Friday, February 5, 2010

Back on the map

Who is? John Gore is, of course, and not just on any old map. He's on the map of Hardland, quite literally. You all sworn survivalists will be treated to a number of exciting new things as the game starts expanding in levels and game modes.

You can see from here you will have access to the familiar survival in all of its flavors. Once you tap on any of the emblems, a preview thumbnail will open up and the emblem animates. A second tap will take you to the selected level or game mode. There are also a few hints of things to come on this map. The emblem in the bottom right corner looks an awful lot like zombies, but whatever could the fourth emblem be? Time will tell, I suppose.

We are also planning on adding experimental game modes - they may be completely out of line or outright crazy, like a fat John Gore rolling around using tilt controls (just an example), but the bottom line is we want to try out new things and share them with you without the need for them to be completely refined. These game modes will be marked with the title "Experimental".

P.S. For those who thought we were dead, Minigore was dead or that they were dead themselves, fear not - Dec 20, 2012 is still only coming up and we didn't crawl into a hole either and abandon you. :) Some of us were in the UK for business, some on holiday in Africa and some simply working on things behind the scenes.


  1. Ur alive!!!!!! When will all this be ready because this looks great!!!!!


  2. I got shivers when i saw that man, seriously. Wow.

    Aaaa this is starting to look amazing. Cant wait. Can we know what version this map will be on?


  3. This sounds great! Glad that you're giving yourselves ways to add content without having it be too much hassle! Keep the updates coming!

  4. Looks nice. Any release/submission date for next version?

    Fat John? That.s what I suggested a while ago, and many of you guys complained that this would ruin the Minigore.

    Also, I reported music bug when iPod goes to sleep mode in one of the previous posts. Please confirm that you read it.

  5. wow looks great cant wait
    will it be coming in 3.7 or 4.0 ???

    o and a swamp map or a corn field map would be cool
    also are you going to do the water idea that ozzy and i came up with

  6. Hey team! it might not hurt to put another check point at 20,000 points. Same concept as starting at 2000 and 6000 points!

    Keep up the good work team!

  7. One mistake in my previous comment. I didn't came with fat John idea, I came up with tilting your iDevice to move terrain idea. Sory for mistake and for trying to get credits for it. I just think its awesome.

  8. yea another checkpoint would be good

  9. Yeah, 20k checkpoint would be good, but after 20k I get bored - everything is fire and it's constant, without variations.
    I got an idea for leader boards:
    Since there are characters with similar kill cost, you should make 2-3 different leaderboard types - one would be DLC + Sensei + Xmas Gore, etc.
    Its weird to have one leader board for ninja one for normal characters when they are almost the same.

  10. Honestly I dont want another checkpoint, because after that one you guys will be like, well lets have another one and another.... not really feeling that....

    Anyway MS lives!!! wow this looks awesome way to come back with a bang! :)p

  11. For the fat gore idea there needs to be spikes or something to lose a life or it will never end

  12. Is this update coming out soon?

  13. Naw they need 1 more check point at 12,000.

    Here's my reasoning. Currently you go from:
    0 to 2,000
    2,000 to 6,000
    6,000 to 12,000

    First increment is 2,000 second is 4,000 and the third is 6,000. They don't need anymore after that. They could also just put in a game mode where you start at 10,000 with ONLY fire furries coming at you.

  14. Hi all. I was the first anonymous that suggested a new checkpoint. I think what some of us are trying to say is that we enjoy the gameplay of higher 20k+ scores, and we would like to be able to start from there right away. This would also be more challenging as none of the weapons or beast mode would be upgraded. I think that would be last checkpoint needed.

    Just suggesting!

  15. I'm pretty sure they had mentioned cossacks with guns in a snowy region in an earlier post (or maybe it was the TouchArcade forum, I forget), so that's what I think that fourth emblem is. If they do add enemies with guns, I hope the bullets are slow moving and numerous so it's like a bullet-hell dodging extravaganza. 8D

  16. Please be quick with the Update!!!! =/

  17. Great!! :)
    But we need to keep things simple! When someone wants to play a game i always say pick minigore ore Canabalt ore DoodleJump because everybody understands the sense of the game immediatly!

  18. great work! I am looking forward to the update!

  19. John Gore: The Musical
    "Where blood meets song"

  20. the prez 12521 (above)
    made an unofficial forums for minigore, join if you like and lets try to make the forums big and organized for the community :)

  21. The water on map idea as well as other types of obstacles and the new checkpoint ideas have been thrown around the beta forums for ages, I think they are being considered.

  22. How about make some Minigore Action Figures! I know I'd be the first to buy them all.

  23. Yea actually I would love Minigore AFs. It would be cool for like John to come with a machine gun, Sensei have dbl grenade, Kid have dbl machines, Enviro Bear have a shotty, Jerry have a grenade. That would rock!

  24. @henry
    they couldnt make a enviro bear one cause he's not there character
    also if they do make them they could give them away in competisons like what bolt creative did (creaters of pocket god)

  25. I'm considering crafting one from polymer clay when I have the time.

  26. A-A-AWESOME! Don't be afraid to add a "progress" mode and a storyline. The experimental stuff sounds nice.

  27. Ok I was looking at the banner at the top of the website and thot of an idea- ok so there is weather -- rain: puts out all the fire furries but they soak it all up and get huge-- snow: all fire furries get frozen and are extra hard to kill-- hail: kill furries but hurts u if ur not under a tree or something-- super hot day: makes u go slower and all furries to get on fire and if already on fire they would become bigger flames making them go even faster. How do u guys like it.


  28. Sorry, but I really want to play minigore after the Update without losing every second o.O

  29. i always knew they were going to add more modes, thats why i did not get sensi even yet, because when all these new modes come out it will be easier to get kills, so for all of you that wasted your time getting him, sucks for you...

  30. Could it be Hardgore information? Oh wait me, that was a good joke!

  31. yeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!!! any submission date known approx?

  32. sweet update... you guys got to make something to get back at the gurella bob people... and its great that ur not dead... or living in a hole....


  33. Hello this is Chad. Kimmo, I am making a story mode thing on play haven. It will be a guide, so check play haven until you see it. I think it will beat guerrilla bob. 100% sure

    theres something hidden in that pic!
    if you notice closely...
    the icon of the new map/mode next to the dark forest...
    the weapon that john gore is wielding...
    its not a machine gun, its not a shotgun, its not a grenade launcher either!
    its the new weapon!
    it looks like... ummm... a rifle? or a sniper? maybe a bazooka?
    too bad that quality is low... i cant tell what it is exactly...
    what do you guys think it is?

  35. @ahmed: It's not an easter egg in that pic. It is screenshot made before Minigore was released. It is some sort of shotgun.

  36. also, my idea for an ''experimental'' mode would be...
    a boss battle survival!
    the game would carry out like this :
    you start out fighting the easiest boss : the big furry!
    hordes of big furries come, that would be the firts ''round''
    when they all die, the last one drops a crate or two.
    then moving on to the second boss, the worm wolfs!
    the come out as pairs, and keep getting bigger. after that, a crate or two again.
    now there should be a third boss, but there isnt one yet so... either make a knew one, or put more big furries or more bigger worm wolf, it gets intense, but considering the lack of variety in the boss's it would soon get dull, although. if i had to make a boss, it would be like :
    a minotaur, that is as fast as the big furries, he comes after you, but for you to kill it, you have to shoot it in the head until it goes dizzy, then shoot its back, you cant shoot its back without making it dizzy, after that it dies, the round would consist of two or four of these minotaurs, as usual the last one drops a crate or two.
    then maybe more boss's and so on.
    this mode would be called ''Boss Survival Mode''
    and high-scores would be in ''rounds''not in ''scores''.
    what do you think mountain sheep?

  37. @ ozzy
    oh, i didnt know...
    oh well

  38. Idea for a boss battle is that the furries and the wormwolfs fuse together and form a giant wormfurriewolf or something. And that john gore gets a giant robot to fight against the giant wormfurriewolf.

    Or maybe you can add Guerilla Bob as a playable character

    Greetz, Rudy

  39. @ahmed:

  40. Hey. thanks for the new modes and ideas, but can your get the radar to wrap around the scores and tumbplacements, it would seriously help. Thanks

    P.S. town square with a mysterious shop.......

  41. You should add a game mode were yo can play as wormwolf against the characters.

  42. AnoynimS above I kinda like that idea
    p.s. Sorry for the misspelling


  43. @ozzy
    thanks, i see now, i was really hoping for a knew weapon teaser.
    the team said that there is a new weapon, but there are no hints, the most anticipated weapon was the flame thrower, but it makes no sense since there are furries ALREADY ON FIRE i dont see that as effective.
    but a weapon i would like to see is a claymore! seriously!
    john gore would leave claymores behind and when furries step on it they would explode!

  44. @ahmed if you look at the picture closely it is a grenade...but i can tell you that there might be a new weapon with all these new modes

  45. Finally Could you post the release date because if it is good as i think i am going to invite everyone on my street and have a big party

  46. Hay guys look at this Upcoming Game (they dont have a title yet) but the people who did the music for minigore (Sound Reel) are also doing music for this game. It looks kinda cool

  47. It would be awesome if there was a "hold the fort" level. You could have a house, tower, or what ever to defend and see how far you get before 20 or 30 furries get in.

    unoffical forum, join!

  49. (Hardgore blog if hardgore is actually under developmen) except the fact that it hasn't been updated since June '09

  50. For some crazy reason I can no longer access hardland or the purchased characters. They appear locked, and the option to buy them again does not appear. I hope this gets fixed soon. The in-app purchases don't really seem to work in minigore.

  51. Suggestions... Hmm. Well, I love how when you get to higher levels you shoot so much faster. But when you're using a special weapon line the shotgun, it lasts about two seconds!! It would be nice is the higher- scored or leveled you get your weapons would last longer as well.
    Also, it'd be great if after finishing Beast mode you get an extra "life" because I usually cannot get past 25,000 points!!
    Thanks, I know if this ever does happen, it won't be for a while. But, this app is never leaving my iPod!!

    OK....sorry for the english
    We sould all now about the bug from the 3.6 update where you lose your saves
    The 3.7 update gives you 100000 kills plus the next unlocked caracter for free
    Now you can use this to unlock Sensei Evan (without having 1kk kils )
    1.first instal the update from 3.6 to 3.7 Christmas gore
    3. play with him wile havin openfaint opend
    4.uninstal minigore from ipod
    5. instal from itunes 3.6 version....if you still have it....(don't sink ipod if you didn't uninstal minigore from ipod)
    6. update ....and voala you get Sensey as the next unlocked caracter plus 100000 kills >
    Hope this helps and don't kill me for telling you this...Sensei Even
    good luck

  53. The new update looks great!!
    I was wondering, whe using the "skull" auto 18 000, do kills still count for the same amount? Like, do 2 kills count only for one? Cause it feels like kills aren't counted for the same amount.

  54. i hope that there will be The Master of Puppets as boss and no wolfsnake

  55. i see that there are 2 new icons on the screen but i still only have snow and forest. how do i unlock the other 2? its been driving me crazy trying to unlock them or find anywhere online where someone can tell me how to unlock them. im hardly on blogspot so if someone can email me an answer that would be fantastic.