Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evan Hsu wins the Tagline Contest!

Minigore has a new tagline: Tiny creatures, Giant adventure. It was voted the best of the six finalists getting over 37% of all votes! Even though the runner-up, Thousands of them... one of you, got up to a respectable 20%, Evan's line took the lead from the beginning and ended up winning by a wide margin. Congratulations Evan -- you get to be in the game!


  1. Hi!The tagline is really a great job!
    I just wanna ask when will be the exact date of the submission of this great game to the app store?

  2. I want it on the app store...Now!!

  3. Wow this game looks awesome. The kind of game that could very well sit in the top 25 for a long time if updates are used well. This will definetly be one of my next purchases and will probaby reside on my first screen where all my favorites reside. I would be very interested in being a beta tester if they are still needed. Again awesome game keep up the good work.

  4. Really can't wait for this - the only game i'm actually looking forward to on iPod / iPhone :)

    I saw that preview on TouchArcade where there was the snow level with the downed helicopter and you were being chased by people (Russians?). Anyway, it looked great, and i hope you get round to putting that into the game - are you going to have actual level based gameplay in this or are you saving it for another game?

  5. Anonymous: Haha, I want it on the AppStore now, too! We are fixing the final bugs that have cropped up during beta testing, but we are ready to submit soon.

    mason: Thanks! We're going to ask people what it is that they want us to do with the game and thus make sure the updates really are worthwhile.

    Shokz: Definitely putting the snow level in Minigore in an update! Unless a large number of gamers loudly object to that. :D

  6. more weapons and MORE LINES FROM JOHN GORE XDDD

  7. Three Ideas:
    1. Make this game for android! I have both and itouch and a droid, so having an awsome game like this that I carry around all the time would be great.
    2. Make a mini movie... We all see the front page where hes protecting that girl, why don't you give us a storyline?!?!?!?
    3. Make it so that you don't lose your kills when you puirchase a character, make it more of an accomplishment thing. When you get a certain amount of kills, unlock this! Dont make us start from scratch!


  8. Ho yeah, I like to play this game on my iTouch !

    Do you think make it for android ? I want to play in my HTC Hero too :D

  9. i love minigore i cant wait for hardgore and that other game plants vs zombies

  10. Make the game for android!

  11. Make it for Android!! Most new Android devices are more capable then iPhones and it would go great on my Nexus One!

  12. meke it for android pls ! :(

  13. Hy guys !
    I am Barnee from Hungary.
    I really like this game and i play it every day:D
    and my question is: when will we get the new update?
    i would like to play it in multiplayer with my friends:D
    and... sry about the mistakes in my sentenses :D
    I am not an English boy:P

  14. please make the new episode(episode 4) for Android...