Monday, December 27, 2010

Three little things...

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

1) This weeks bigger blog post and video will be about the penguins. It will also be about another gameplay addition that involves more than two playable characters on screen simultaneously!

Any guesses how the penguin thing is gonna work?

2) Cult of Mac liked Minigore Episode 4 icon! This is what they said about it:

We love the Minigore icon purely because it features a lovingly crafted picture of an elderly couple wielding a sawn-off shotgun and an uzi. However, it’s not just this Minigore icon that deserves to be recognized – with each update comes a new icon and every one of them has featured a great graphic.

It's great to see that people notice the icon. I put lots of work in each one of them and I can't wait to show you the next icon! It's very different from all the others :)

15 Best iOS App Icons in 2010

3) More and more great contest entries are being submitted as the contest is approaching the grand finale! The following entry was drawn on an iPad by Cedric Philippe:

I happened to stumble upon it in his blog over at:

There's still time to submit your own entries and win an iPod touch or Wacom Intuos!


  1. First (prob) and happy holidays :D can't wait for new updates.

  2. Question: Do you send confirmation mail to the contest entries? I send you a mail but got no confirmation so i was wondering if you received it :)

  3. Anonymous: We haven't sent out any confirmation emails. If you're unsure about the emails getting through the most secure way is to post the entry in the Minigore forums contest section.

  4. What about zombies

  5. Anonymous: The next update has online multiplayer through Game Center, various penguins, Elder Gore AI companion, couple of secrets, performance improvements and bug fixes.

    It doesn't have zombies or evil knight. They'll be added later when they're ready.

  6. I always said it. Timo, you are a great ARTIST! I love your attention to details, and your style is amazing! I'm an Art Director and i know what i'm saying ;)

  7. Oh, the next update seems to be really cool! And your "I can't wait to show you the next icon! It's very different from all the others" sounds really interesting!

  8. I'm guessing penguins are part of the "more than two simultaneous players online" deal?

  9. Penguins to be tied to the snow map? Very Excited.

  10. I was thinking what if there was a safe room: like if once you collect five little "safe room" emblems you teleport or something to a little room were you get a gun of your choice and maybe a free life (or buy one with kills?) and then the walls to that room fall and your back in the map.

  11. Hey if you look down at the bottom of the post where it says labels it has pistols but I didn't notice anything about pistols in the post could this be one of the secrets?

  12. @Welthyhobo, nice catch! I would never have noticed that. Me thinks it's a clue :D

  13. Question:
    You said a couple blog posts back u were talking about the riviavil feature in multiplayer, wat did u discuss??? Is it going ahead???
    Btw this update us sound awsum but it isn't really clear will there be a level with penguins? Or will they be in the forest snow level???
    Thanks for listening!!!

  14. Timo, HUGE thanks ! I never even imagined I could have been featured here !

    Can't wait to see how the penguins are going to be in the game. And more of your amazing art ;)

  15. @ Cedric

    Your iPad artwork has motivated me to look into buying an iPad. Beyond impressive.

    Anything you can tell us about how you created it?

  16. @Machination, thank you !

    If you like digital painting, you'll like drawing on the iPad. I fingerpainted this one with the app Brushes (the best art app so far I think). I'll also try to upload the process video later for all of you who wanted to see, but the file can be too big.

  17. so is the mob going to be playable character(s)?

  18. How come the post says "This weeks bigger blog post and video will be about the penguins" but there isn't a video? Is that a type-o?

    Also, I have a theory about the "pistol" tag. On the previous post, timo posted this:

    "Sander, the next update feature list currently looks like this:

    1. Game Center online multiplayer. (Possibly with voice chat)

    2. VBO optimization for 3rd gen devices or better. It should improve performance quite a bit for the affected devices.

    3. Character duo called "Elder Gore" in the character selection screen. Choosing Elder Gore will let you play with that AI controller partner like shown in the video.

    4. Qpeurtl427 had that walking through fence problem. We've located the bug and noticed it happens when playing with flipped screen. That's probably another thing that will be fixed for the update.

    5. I've heard something about lots of penguins and a new gun but we'll see about that..."

    I believe the pistol is the new weapon.

  19. @MCwelfare, I think that "This weeks bigger blog post and video will be about penguins" means that they are going to have a bigger blog post this week with a video about the penguins. Just my interpretation.

  20. Thanks for the encouraging comments!

    The "pistols" tag is a pretty accurate clue :)

    MCwelfare, there will be another blog post this week with the penguin video.

    Spike27mike: Yep.

    Cédric: That's very impressive iPad finger painting! I agree that Brushes is the best app.
    I use Pogo stylus when I paint with it. I feel it's a bit easier to use than finger - have you tried one of those?

    Machination: iPad is much better than iPhone for drawing due to its big screen and long battery life. I personally would perhaps wait for the next iteration of iPad. I'm guessing it's coming out in a few months.

  21. Wacko: We've designed the revival gameplay and done mockups of how it would look. Next step for it is the actual implementation.

  22. Are the sheep in the corners of the map just decoration or do they have a hidden secret. Or if there for decoration porposes only, are you Planning on having any functions of the game from them?

  23. @Timo, cheers again !
    I once tried a french stylus (don't remember its name), but it stuck to the screen and I came back to my right index. Well, I've been fingerpainting for about 2 years so now I feel pretty comfortable with it.

    I loved your Brushes works btw, which brush do you prefer?

  24. @cedric, i have bought many apps for art my favorites are brushes and sketchbook, could u give me some advice for brushes for iphone, maybe some techniqhes to create art, i feel i am very creative but for brushes thne lack of tips and instructions makes it hard for me to get around understanding ho weach brush works and applys to my art i would appreiciate you help:)


  25. Hey timo/mountain sheep I was wondering if you could help me with my DLC problem. I've had to re buy the characters three times already due to problems with updates. Everytime I go to download them again it says "you have already purchased this will you like to buy it again?" and I would have to pay. To avoid this happening again I use my friends account to download them because he already bought them and it doesn't charge him. I would like to buy the new character pack on my account but I don't want this problem to keep occurring.

  26. @timo

    where will i put my contact details in the minigore forums?

  27. @greensheep. It's not a bug. If you have already paid for the character pack then if you press buy again with the itunes account you already used to buy it with, it should pop up with the notice you mentioned. Just accept the itunes pop up, enter password and it will redownload for free.

  28. How about in versus mode, each player can bet up to 100,000 kills. It would be a winner-take-all system. If the loser proposes, and the winner accepts there could also be a double or nothing aspect to the gambling system too.

  29. Does anyone know what happened to MetalBear?

    Hey Timo, is there anything you can tell us about the Zombie level, in relation to its completion? Surely you're pretty close!

  30. @Tiago, basically I don't use 25% of brushes tools, you don't need to to achieve a painting.
    -the 4th brush is very nice to use, it can be used both for smooth gradients (at a low opacity) and precise strokes (high opacity). It's also very useful for various textures, as clouds, foliage, grass... For sand or rock, I'd rather use the two last ones. I rarely use the middle ones.
    -for super-smooth gradients, glows or light the 5th is fine.
    -in general, start painting big, set the large color areas and shading, only then start detailing the picture (make the most of the zoom, it's very useful).
    -prefer saturated colors in the areas of interest, and greyer/desaturated ones for the background and the uninteresting areas.

    Hope it helps! Though I'm not a professional, you should rather ask real artists like Timo, I seriously lack experience in the matter.

  31. Hey i'm back! and that made my day Timo i freaking love you for making penguin characters!!! they're my favorite animals!!! :D I had an idea you can give them mobster voice and catchphrases :D

    P.S. It's been a real pleasure to have been able to compete with all these amazing and talented artists :)

    -Till next time,your fellow furry slayer,Leandro

  32. Hey Leandro! The time has come for the contest to be over! That EE-Barrel better be in there! I will vote for him over and over and over and over and over.......... It's the perfect minigore boss! Get confinent that you will win

  33. Thanks mike I can't wait for this to start


  34. 2 things.

    1) my hypothesis for the penguins is that there's a head penguin with a bunch ofpenguin minions around him. They all have pistols and play the same as this eldergore guys.

    2) what happened to the forth character in the red pack!?

  35. @Anon, your idea for the penguins sounds fun. It'll be interesting to see what Mountain Sheep has come up with ;).

    As for the Red DLC pack, there never were 4 characters. each of the packs only started out with one or two characters, and over time had more added to them.

  36. @leandro penguins are my fav animal to so i freaked out when I saw they were in the game (I hope you don't have to kill them)

  37. @Welthyhobo ikr?! me too :D i want them to have mobster voices and funny catchphrases like

    "better not touch that clover,see?"
    "Boys,take out the trash"
    'i want fish,capiche"

  38. I'm the anon above tim.
    Thanks for the encouragement and what I ment by the forth character is that they need to bring out a new 4th character for it.


  39. Let me guess what the penguins do (I may be 100% wrong). The penguins would be a form of distraction to a player, and cause him/her to stop moving (or slowed movement). In order to stop that from happening, the other player would have to shoot the penguins untill they are gone. Of course, this would only happen during co-op.

  40. i can see my brainJanuary 3, 2011 at 5:59 AM

    i hope we get new levels

  41. I found a bug by the way for regular and hd play as penguin mob when u turn into minotaur after u turn back u can still hear the fire i tested this alot hope this helps

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