Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Contest Winners Announced!

Greetings from snowy Helsinki!

We decided to wrap the contest up and declare the winners. A bit over 750 votes were cast and the winner was quite obvious after a few days. The real battle was for the second and third places. We even had some extra excitement when somebody tried to alter the vote results by cheating. However, we managed to keep the contest fair by monitoring the votes and with the help of our active forum admins. Without a further due, I'll announce the winners now. *imagine the drama drums here* The Grand Prize winners for Minigore Monster Contest 2010 are.....

1st place: Granny Gore by C├ędric Philippe!!
*insert applause here*
With his amazing finger painting skills, Mr. Philippe dominated the contest and earned himself a shiny new Wacom Intuos 4 M A5 Wide drawing tablet! I'm sure we will be seeing some extraordinary artwork from him in the future!

2nd place: Sasquatch by Philippe Crifo!
*insert applause here aswell*
iPod touch 8GB (4th generation) just found a new home! I bet Sasquatch is nice and calm now for a while.

Yeti trying to smash Sasquatch out of the contest!

3rd place: Yeti called "Billy" by Tan Ming Ken
*applause time again*
This bowling monster who doesn't get cold during winter earned his creator a John Gore coffee mug and a poster signed by Timo, Kimmo and Jussi!

Thanks everyone for being part of this awesome and so entertaining competition! The contest entries we had in the forums are being moved to a new art section on forums as soon as I get it done. I hope people keep on posting their art and being part of this awesome community!

I'd like the winners to send me a private message on the forums with their complete address so that we can send the prizes to their new owners!

If you didn't win anything this time, don't worry! We are planning a new competition to start sometime soon! Any suggestions for the theme?

PS. Please vote for Minigore in the Best App Ever Awards!


  1. Congratulations Cedric, you deserve it.

    Does this mean the Granny will be implemented?

  2. I bet it was Leandro who cheated, huh?

  3. Anonymous: The prizes are what was stated above. It doesn't mean that I'm ruling out the possibility that some of the finalists might end up in the game but that's not being worked on currently.

    Machination, it was not Leandro. The artist in question is very sorry about what happened and has apologized. Please let's not start a witch-hunt.

  4. For the next competition maybe it could be to design a new map. Other options can be new playable characters as well as monsters/characters/maps that are themed to be suited for a specific environment, or for a particular holiday season. I hope monster design competitions will be the most frequent though :)

  5. No offense but Sasquatch and yeti are like the same thing to me...

  6. Will I be able to play the snow map on multiplayer in the next update?

  7. Congratulations!

    But I'm so sad, because I could not complete my monster made out of cake(((

  8. Dosnt this mean it was pyrobat who cheated no offense.
    Btw mountainsheep how did u like me and my friends entry the Frankengore monster made out of clay.

  9. will we be getting any updates anytime soon? and can we get info on them, its been over a month since the last update and i'm really looking forward to these new characters, and the jenny gore lake map and zombie mode!

  10. I voted minigore for the best app. I hope you guys win.
    Is the next update being beta tested now?

  11. Hi the names AJ I had a slight thought about the zombie mode I was thinking about implimenting a Barry steakfries character courtesy of halfbrck as he could end up in hardland forest due to dr.evils time machine, just a thought. Ciao AJ

  12. And well done guys on the comedy some class pics there, any news on the update ms, don't rush just make it as good as possible, as always. AJ it definitely is 'becoming a strange world out there' xD

  13. * contest * dam iPod suggestive typing lol

  14. Alright! Glad to see all the hard work and great ideas the fan base has to offer!! I had no idea there were so many talented artists here! Congrats to all the winners, you guys ALL really deserve it!

    First anonymous above me: Me too! But the competition is steep, it seems.

    Anonymous above previous anonymous: We're all looking forward to future content. =) I think the best thing to do is just to wait, as there's not much else to do. =)

    Those prizes look very nice. Congratulations again, guys.

  15. Yay I voted all three of those :)

  16. I agree with Cooper a comp for best map would be sick!!! Not much variety though. I would do a desert map with cactie in the ground which hurt u when u touch them and mummies instead of furies or a haunted house with ghosts.
    If u like my ideas or agree with me suggest it again!
    Thanks for listening!!!

  17. nice artwork! I hope these characters to see in Minigore soon.

  18. I will be waiting in the icy mountains.....

  19. Congrats to the winners! Glad at least one of the ones I voted for won. But really, who could resist Granny Gore? :D

  20. Spike27mike: Updates have been postponed about a month because a new full-time programmer just started working on Minigore. Funny thing is that he's also called Timo, so we have two Timo's at the office :) Kimmo has been teaching him all the necessary things about our engine code. Once he's all set he'll help us make better updates. His first task is the HD version update.

    Anonymous: Thanks for voting Minigore in the best app awards!

    Wacko Jacko, I liked your clay frankenstein monster! Was the clay something specific like super sculpey?

  21. Thanks timo actually it wasn't just normal $12 block of clay down at riots arts and crafts shop. Timo did it ever have a chance of being in the top 10, becuase and my friend did put alot of effort into it???

  22. Delays after delays after delays. Why can't you just work on the one thing at a time. You said that multiplayer would come in the FIRST update, along with the 'mushroom' update. Still, we don't have either of that, since WLAN multiplayer is just pointless.

    It's probably why Minigore still hasn't come out on the PSP (like announced) or XBLA and PSN. Good game, that lacks features and made by lazy, incompetent developers. That's a bit harsh, yes. Maybe it might finally get through to you though. YOU NEED TO WORK ON THE GAME, not keep announcing new things and adding them. Zombies? WHERE IS THAT?

  23. @The Anonymous Above-

    The Mountain Sheep team is working on TEACHING SOMEONE NEW! This means things may get pushed back, but eventually they will move faster. They are not "lazy" or "incompetent", they are just trying to make the game high quality.
    I mean, if you want crappy zombies, they should JUST RELEASE THEM NOW(Caps Lock was for sarcasm)
    Not to sound rude or anything, but if you can do better, why don't you?

    You guys are doing a great job so far, and I can't wait until the next update! How much progress have you gotten on the Dark Knight?

    Some Suggestions:

    1. Jerry Gore, Zombieville Guy, Hook Champ, Xmas Gore, and Santa should also have shotguns as displayed in their pictures. (Each one better than the one before it.)

    2.Ninja Man should have a sword.(Like the Dark Knight, but not as good?)

    3. Evan Hsu should have one grenade launcher.(To correspond with Sensei.)

    4. Did I come up with the idea for the Fur-Bombs? I doubt it, but I have to know, either way! I believe I called them Suicide Furries at the time.

    Similar to my original description:
    Green, and once shot a couple of times got bigger until they explode.


  24. By the way, I don't want to start a war, I'm just trying to back Mountain Sheep up. And by the way, why haven't the haters quit yet? Sounds kind of strange to have people that hate the game and love it at the same time.
    The world can be quite weird, lol.


  25. Mountain sheep:
    If I bought a character pack and later got a new ipod and installed Minigore in it, will my character pack be in it? Or did I just lost 1 buck?

  26. Wouldn't it be cool if you guys upgraded the bosses? Like when the furries stopped coming at night it would say BOSS in huge letters followed by WORMWOLF underneath it.

    Some boss suggestions
    Black Bull=Like john's minotaur only is all black and has a spine of thorns running down his back. He does the foot-dragging-in-dirt thing then shoots steam out of his ears, after that he charges at you VERY fast.

    The Puppet Master! Yes obviously not my idea but don't you think that'd be an awesome elite boss! Like he shows up only after rounds of 5?

    I think it would be cool if at the very right of the pause button next the kills you got points. Like 10 kills=1 point or something. Then you could add a bunch of gadgets and whatnot on the map. Like a crate drop, 50 points to activate and you get a crate, or 500 points and you can activate a sentry gun til it gets killed by a bomb. Maybe you could add special weapons in the crate box that you could only get there! Like you can get a lasergun (from zombiville) but you couldnt get that in an airdrop.

    Underneath the 3 hearts return the 3 clovers?

    I forget where i saw it but in some zombie footage i saw DAY 3 after night left. Can you do that with the furries too?

    PLZ no more exploding crates! Its very annoying!

    I'd also really like a flamethrower. I figured if you take away the fire and just make some fast, some slow, then you could just use the fire animations you already have to kill with the flamethrower!

    Some other ponderous weapons
    +chainsaw (while weilding cannot be injured by furbombs)
    +Minigun=Gattling gun= Death machine :p
    +An acidic cannon (does more damage than the flamethrower but has less range)
    +Lasergun! Like zombiville! Gives you a straight line of DEATH but has low ammo

    I'm not like one of those losers in the app store that goes "insert wants".... And if these are met I will give you 5 stars instead of 3! I find that really annoying and im sure you guys don't even read them, but i really hope that by some chance you would read this and consider ANY of this stuff.


  27. Love your ideas Mike! I think they should make it so you can unlock different weapons for each character, like being able to choose from a grenade launcher or a shotgun or a machine gun. And make the guns unlockable after so many points (Mike's idea), like how the characters unlock with kills. Still make the characters come with their own weapon, so sensei evan would still come with grenade launchers, but you can unlock other guns for him. I think you should make him start out with one grenade launcher, and cost only 500000 kills or something, NOT 1000000! Then you should make dual-wielding an upgrade that you can choose, so you can have like two shotguns or a shotgun and a machine gun. I also think vehicles would be an amazing upgrade. Maybe for some characters, after getting three clovers they upgrade into a vehicle instead of a monster, like maybe a tank that can also shoot rockets or something. And with Mike's idea of the points for getting crates or something special, you could make it so you buy weapons and upgrades with the points. And maybe after 1000 points, you could drop a vehicle. Also make the unlockable guns for each character different, so i cant just buy a 100 kill character and get the dual grenade launchers eventually after getting so many points. Maybe different melees you can unlock for the frog and night. Thanks for such an awesome game! I hope you consider our ideas!

  28. I have unlocked every character and purchased the what?

  29. I don't think that two primates should have won, and even if the pyro bat dude cheated, I still think his Was the second best... I'm just sayin I'm disappointed in the winners. I personally didn't like either the yeti or the Sasquatch. The pyrobats and the three brothers seemed pretty awesome. I think u guys shoulda had 5 winners rather than 3

    And btw, i do think that what that guy did was wrong, but u shouldn't have punished the fans by taking away a good character.

  30. @GuyMcperson They didn't "take away" the pyrobat; Mountain Sheep said they only removed the illegal votes towards it, therefore lowering its votes by a significant amount to below 3rd Place.

  31. nice ideas mike. You should post them on forums :)

  32. I'd like to fight granny or sasquatch but not realy yeti

  33. weapon contest sound good

  34. Spike27mike: Updates have been postponed about a month because a new full-time programmer just started working on Minigore. Funny thing is that he's also called Timo, so we have two Timo's at the office :) Kimmo has been teaching him all the necessary things about our engine code. Once he's all set he'll help us make better updates. His first task is the HD version update.

    Do you mean updates to the blog or updates to the game?

  35. @GuyMcperson Actually they never said that the monsters will be included in the game, so they're not "punishing the fans by taking away a good character".

  36. I just think if...does the game can have an story mode...would be MORE AWESOME...bosses...well that stuff :D

  37. I'm Backkk!!! :D what's up everybody?!

    -Leandro Aciar check out my artwork in the discussion section in the forums i have new stuff to show

  38. there should be a banana boss

  39. are we gonna be able to play against these characters? that would really suck if we couldn't :(
    They're awesome!!!

  40. congrats to the winners!

  41. Are Jenny Gore (normal) and the Dark knight going to be purchased characters with kills or dlc characters and when will they be released?

  42. I think the next contest should be on maps or playable characters!!! :D

  43. hey timo, or kimmo, or well anyone. I just wanted to ask what language minigore is written in? and did you use photoshop for the graphics?

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