screen.
    So you continue upwards and get into a closed border zone, you can't go further any more, you're in the boss zone, it appears, and killing it unlocks the borders, you can continue just in time as the huge stampeed of furries down there is always advancing...
    You continue, and there, another boss, etc etc... maybe advance in a new zone and discover another character that joins your team and helps you, etc etc

    Sorry for the long text...

    I guess basically what i mean is minigore should try and get a little more movement, some story to keep us playing for something more than just high scores, because today's public isn't in to high scores anymore... (in majority)

  16. This is basically a reply to "urmom"

    How old are you exactly? Ten?
    "the graphics look wierd and cartoonish"?? And what does Minigore's graphics look like? Real life 3D?
    It would take a pre-teen who lacks maturity to dismiss that competition is essential for evolution.

    I think "Bents" has a very good point here… And no, I'm not affiliated to Guerilla Bob in any way.

    You can say whatever you want about Guerilla Bob , but you can't ignore that fact that it has tons of features that Minigore lacks badly. It is something when a very credible website like goes as far as calling it "the shooter that would change the landscape of the Appstore".

    The gaming community never sleeps. It's a living breathing beast that would not hesitate to jump bandwagons when one game is in standstill.

    Only Mountain Sheep(which I adore) and Time have the power to prove me wrong.
    But the way things are right now, Minigore would lose out to Guerilla Bob cause it lacks the x factor; re-playability. MS has gotten around that for the short term by pushing us to play to unlock new characters, but that story would get very old very soon.

    Here's hoping that Mountain sheep is not hibernating this winter on some cliff.

    BTW. If you are an immature narrow minded kid, who can't see beyond his nose, feel free never to respond to this message, cause it's not intended for you.

    But If you agree with me, and want to add your voice to mine so that Mountain sheep will lend us an ear, please speak out.

  17. there is so much content planned for minigore it's insain, its just a matter of TIME.

  18. @nazo hey I understand your point with minigore having a story line or some sort of campaign. having said that this game is survival-shooter which many of these types of games (except for alive 4 ever which sucks) dont have I would think in the future they will add like a funny storyline like how john got into hardland or something...

  19. Exactly. They have a story and co op written out everything is ready some features we can't even dream of yet. Gurrila Bob looks awsome but from what I've heard these are tottally differnt games. I do agree that minigore needs more gamemodes and maps but you can't cram them all into one update. Give us time to grow.

  20. you also have to remember that minigore was intended to be a mini game to warm people up for hardgore (which was meant to be THE game. the main game) but due to the popularity and the generosity of the devs, they expanded it dramatically for no extra cost

    all minigore was meant to be was what it was in episode one

  21. At Mountain Sheep, we play a lot of different games. I understand people like bandwagons. We prefer to be on the good games -bandwagon and stay on board. For any of us, it's totally fine to enjoy and support more than one game in any given genre. People don't get crucified here for liking a game, competitor or not. :)

    @Nazo: We will undoubtedly do some really interesting stuff with the game world involving other game types, but first we want to feel like we have given the survival shooting a run for its money. Oh, and even Enviro-Bear won't be hibernating this winter. We've got some really cool unannounced stuff coming up. That's in addition to the multiplayer.

    And I wouldn't so worried about Minigore lacking in features in comparison to Guerrilla Bob. They are different games; if you enjoy scrolling shooters, you will most likely enjoy Guerrilla Bob and if you like survival shooters then Minigore is your best bet and if you like all kinds of shooters, you might as well give yourself the permission to enjoy both.

  22. Is the Enivro bear thing true ? That would be too bad because he's my fav character and nobody would use him anymore if he couldn't do what all the others can

  23. If only minigore had a progressive map where you could actually go through the stage like gurilla bob does I would never put it down. I'm not going to like though from what I've seen if minigore doesn't get some sort of story mode I'm most likely going to delete it from my iPod to make room for gurilla bob.

  24. minigore has a better artstyle!
    Guerilla bob doesn't look like it will be backed with updates like minigore is either....

  25. One question. Is the dual weilding in 3.5 or 4? And I know you guys dont want to reveal the other "secret character" for 3.5, but do you have to buy him?

    Just wondering. Cant wait for Coop!

  26. Minigore is awesome. I can't wait to see what hardgore is gonna be!
    I love the voices of john & jerry.

  27. This game is great and only getting better. That would suck if enviro bear couldn't dual wield. Have the second gun hang from his mouth or something. I know you guys aren't worried but you should do something about geurilla bob cause this game would then stop selling. But who knows. This game made a comeback when the third update came and outlasted alive4ever (I have it, it's got boring and monotonous).You should soon add something that will bring minigore to new hights like a story mode, leading people like in a TD game, or an interactive environment. Ya this game really needs an interactive environment instead a trees and bushes you can walk through, something like shooting trees to bring them down and harm enemies or stairs.

  28. Is this coming out with the characters update? or is it later like early 2010?

  29. Just a guess, but if you look at Minigore's twitter they're following some developers with guest characters in the game. One of them's Secret Exit. We might be seeing the wooden doll dude from Stair Dismount.... just a guess. :P

  30. You should at least give enviro bear a special weapon or more ammo to cope with one arm.

  31. Hey Kimmo, I really like the idea of dual wielding, it's awesome! My friend and I love Minigore and were wondering if you could take into account our ideas. Well here goes:

    >A Story mode (campaign): Each update adds another level of campaign (so the players are all waiting for more!) but start with three levels. Also add cut scenes with all John's best one-liners and new sayings. It could kind of go like at the start (it's a bit like a pre-logue) of how John got to Hardgore forest, and as you go on, you add new players to the "team" and new enemies like, Wormwolf and Zombies, get added in on the way.

    >Co-Op multiplayer (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and global)*

    >A different menu layout; a bit like how you choose the characters with the interactive sliding menu


    >Weapons: Mini Uzi, Turret platform that changes place on the map after you've used it, Bazooka and/or Rocket Launcher that you climb up a ladder to get to (which falls after about thirty seconds) that has an intuitive touch format, like a mini map in the corner of John's POV and touch where you want the rocket to go.

    Desert map; That you have to get water canteens to survive. Furries/Wormwolves come out of the sand and attack you.

    Village map; Has houses and possibly human survivors that John has to save (to a rescue point).

    River map; Has a river (possibly infested with crocodile) and has a bridge to cross, where you can either drown in it, or get completely devoured by the crocodiles (to make it more "gorier").

    >More characters: Like the Easter Bunny for Easter. Make it he's stuck in an egg (with his legs, arms and bunny ears poking out) and then when he get's three clovers, he explodes out of the egg and has blood shot eyes and with stitches. :D
    And you can just have characters to do with the special dates (Easter, Christmas etc.)

    >Have "One Week Of Clovers"; Which means for one week, you only have to get one clover to become the beast, and see who can rack up the highest score for the week. Maybe whoever wins can become a Beta Tester.

    >Ranks for upgrades (Weapons and the Beast). So, say if you get to "Level 10" you become "Rank 1" and stay on that next time you play. SO you keep on becoming stronger, kind of like a reward for playing the game.

    >Pause Menu: The pause menu also has stats, like; How many kills, what upgrade level you're on for shotgun, grenade launcher and beast, How far away Wormwolf is (time), and have a map of where you are (player), where the shotgun/grenade launcher package is and where about the clovers are.

    *We think you might already be adding these in the next couple of updates.

    We know that you don't want to change the controls so the bazooka may be out of question. But all it is is a suggestion.

    We really hope you love our ideas (as we love MiniGore!) and if you do, we are happy for you to email us back and we'll give you some more of our awesome ideas as we have a whole ton of them!

    We've emailed you once and commented on your post but we haven't really been able to "communicate" with you.

    We really hope you can get back to us,
    Angus Symons and Matt Kennedy

  32. Dude ur ideas are stupid they haven't "communicated" with you because they didn't want to hurt your feelings, and "we think you might already be adding a few of these in the next couple of updates" if they put any of your ideas I would ruin the game only one is stats which someone said before ,One Week of Clovers is probably the most retarded thing since garfield movies ,your map ideas suck , I am gonna stop here Mr.Angus beef and mr.two first names I bet you two date I mean it's like y'all get together to discuss your ideas

  33. @anon


  34. Minigore is gonna outlive guerilla bob Coz even though it's exciting and all once you complete the campaign no one will carry on playing it. Where as minigore will keep bringing out new game ideas and characters to unlock making people play minigore for a long while yet. I reckon mountainsheep should introduce guerilla bob as an unlockable character. Then people are likley to play both (I know I wll be). Also i think the 1million points to unlock a rubbish character is daft. Unlocking a cool character for 1million points however would make me wanna play till I unlock them. I reckon you should change sensei Evan or watever he's called to 150,000 points and come up with a cool new character to put in his place to make people wanna play till they reach the million mark.


  35. IHopeMyNamePleasesNazoTheNaziDecember 19, 2009 at 5:04 AM

    @nazo ok let me rephrease that about Guerella Bob; the color schemes look abnormal, the weapon firing animation looks half assed, and it looks like its a gameloft imitation. there i hope everything is perfect for u i dont want to anger nazo the nazi and start a flame war because we all know that would make us cry and run away. nazo i see where youre coming from but you didnt need to phrase it as an advertizement or be a flamer about a rushed comment. and btw why would you be here if you were not like 10-14( im 13 ) or want business oppertunities ( mr angus beef ) you are giving me the vibe of a 30 year old virgin/lurker/stalker who thinks hes tough and scans the internet for reasons to start a flame war and yea urmom was a gay thing to say so lets run another name by nazo the nazi because we all know his opinion matters most and another thing " this isnt for you so im just posting your name with it on a website u visit and hope you dont see it" jesus thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard go pull you head out of you ass and get a life

  36. Yeah I was going to say that but someone apparantly beat me to it.....
    Just a thought..... Were you guys high when you were writing this!?

    @IHopeMyNamePleasesNazoTheNazi: Dude get a life stfu

    "The color scheme looks abnormal" wow that totally makes me want to not buy it now...... That was the stupidest thing i've heard all day congratulations

    Gorrilla Bobs going to be a great game but they arnt even competing against each other so chill out....

  37. people stop comparing the two
    they are COMPLETELY different.. ive played both, i can say that without a doubt

  38. *sigh*

    I love Minigore, but it would be great to one day read a comment thread here where somebody (other than Kimmo) had even the most basic grasp of proper grammar.

  39. I played minigore and i'm a beta tester for Gorrilla Bob and minigore are both great games, but they are different like playn said. I still play minigore and Gorrilla Bob, they are both very fun but for different things. Stop saying Gorrilla Bob is going to be some much better than minigore, one thing tho, i haven't got a build with survival mode so i don't know if that will be like minigore, or better than minigote yet.

  40. Look you idiots the reason mountain sheep probably has not added campaign yet is because people will stop playing it after they beat it unless they leave the "Survival Mode" it is now , Guerilla Bob is just over hyped IMO its like that Toy Soldier game that came out on Ps2 Army Men :Green Rogue, look it up for yourself , and this is what I think but if Minigore is comparable to Guerilla Bob well you still got Hardgore which is supposed to be Minigore on steroids.

  41. Everyone knows that John Gore has more character than Guerilla Bob XD!!!

  42. @A.J Symons I like your ideas. Camping and multiplayer (although not global) are planned. I wish people would stop ripping on others ideas.

  43. dear kimmo at mountain sheep
    i think you should do a cross-over update with pocket god because they would really promote your app and it would be really good to play as a pygmy it your app and to have furries eat pygmys in pocketgod please consider it because it would really help get this app out there and to get more sales

    also some pause menu stats (as said in a previous comment) would really help

    kind reguards


  44. WTF is with all the pg shizit, I have pg too and all the dlc but you can't just put it into everygame known to man... Would you put pygmies in Halo? Pygmies in Call of Duty? Pygmies don't even belong in a game that has gore in the title.... Come on grow up a little stop pretending your 5 stfu

  45. hahahaha Thank you sooo much. PG is a good game. But by itself. Why would you include it in some totally different style game?

  46. But you have to agree it would be funny to see a pygmie with a square head!! :D


  47. It'd be even funnier to see how terrified it looks with only a machine gun to save its sorry arse :D Besides, Enviro-Bear's nothing like Minigore's style, but he manages to fit in nicely. Angry bears with guns could only ever be awesomely funny to watch, so why not a clueless little misfit? I'm not saying chuck a pygmy in for the sake of money and publicity: I'm saying chuck it in because it's another way to torture the poor wee guys, and that fits in with what these two games are like :)

  48. no PG crap
    no doodle jumps

    /end of

  49. Hi the biggest thing I think this game needs is a community forum where we can discuss things we would like to add to the game as well as a general forum for people to make friends ect.

    I am currently a beta tester and moderator on the Defender Chronicles forum (This is a RPG/TD game so I'm not here trying to sell it I'm trying to make a point)

    Here is the link to the site to see how simple it needs to be, but how it helps to build a fanbase.

    All you guys need is a Discussion and Support forum for new additions and such

    A Strategy forum for people to post how they get such high scores ect.

    and of course an off topics for other talk

    and lastly a beta forum for the beta testers to discuss flaws with the next beta ect. this should not be for public view as the one on that forum is not for public view

    If you need a moderator I am more than happy to help and you can pm me on that site as my user name is SirDarkened I have been a supportive member of that site since late June or July (I don't remember which)

    Last thing I'd like to touch upon is the flaw where when you leave the beast mode (when you get 3 clovers) there should be a 3 second invincible period just incase there is a huge mob of enemies around you. I keep dying as it ends while I'm in the middle of a huge mob and I lose a life as soon as the clover time runs out.

    I'm sorry for the long ran, but hopefully I will be able to voice myself better eventually ;)

    Best regards,

    (The official forum would really help)

  50. @SirDarkened
    I just keep an eye on the clover meter, and when it starts flashing, i know it's time to start mowing again.

  51. Hey.
    I just wanted to say that you're awesome!
    Bought both of your In-App Characters :p

    I just wanted to ask how Dual wielding will work? Picking up both items or what?

    Are you going to send the 3.5 Episode before X-mas? Or do you need a new openfeint version for that?

    Thanks !

  52. @Jarrod
    I do that, but occasionally around 20k points it becomes difficult to get out of that type of situation and I am unsure what to do exactly.

  53. Make pedobear a character...

  54. @Sir 20K?! wow that's awesome.
    Highest score i have gotten is around 11k.

  55. @Jarrod
    Yeah my record is like 23k? or 21k I don't remember, but all my highscores are above 15k.

  56. listen i was just recommending having a pygmy in minigore to have an even wider selection of characters and so people can have even more fun playing this app

    also having pedobear would be good haha


  57. @SirDarkened - very nice idea for the forum and stuff I think that's a great idea.... I don't think that's a flaw in the game it adds an extra dimension of challenge you have to watch the meter, ( I personally start to get back on path again before it starts flashing, but that's how I do it so take of it what you wish) The game shouldn't start getting too easy, or it'll erode it's replayability....

    Please take that into consideration, oh and just start going back on your path before the meter stars flashing and it works pretty well for me because my high score is 74962 ranked number 12 :)

    I think after 3.5 it's time to stop adding ridiculous amounts of characters and start adding more depth to the game thanks :)


  58. @chosenone
    Hey add me on open feint my name is SirDarkened as well and maybe you can explain some sort of strategy because I usually just run around in circles and it seems to work, but one always hits me. Idk that's why I think the forum is an amazing idea, but hey thats just me ;)

    Oh yeah if you'd like pm me on defender chronicles on the strategy as well

  59. Allright I added you we can go over a strategy sometime


  60. I love it how everyone is freaking out!

  61. Please just submit it. Excitment doesn't come from openfeint

  62. Yea! its been submitted! You said there were 3 characters(Lizzy, Ninja, Zombieville Guy) + 2 secret characters (Does the new kid gore model count as a new character, and is John in the tux the other character?) Allrighty then good job MS:)


  63. I'd like to thank you for updating Kid Gore's skin. I gladly bought him to support development but also I couldn't help but feel that you should have put a bit more efford into creating the him.

    I guess I'm the only one that notice. Anyway, Macedonian Mercenaries? Why Macedonian? I'm quite puzzled. Please, explain.

    Also, I'd like to share other people's thoughts that more drastic updates would be very appreciated. I'm not that worried though - I've always had the feeling that you're cooking something big.

  64. @pleshy
    well, then you know MS too well

    and macedonian mercaneries is supposidly something to do with duel wielding. idk a beta tester thought of it but i dont remember what it meant

  65. @playn

    It's interesting how Macedonian Merceneries connect to dual wielding. I'm curious. It'd be cool it you could shed some more light on that. I guess there's something funny.

  66. @The person who said 1 million kills to a rubbish character: YOU ARE CRAZY. Sensei Evens is totally ownage. Duo Grenade launchers at lvl 5 if you play insane? DUO LAUNCHERS. I mean, just stand there and blow the furries' heads off!

  67. "Pygmies don't even belong in a game that has gore in the title"

    You are stupid. In PG, the aim is to kill the frigging pygmies! If you think Pygmies shouldn't be in Minigore, then what are the Pygmies doing in Doodlejump? (I'm serious, it's true. Type one of the Pygmie's original names as your own name and you get a Pygmie to replace Doodle)