Friday, November 20, 2009

Even zombies run from Evan...

...for a good reason:


  1. Talk about a graphic game! Do they even rate iPhone apps?

  2. Now THAT is some freaky ass s***! Nice job K&T! Way to stay true to the style of MiniGore. Can't wait to see the others!

  3. @skipper: Yes, they do actually.

  4. Wow... he looks reaaaly evil! Red eyes and damaged skin, he looks like a zombie himself!

  5. damn.... this game is really taking a huge step WAY UP in quality with the next episode = D
    nice, very, very nice !

  6. Really nice, evan now looks badass

  7. I think I found a bug because I was playing and it shut off my entire iPod it's only happened once but I don't want it to happen again could u look into that?

  8. Wow this looks fuckin Sick! I think Evans going to be my new fav character, anon above me, yeah it's a bug, it's happened to me too but there probably working on it.... Ahhh I can't wait!

    I just got 20,800 :)

    K and T when you release ep 3 are the scores going to be erased on openfient like they were last time because I no longer have my episode 1 scores because I bricked my iPod, I would really like to keep my scores but since I can't download the scores off openfeint locally I'll lose my number 59 spot on Ep 1 if theres anyway you can add another highscore bracket without wiping them out/ being able to download your scores locally, it would be much apreciated, Thanks :D


  9. hey does anyone know when they're releasing minigore for psp?

  10. i really want the snow level to come as this background has such minor contrast between the animals and the background that a lot f the time, i cant tell what bit me!

  11. @anon I know there planning on it, but I don't think there going to start porting it until episode 4 is released/ the new maps are ready/ zombie mode is ready...... After all these things are done I'd say it would be a safe bet to say they'll start porting it, but who knows it could be sooner or later......

    Yeah I can't wait for the Snow Map! / everything else!


  12. It should be for 360 , reasons-

    -More people than Psn or psps thing
    -will make money
    -and its overall a great console

  13. its not on 360 because:
    - amount of people dont matter.. its not friggen mw2
    - it will make money on PSP.....
    - PSP is a portable console that will get a game such as minigore a LOT more sales than it ever would on a non-portable console where minigore has to compete with mw2, assassins creed 2, halo ODST. etc.

    PSP is where minigore will actually work (besides the iDevice market of course)

  14. Lo anon, your first point isnt supported by facts, more people playing x360 is only YOUR opinion, secondly, u saying they wont even make a cent on psp? Lastly, third point is also your opinion, your argument for x360 is quite crappy, go get some real reasons before posting

  15. I <3 360 and Minigore...well until episode 3 I hate it, so hurry up!

  16. It'd be great on 360 as an arcade game, no reason it can't be multiplatform. Take big titles like mw2 out of the equation people.

  17. I think psp would be the best because it's a better console for pick-up-and-play games

    also Jezze timo/kimmo just ignore all ideas....

  18. @micer
    1. umm, first of all more people playing x360 objective not subjective.
    2. you said "u saying they wont even make a cent on psp" while he only said "will make money". not only is your point incorrect, but it overshoots what he actually said. you also did not even bring up a point, you just told us what he "said"
    3. you can't use lastly and then third. parallel structure in lists.
    4. "...your opinion, your argument for x360 is quite crappy, go get some real reasons before posting" your hypocrisy makes me laugh. What argument did he even have, he just had an opinion? What was your opinion?

    please next time, "get some real reasons before posting"

  19. was just about to say that ^^^^^^^^

    anyway hes just mad cause he doesnt have an xbox 360

  20. @brian
    you cant have a go at someone for using incorrect grammar when you start your post with a bullet point and then say "first of all". idiot!
    i thought this was a blog for minigore, not a learn english blog.

    so does anyone know when the update will be submitted. i thought it was sat/sun. I'm assuming they ran into a few unforeseen glitches.

    keep up the good work


  21. @ Muffinza
    Oh i very well have a 360 of my own, but i feel it just doesnt go with minigore, even on arcade, I shall ask you a question, with all your other games that you own, how often would you drop by for minigore? If u asked me, i would rather go up on gears of war or ODST, wont really have time for minigore, so i dont really see much of a point having it on the x360

    @ Brian
    Yes some of my points do look stupid now that you have mentioned it. Thnx, but taking a look at anon's 3rd point 'overall great console', i do know its a great console but anon should have at least said why, such as having dual analogs compared to psp, which is 1 analog 1 D-pad or having other features, i feel that psp would be better since its portable, who would want to bring a screen and a console onboard a bus to pass their time?

  22. @rick I think you missed the main part of my argument. Micer was just being an idiot, so i ripped on him a little bit. Anyways i have a case study to do for 4n6, so i'm basically living on an hour or sleep a night, hence my poor grammar and sentence structure. My apologies.

    On a different note, i would think soon, before the American Thanksgiving so it should be out in a few weeks.
    Apple said each app will only be able to get one more update in before the holidays because of the huge use of the itunes store and all the apps coming in.

  23. I was just ripping on you micer, because you made a lot of errors and i'm tired and i need to practice for a 4n6 tourny.
    i actually completely agree with you, that the psp is a much better platform for this to come out, for basically the reasons you stated.

    sorry for being a douche, i kind of need to work on my people skills

  24. Ok i`m the anon that first posted on 360... I was just listing a few ideas damn , I can almost guarantee you it will make alot more money on Xbox Live.

    -People pay to Play online!
    -People Pay for avatar stuff that has no use except to look cool! I bet Minigore ( an actual game) will make alot more money
    -I have played a ps3 many times at my friends and PsN is overall sloppy and cannot compare to the 360s live support (opinion)
    ,sure the ps3 has a lot more features but I love the small stuff
    -People on there have money!
    -Its just an overall great console!
    -If its going to be on any console and or hand helds heres what I think


    handheld-Ds,think about it,just moving your thumbs isnt new on the ds you will have to moving your hand to shoot clearing the problem of your thumb blocking corners and its brighter

    I wouldve suggested the Wii but it just plain sucks ass

  25. i think the devs should have not crammed so much into episode 3 but they are behind schedual since the whole updaye problem back in september, i would have gladly taken wormy and the nade launcher and been playin now instead of one ginormous update (dont ma grammer drive yal insane) also i think minigore has been tailored for the itouch so it wouldnt be good and would require much more time per update if it was cross platform ( look pocket gods good but that wouldnt make a good game on the wii either)

  26. also y would u release the same thing on a different type of platform completely... u go and make something new nd better for the system yoir building it for...and minigore is pickup n play which doesnt rly compair to an xbox...

  27. @yerttrey

    what do u mean by
    "also jezze timo/kimmo just ignore all ideas"

  28. Apology accepted, came back from a party at about 2am to post the message, may have been too tired. Hehe

    @ First anon

    Yes now thats a clearer picture, my fault for classifying the handhelds and consoles together as consoles. Now it makes good sense, x360 beats ps3 hands down on smaller games, even on the ps3 Home

    @ Jezze
    What he means, in the past few post comments, the ideas that the commenters posted hasnt really been responded to, so seemingly you come up with an idea but theres no reply, hence 'ignore'.

    Im sure they read it anyway

  29. at 360 annon

    - people playing online doesnt really prove anything about.. well anything, thats just stating that people play online lol.. if anything thats saying psp is better since you would have that extra money to pay for the game instead of using it on an online service

    - people pay for premium avatars, themes, wallpapers on PSN too

    - as far as i know, minigore doesnt use the internet and even if it did PSN is more than capable of handling it lol. its not a massive game

    - people on PSN have money

    - ps3/psp are great consoles too, overall ;)

    - its on PSP, not a DS. PSP is much more capable and convenient for the game than a DS ever could be. DS sucks! imo :p

  30. Minigore on Ipod/Psp

    (although since there is only 1 analog stick, I dont really see how it would work, unless you used the square X triangle O keys, even though that would be terrible)

    (and its better to have your content on more than one console, because it will spread out the development costs and bring in more profit)

    Guerrilla Bob is going to be kick-ass, might even rival minigore
    Hardgore on 360/Ps3

  31. Like the post above me says Psp only has on analog
    on the ds you can aim with your stylus and move with the pad if anyone reads this

  32. i deleted my minigore game [i dont have the 3.0 update] and i thought something was wrong with mine so i deleted it and i tried to reinstall it but i cannot because it says i need the 3.0 update. how is this fair? i cant get my own game back which i paid for because of the new update for the game and the update for the ipod?

  33. Hey there,
    after downloading episode 3,5, there were some issues, and i had to reinstall the app. The problem is, that all the characters i've ublocked are locked now :(
    i had evirobear and the guy thst costs 14000 kills ;s

    They still appear as achievements on my Open Feint account (plitarko).

    What can i do to get them back?


    p.s. I love the game!

  34. why not put the rambo on minigore for me he look like similar in killing spree lol

  35. yea they rate apps this is 9+ XD

  36. How come i can't get him?? I got 15,984 Kills?!